Marvel's Luke Cage S01E10 "Take It Personal" Recap

Luke has gone into cardiac arrest due to his being in the vat of acid. Claire's quick thinking saves him when she shocks him back into a regular heartbeat. They neutralize the pH of the solution and Claire then realises that they need to turn up the heat of the solution since it may have been the heat of the explosion that made the reaction work when Luke gained his abilities. Once the heat is high enough, Claire is able to dig into Luke's wounds and dig out the pieces of shrapnel. She has to work fast so Luke's vitals don't stay at a critical level but in the end, Luke is saved and can begin to heal properly.

Stryker is determined and lacking in patience in regards to selling the Judas bullets to police officers. Mariah doesn't believe that he can start selling them just yet until she can convince the law enforcement and public of the necessity for them. Stryker then kills a police officer and frames Luke for it in order to hasten the turning of public opinion against him. Misty Knight is the only one in law enforcement that is rightfully suspicious of the theory that Luke killed the officer but is unable to stop others from buying into the propaganda.

Luke and Claire investigate further into what Burstein claimed about him having already been chosen to take part in the experiment before it was necessary to save his life. Upon digging through the files on the drive they discover that Reva was the one that had chosen Luke to take part. Luke feels deeply betrayed and saddened by this revelation. He then threatens Burstein with violence if he ever dares to attempt to replicate the experiment in any way. Burstein tries to plead with Claire to make Luke see that it should continue but she warns him that if he had done such a thing to her, she would have killed him. She then leaves with Luke but Burstein is revealed to still have a copy of the data even though Luke and Claire had left with the drive.

The police grow increasingly aggressive and violent in terrorizing the neighborhood in their efforts to find Luke. The tensions escalate until a detective badly beats an innocent teenage boy. Mariah uses this incident to turn the media and public back to her side. She makes speeches and statements about police brutality while also reiterating that Luke must be caught and stopped. She holds a ceremony in Harlem's Paradise to benefit the boy and show her support - all for publicity and as part of her political scheming. At the ceremony, she reiterates that Luke Cage is to blame and declares that the police need to arm themselves against him. However, another member of her party, Damon Boone, discretely tells her that he knows the truth about what has transpired. Misty is also at the event and attempts to arrest Stryker but he shoots her, causing the party to be broken up in chaos. Luke intervenes and saves her from further gunshot that would have killed her. He continues to shield her when mercenaries open fire in their direction and continues to try to save her. He jumps down from the second-story balcony and runs with Misty still in his arms and ducks down beneath the bar to get some coverage.

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