Marvel's Luke Cage S01E11 "Now You're Mine" Recap

Luke, Claire, and Misty are all hiding in the club from Stryker, Shades, and the mercenaries. Luke carries Misty back to the kitchen, shielding her from the gunfire with his body. Claire however is captured and brought to Stryker. Luke blocks the door with a large fridge. Shades believes the best course of action is to flee before the cops arrive but Styrker won't leave. Shades reminds him that he only has one Judas bullet left but Stryker doesn't seem particularly worried. Luke knows about some secret tunnels so he takes a rapidly bleeding Misty down into the basement so she can sit there in safety before the mercenaries get into the kitchen. Stryker is holding everyone inside the club hostage, including the worker Candace that gave the false testimony against Luke. Shades feels strongly that Stryker is behaving irrationally but Stryker is not interested in taking Shades' advice. Stryker is determined to kill Luke and turn the public against him, as the media have gathered outside.

Stryker gets a false narrative out to the law enforcement that Luke is holding everyone hostage. Inspector Ridley maintains an unwavering level-headedness and thus will not authorise an assault on the club when there is so little information on the matter. She gets a call from Misty but they aren't able to communicate because of the poor signal from the basement. Misty encourages Luke to get back upstairs but Luke doesn't want to leave her alone in such an unstable medical state. Claire learns about the basement from Candace after tending to her wound. She's able to slip away and get into the basement where she begins treating Misty's injury.

Luke leaves the basement to confront Stryker, who had demanded he come and meet by threatening to kill the hostages over the loudspeakers. Stryker has Mariah's fellow party member Boone hostage in the main office where he is waiting for Luke. He shares about how the tragedies in his life that sent him spiraling on this path of vengeance against Luke. Stryker then kills Boone and throws him outside to make it seem like Luke killed him.

Shades finds the secret entrance in the kitchen that leads down to the basement. When he reaches it, he attacks Claire and Misty, who are able to work together to beat him in the fight and knock him out.

After the death of Boone, Inspector Ridley can't stop the tactical teams from arming themselves to storm into the club to try to stop Luke even though she still believes he may be innocent. Luke is able to knock out the other guards and free the hostages but after they walk out, he is confronted by Stryker, who has taken Candace as his own personal hostage. He throws Candace off the balcony but Luke is able to catch and shield her from Stryker's latest attempt to shoot him with the Judas bullet. Stryker escapes while the SWAT team break into the club. Candace apologised to Luke, but it appears to be too little, too late. Stryker gets away with some henchmen while Luke, Alvarez, and other mercenaries left at the club are arrested.

Misty is wheeled out to be put into an ambulance but before she is loaded into it, she insists to Inspector Ridley that Luke Cage is innocent.  She gives the name Stryker/"Diamondback" and Ridley tells her to heal while the rest of them will take care of things. Misty refuses to be taken to the hospital, saying that she needs to stay put at the scene to make sure Luke is let off. When Luke is lead outside, some of the locals that have gathered shout out that they know he is innocent.

Marvel's Luke Cage is available for streaming on Netflix.


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