Marvel's Luke Cage S01E12 "Soliloquy of Chaos" Recap

Luke Cage is arrested and in transport but he is easily able to escape from his restraints and run out of the armored truck. He moves with stealth to avoid being shot by the officers carrying Judas bullets. Luke is cornered by an officer and Luke says that he would rather die than go back to prison. The officer had his hair cut by Pops for twelve years and hopes that Pop was right about him before letting him go and tells him to catch Stryker and stop him, adding that many people in the neighborhood are still rooting for him.

Misty is holding steady, despite her injuries, and works hard to prove Luke's innocence. She speaks with Candace, who calls her on a prepare phone and is willing to recant her testimony against Luke, especially after he saved her life at the club when Stryker threw her off the balcony. Misty meets with Candace, who reveals the truth about the night Stokes died and Misty records her statement on her phone. She is willing to testify against Mariah but only if she can be offered protection, fearing for her life after the murder of Stokes. Shades was the one that offered to pay her $50,000 if she testified against Luke. Candace fears Mariah more than Stokes ever did. Misty brings Candace to Soledad's to hide out for the time being.

Luke interrupts a robbery and remains unphased by the shots the robber fires off at him. He swaps hoodies with one of the customers, Method Man, who is more than happy to help him out and have such an impressive souvenir in return. Luke uses the phone and the shopkeeper tells Luke there are many that would be willing to pay him for that kind of protection but Luke assures him that he doesn't require any payment for helping. Method Man goes on to speak on Sway's radio show and share about what Luke has done and the broadcast pick up traction so even more of the public begins to believe that Luke is innocent and a true hero. The police remain determined to find Luke but the Harlem locals all resent their presence on the streets. More people begin to wear hoodies with holes as a sign of solidarity with Luke.

Inspector Ridley interrogates Shades but he won't say anything about Stryker or otherwise, simply demanding a lawyer each time he is asked a question. Stryker pays to get Shades released on bail and has his men led by Zip bring him to a warehouse. The men attack Shades in an elevator, having been ordered to kill him, but Shades fights back and manages to kill them all and escape. Stryker calls Mariah and informs her that he killed Boone and Shades because they were holding her back and she responds that she is focusing her efforts on Harlem's Renaissance project. He emerges, having been hidden in her house, and offers a sizable sum of money for her to use on her latest endeavors in exchange for her swearing loyalty to him. Stryker says he'll be leaving after he'd killed Luke but promises to return from time to time moving forward.

Luke tracks down Barrett, who has been working for Stryker, and forces him to reveal where he is before locking him in a dumpster. Colon and his men attack Stryker and all his mercenaries he has brought with him. There is an extended shoot-out but Stryker is able to escape into a side room where he has a bomb hidden. He arms it at leaves. Luke gets there in time to get Colon out of the building before it explodes and Colon warns that Diamondback used something he'd never seen before and not even Luke will be able to stop him.

Shades visits Mariah and turns over a champagne bottle he had kept that had her prints on it as well as Stokes' blood. It's the only leverage he had on her but is prepared to swear loyalty to her and proposes that they work together. Shades proposes they work with Luke long enough to defeat Stryker, even revealing the files he absconded on Stryker. Mariah notes that if Luke and Stryker take each other out, then that would solve even more of their problems. Shades admits he had gone to the club that night to kill Stokes but Mariah beat him to it.

Luke meets with Misty and gives her information on his investigation of Stryker. He also suggests he question Barrett to get more on Stryker. Mariah and Shades arrive at Pop's shop to parley with Luke. He does not like the idea of working with them, and is prepared to get violent with them but Mariah is offering a truce. She has the files on Stryker that will prove that he was the one to frame Carl Lucas and will give up his location so long as he lets go of his grudge against them. Mariah swears to tell the truth about how Luke didn't kill Stokes. Misty emerge from the back, having followed Luke there and gets into a stand-off with Shades. Misty wants to arrest Mariah and demands Shade reveal what he knows about Stryker's whereabouts. Stryker attacks the shop in a new power-suit that gives him the strength and invulnerability to be evenly matched against Luke. The two begin to fight after Luke tells Misty to go after Shades and Mariah, who have fled the shop.

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