Mr. Robot S03E02 "eps3.1_undo.gz" Recap

Elliot has started up his new job at E Corp and gradually begins to work his way up the power ladder. He uses his hacking prowess to expose lower executives that misbehave and even gets a middle manager to begin digitising their extensive paper records which will give him greater opportunity to search their company's infrastructure. He also moves much of it away from the Stage 2 building.

Scott Knowles is arrested for Sharon's murder while Tyrell's wife Joanna goes on television to give an interview declaring that she will always love Tyrell, who has been released and pardoned from his former charges of murder. While she is being driven home, someone releases another fsociety video to the public.

Dom and the FBI are shown to be interrogating Darlene that results in her giving in and admitting that Elliot had made a call to Tyrell while in prison. While Joanna is being driven home, her driver/security Mr. Sutherland has to pull over and deal with a distraught Derek who is ranting about how she lied to him and claimed that she loved him but instead went on television professing her love and loyalty to Tyrell. Derek attacks the car before it can drive away and shoots Joanna dead. Mr. Sutherland in turn shoots Derek dead while Joanna's baby cries with its mother's blood splattered across its face.

Darlene asks Elliot if she can stay at his place, having been shaken by her run-in with the FBI. Elliot reluctantly agrees but later is confronted by Mr. Robot and Darlene is severely frightened by the encounter and storms out of the apartment.

Philip Price is making power moves to push a plan for ECoin but has yet to get China on board. Zhang wants a UN vote. Price threatens him with plans involving China annexing Congo, but Zhang responds by revealing how he has power over Angela. Zhang is determined that Stage 2 will move forward on the day of the vote regardless of the outcome of the vote, as a punishment against Price.

Elliot finally agrees to let Mr. Robot come out during a therapy session, as he wants to make more changes to rid himself of this influence after what happened with Darlene. Mr. Robot tells Krista that he and Elliot were compromised. He accuses her of trying to destroy him and not understanding anything about what he is working towards. He refuses to talk to her any further and Elliot returns, none the wiser about what Mr. Robot was talking about when claiming they were compromised.

Lenny returns the sick dog to Elliot. Perhaps a canine companion will be good for Elliot's well-being. Only time will tell.

Elliot is able to figure out that Darlene has bugged his computer and consequently goes back to Darlene's FBI safe house even though he is aware that they are watching it.

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