The Gifted S01E03 "eXodus" Recap

Lorna has a flashback of earlier on in her relationship with Marcos and they began to bond over their mutant abilities and consequently fall in love. The mutants are determined to break her out and thy discuss trying to get Clarice to use her abilities so they can teleport into the prison but in order for that to work, John will need to train her so she can better control her abilities. Dreamer, another mutant, suggests to John that she can manipulate Clarice's memories to try to motivate her to get better faster but John strongly opposes that idea. He begins training Clarice and things are off to a good start but the session is interrupted when John notices some tracks that lead him to realise that the Struckers have fled the facility.

While John heads out in search of the Struckers, Clarice stays behind and speaks with Dreamer, who admits that she was involved with John romantically but the two agreed to put that aspect of their relationship aside when they began to work together as mutants in this underground group.

Reed strikes up a deal with Turner in which he will wear a tracking device and lead them to the underground in exchange for his family's freedom. Reed meets with a mutant he knows works with Eclipse and arranges to have the man smuggle Reed to reach the underground but while waiting to be transported, he meets a woman and her young daughter that will also be transported on this journey to the next meet-point at which they will be brought to the underground base. Reed speaks with them and learns about how they lost their husband/father to the Sentinel organisation. The woman uses her mutant ability to take away some of Reed's pain to further compound his guilt at potentially having to betray the mutants that are hiding. Later, while Reed is being transported with the woman and child, he confesses to being tracked and demands the van be pulled over. The driver refuses to stop the van so Reed jumps out onto the side of the road after apologising repeatedly, saying he just wanted to help his family. He is recaptured by Turner and willing to take whatever punishment in store for him.

The Struckers go to meet Caitlin's brother Daniel, who she implores to use his connections to help them with their predicament. Daniel is concerned about their safety but doesn't want to get involved in such a way, having already been socially ostracised for his relations to them.

Lorna uses her ability to break the door open to her cell but the shocks from her collar give her a severe nosebleed and she collapses, unable to attempt any further escape.

Daniel's son texts a photo of a trophy Andy destroyed to a friend and word gets out that the Struckers are at Daniel's house. Some community members, led by an anti-mutant bigot named Chuck arrive at the house and demand Daniel turns them over. Daniel denies that they're there. John and Marcos had already tracked them down and help the Struckers escape from the house but are pursued by the locals in trucks of their own. John calls Dreamer, asking for help. Since an important component of being able to control one's abilities is focusing on someone you truly care about, Dreamer manipulates Clarice by planting memories from her own mind of caring for John. This motivates Clarice to open a portal that John is able to drive through and escape the armed locals. Caitlin apologises to Marcos for putting them in danger but he says there's nothing to be sorry for, knowing she was only trying to help.

When Clarice is reunited with John and expresses joy at his return, he is immediately suspicious. After she leaves, he confronts Dreamer, who admits to having put memories in Clarice's mind. John reminds her of the dangers of manipulating with someone's mind in this way and she admits she is aware of the risks.

Once again, Roderick Campbell is shown to be interested in the Strucker children. He calls Turner, proposing a collaboration that would give them access to each other's information and resources but Turner turns him down.

Caitlin meets in secret with her brother once more who shares that Reed is still alive and in custody of Sentinel. He offers to help her flee with the children by giving her access to an extra cabin he has and leave Reed behind, believing his fate is doomed since he has been sent to a top-secret mutant detention facility. Daniel believes she will never see Reed again. But Caitlin refuses, believing there is still a way to save her husband, and goes to stand and fight alongside the mutants.

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