The Gifted S1E04 "eXit strategy" Recap

In a flashback, John is with another mutant called Gus ("Pulse") and they are preparing to break into a mutant facility to break some out. The mission goes wrong and John is forced to flee with some of the other mutants while Gus stays behind to try to shut down the facility's system with his mutant ability. He is shot and seemingly killed and the others are forced to escape without him.

In the present day, the underground mutants are working with the Struckers to form a plan to rescue both Reed and Polaris, who are set to be transferred to a detention facility. The best chance at rescuing them is to get them while they're being transferred. Marcos needs to reach out to old contacts/colleagues in organised crime to get information on when the transfer is set to take place.

John and Sonya are in disagreement about what her planting memories in Clarice's mind to form an attachment to John. John is insistent that Sonya tell her the truth but Sonya claims that the memory is more like a dream impression that will fade over time. She also is manipulative in claiming that telling her the truth will cause her to leave and then they won't be able to have her help in rescuing other mutants. Clarice has been having dreams of kissing John in an alley and become confused, as she doesn't believe it actually happened but the dream is recurring.

Marcos meets an old flame, Carmen, whom he left to be with Polaris. She harbors a grudge for being dumped but is willing to provide the information on the transport if Marcos will use his abilities to torture a prisoner she has and requires information from. Marcos agrees, but is shaken by the experience.

Reed and Polaris begin to learn more about one another. Reed opens up about how his children are mutants and have broken the law. Before this revelation, he didn't understand the circumstances and what it's truly like to be a mutant. He apologises to her for what he has done but she still lashes out for all the pain he has caused and refuses to be the one to offer his forgiveness.

Lauren and Andy must train their abilities so they can help attack the convoy to stop it long enough to be able to get Reed and Polaris back. Caitlin objects to putting her children at risk but both are determined to take the necessary risks to fight a battle that is bigger than just them. John assures her that they are only needed to stop the bus and after that, they can get out of the fight that the other more experienced mutants will fight.

The mutants are able to work together to stop the bus but things go wrong when one mutant with an invisibility power is revealed and shot. Other mutants are shown to be struggling to use their powers and John figures out that Gus ("Pulse") is still alive and working with Sentinel for some unknown reason. He can disrupt their abilities in addition to being able to disrupt technical systems. John tells Clarice how they were best friends and he had thought Gus died in the attack on a detention centre. John is forced to confront Gus in order to stop him from disrupting everyone's power. The tides shift in the mutant's favour when Reed tells Polaris to taketh metal screws in his leg and she is seemingly touched by the gesture. She uses them to free Reed and herself rom their restraints and take out the guard in the armored truck with them. With Gus no longer disrupting everyone's abilities, the mutants are able to begin their escape, with Clarice first opening a portal for Sonya to get away with the injured mutant. Marcos is refusing to leave without Polaris, much to John's objection, but it's then that Polaris breaks out of the truck with Reed limping behind. The Sentinel agents retreat and Caitlin drives up with a getaway car. After a teary reunion with Reed, she drives everyone off.

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