Mr. Robot S03E08 "eps3.7_dont-delete-me.ko" Recap

Elliot flashes back to his father dying before having a confrontation with Darlene in which he says that all of the antics he has used to try to stop Mr. Robot, from drugs to therapy, have ben unsuccessful. The world is now falling apart and Elliot blames himself for this. He wants to be alone now to try to figure things out. He begins to settle his affairs by giving away his dog to his neighbour, disposing of his Mr. Robot jacket, and going to Trenton and Mobley's families to pay his respects. He also buys a lethal amount of morphine pills, with a bit of difficulty since the drug dealer is suspicious of his motives for doing so.

Elliot intends to commit suicide and goes to Coney Island beach to do so. But before he can take the pills, he is interrupted by Mohammad, Trenton's younger brother, whom Elliot needs to look after since he followed Elliot there and doesn't know how to get back on his own nor does he know how to.  Elliot tries to bring Mohammad back home but his parents aren't there, having left him alone while going out. Mohammad convinces Elliot to take him to the movies but Mohammad runs off to a mosque when it was still playing. When Elliot arrives at the mosque, the two argue and Elliot admits to wishing he was dead. The two come to an understanding and Elliot returns Mohammad to his home and promises to take him to the movies again. Mohammad gifts Elliot with a lollipop since Elliot had said earlier that he was sick.

Elliot pays a visit to Mobley's brother once again and blackmails him into giving him the funeral he deserves with threats related to illegal ongoings with his law firm. He also requires that he be invited to the funeral and decides to not commit suicide. He then visits Angela's apartment and speaks to her through the door though she remains unresponsive. He brings up a "wishing game" they would play together when they were kids and declares how it has given him the will to live.

Elliot returns home, having retrieved his hoodie, and reinstalls his computer. It's then that he notices an old email Trenton had sent before her death in which she states there may be a way to undo the hack.

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Vikings S05E01: The Departed Recap

Ragnar is gone, but the Vikings remain. Welcome to Season 5! If Alex Høgh Andersen can be believed, its going to be a great one. If you haven't checked out our interview with Alex, you can find it here. Let's get started.

Bjorn and his brothers put Sigurd to rest. His death will impact this entire season. The brothers still look a little shell shocked that their own brother Ivar was the one who killed him. The entire village looks at Ivar with distaste, and he manages a single tear for Sigurd.

Ivar meets with his brothers and leaders of the army. He claims that he didn't mean to kill Sigurd, but he taunted him until he had no choice but to kill him. He spoke lies, claiming that Ivar wasn't a real man. Ivar never meant to kill his brother, but he didn't have a choice and he is sorry. He crawls from his brothers. Bjorn warns the others that they cannot leave Ivar in charge of the large army. He plans to pursue his own destiny with Halfdan. They ask if he plans to go to Kattegat, but he has no time. Lagetha will be advised of the situation, Bjorn will return to Kattegat only when he has finished his journey if the gods permit it.

In England, Bishop Heahmund along with his men find the remains of King Ecbert's kingdom. Heahumund orders that they search out Ecbert's body.

Bjorn prepares to set sail. Harald asks Halfdan is sure he wishes to leave. They've always shared a vision. Halfdan corrects him. He doesn't wish to be the King's brother, he wishes to travel the world. His brother will miss him, but no matter where he goes, Halfdan promises to cover his back. Harald watches as his brother leaves with Bjorn.

Heahmund walks through the wrecked city. It is utterly destroyed. The king's bod is finally located in a vat of water. Heahmund plans to clean and restore the city, and bring back the people.

Ivar seeks out Floki. Floki is building a one man boat, and let the Gods lead him. Ivar doesn't want him to go, his brothers are too soft to help against the Christians. Ivar tells him that his brother's don't believe he didn't mean to kill Sigurd, and without Floki he will be lonely. Floki feels for him, but with Helga gone, there is nothing left for him. Ivar knows his heart is broken, but Floki knows it will repare. He holds Ivar as he cries, assuring him that he does not need him.

Bjorn takes joy in their leaving, as the remaining army watches.

Heahmund performs a funeral for Ecbert, praying for their king. The single remaining monk returns, and tells Heahmund what little he knows. He was the scribe of the church, and he witnessed the treaty between the Vikings and Ecbert. Heahmund wishes that Ecbert hadn't given away any of their lands even when his life was on the line, but the scribe tells Heahmund that he didn't, that he couldn't as they weren't his to give. Before Ecbert sent his family away, he renounced his crown, and gave it to his son prince Aethelwulf. Aethelwulf is king, and the grant of land is worthless.

King Aethelwulf paddles in a boat. They arrive at a small village. Judith is tending to Alfred with leeches. He looks awful, and she's not sure if he is dying. Aethelwulf believes that they are being punished for their vanity. He believes that there is no other way to understand what is happening to them. She doesn't believe that Alfred should have to die for their sins, for her sins. Aethelwulf prays that God is shows them mercy once more and ends the misery of all of those around them.

Floki continues his plans to leave. He doesn't want to be stopped, he just wants to leave. He has no plan for his destination, but he will keep the sons of Ragnar in his heart. The brothers each say their goodbyes. Ubbe and Hvitserk have nothing but good words, Ivar lovingly calls him a coward, and Floki tells him to stand up and say it to his face. Floki sets out, but Ivar has given him the means to guide himself, he doesn't want him to be lost. In a hail of chants, Floki rows out to his destiny.

Heahmund prays to Ecbert that he will help them defeat the Vikings, that all the Pagans will be destroyed. The people return as his prayer comes to a conclusion. Heahmund tells the people to be unafraid, Christ is here. The people are thankful.

Ubbe thinks that they should settle the lands that they got in the treaty. Ivar thinks that they shouldn't dissolve their army, that they should make a strong hold in the North, and make a fortress in York. They can have an Empire there. Its a tactical move. The lands are in the center of the country, and it makes them vulnerable, York gives them power and freedom. Hvitserk agrees with Ivar's thinking, much to Ubbe's dismay.

Floki finds Ivar's gift, and throws it into the sea. Floki intends to keep to his plan and leave himself at the mercy of the Gods.

Heahmund is asked to the church, there is a lady waiting for him. Aethelkith prays for everyone. Heahmund asks if she will take mass at his hands, and she is honored. The act is sensual at his hands. Heahmund walks through the thorns and asks to be cleanse of his sins.

The brothers look at York, seeing it ripe for the picking. Ivar wants to attack now, but Ubbe suggesting waiting. Their father told them that Saint days were the best time to attack, everyone would either be at Church or drunk. They set out to find the perfect day. The brother grab a pair of children. Ivar crawls to their captives, telling them that if they tell him the truth no harm will come to them, he wants to know the next Saint day. In three days it will be Ascension Day.

Ubbe slips into the walls of York, and let the others in. The Vikings take the city with little effort. Just as Ragnar had told them, most were in the church, and its a slaughter. Ubbe looks on in horror as all the defenseless people are killed. He holds a nun as she dies of her own afflicted wounds. Ivar taunts the Bishop, stealing one's crucifix. The church is filled with the dead, as a lone child cries. Ivar kills the Bishop, but making him ingested a melted down cross. He calls for his horse, and sends the animal out dragging the body.

Ivar celebrates their victory. Ubbe slips further away from Ivar's cruelty.

Guthrum trains with Torvi, and he's come along way. His father was a powerful man, and he would make him proud, Torvi tells him. The horns sound, ships are near, she rushes to warn Lagetha who their visitor is. Harald has arrived in Kattegat. He and his men head straight to Lagetha, but they aren't exactly welcomed. She allows his approach. He tells her that the Great Army succeeded. The Kings are dead, and they have been given granted lands. Lagetha asks after her son. He isn't dead, only busy. Sigurd is dead by Ivar's hand, but Bjorn has headed to the Mediterranean. Lagetha wonders why Harald has come. He claims he only came because Bjorn was busy. Lagetha calls out his failed assassination attempt. Harald never believed he was a wise man, but he hands over his sword to Lagetha, happy to die if thats her wish. He tells her to strike, taunts her to.

Floki sits in the middle of the ocean, searching for direction.

Heahmund takes out his anger on an animal carcass, when he's told of the Vikings recently sacking in York and desecrating of the Bishop.

Lagetha asks a bound Harald why she should keep him after this confession. She has a reason, but he claims there is none. He did all he did for a woman, he wanted to be worthy of her, he tried to take her kingdom because of that. Lagetha asks what has changed. The woman lied. She didn't wait for him, and married another, so he killed her. He doesn't desire her kingdom any longer, and offers her an alliance. She points out he is in no position. Harald points out that he is still a king, and her son may be away for a long time. She may not be able to trust the other sons of Ragnar. Lagetha has her way with the bound Harald, riding away her frustrations, with him helpless to do anything.

Men block Ubbe and Hvitserk from seeing their brother. They tell Ubbe that they will ask if Ivar will see them, but Ubbe warns them that they will loose their tongues if they stand in their way. Ubbe wants to know why Ivar has a bodyguard. He claims he needs one, because he's crippled. Its more than that, Ubbe isn't happy with the way Ivar is running things. He doesn't consult his brothers about his plans, acting as the long leader of the Army. Ivar wants to be their equal, but he has to do better. They accept him as he is, but Ivar doesn't believe them. Ubbe tells Ivar that there is a large Saxon force on their way, but Ivar wasn't aware, too wrapped up in himself. His tattoo continues as his brothers leave.

The women await to see why Harald acted against them. Lagetha tells them that he was in love and now he's not. He wants to offer them an alliance and marriage. Astrid doesn't think that Lagetha should consider the offer. Torvi thinks that she should consider it. Astrid oversteps when she tells Lagetha that she cannot set him free, and Lagetha makes it clear she will make her own decisions. Astrid walks out, and is quickly grabbed by a trio of men, and kidnapped. Harald is already free, and he has Astrid on his ship. They boat leaves with no fanfare. The horn sounds, and Lagetha is informed that Harald is gone. Lagetha sees that Astrid is gone too. On the ship, Astrid asks why kidnap her. Harald still intends to become King of all of Norway. He needs a Queen, someone to breed with. Astrid laughs at his offer. Lagetha has been good to her. Harald offers her power, and excitement.

Heahmund and his men have arrived at York. The Vikings have been busy fortifying the city. The town is well defended and they may not be strong enough yet to attack. Heahmund wishes that Aethelwulf was in the field with them. His presence could inspire. But Aethelwulf is busy in his hovel with Judith. She asks what they should do about Alfred, and he wonders why its always about Alfred. Judith admits that the boy is dying. Aethelwulf notices that Alfred is gone. He wades in the water towards a hooded figure. He reaches for it, and falls into the water as Judith and Aethelwulf watch. Judith screams for him to be saved as Aethelwulf runs to him, and pulls him from the water. Alfred tells them that they must go to York, that his father told him.

Floki remains miserable in the sea. He thinks he has been abandoned. He releases the Raven, and tells the bird to not come back.

Aethelwulf and his people head to York.

Torvi asks Lagetha why Harald kidnapped Astrid. Lagetha knows that Harald didn't abandon his dream. He still wishes to be king, and he will come to their shores eventually with men. Torvi doesn't think that Astrid will side with Harald, but Lagetha isn't so sure.

Harald asks Astrid what she's decided. She still hasn't said no, but she isn't ready yet. Harald still thinks she will side with him.

Aethelwulf's men have arrived, and Heahmund's forces are happy to see them. Aethelwulf and Heahmund finally come face to face. He introduces the Bishop to his wife, and they are brought into camp. He notes Judith's bravery, but she claims she had nothing better to do at home, and deserves vengeance as well. Around the table. Heahmund makes small talk before getting down to business. The Vikings have been fortifying York. But there is good news, they haven't fortified the Roman walls. Heahmund thinks that they should give the army time to mesh and grow, and ensure that the wall sections truly remain unguarded.

In the middle of a storm, Floki sings, and when the storm has ended. Floki finds himself on land. He has reached a beach covered in dark rocky sand. He finds a puddle of clean water and greedily slurps it down. The raven caws nearby. He finds a cave and builds a fire to warm himself. In the morning he goes to explore this new land and to search for food. He climbs high up a cliff, and falls asleep. When he awakens he looks over the land, and thanks Njord for the sights.

Torvi watches Guthrum train. Margrethe asks her what she thinks of Lagetha's mistake, she thinks that Lagetha put them in danger, and that her control may be a solid as they thought.

Floki continues to walk the land, falls on the rock covered stones. Later he finds a waterfall and he heads straight for it. The water looks as if it is rising, rather than falling. He believes himself to be in Asgard.

Ubbe and Hvitserk find Ivar testing out some equipment. He has some fancy leg braces, which allow him to walk for the first time ever. On his feet, Ivar is filled with more confidence then ever. He's no longer held back by his handicap, and there will really be no stopping him now.

Tonight's code word is Valhalla. You can find details for our Vikings Drinking Horn here.


Vikings Interview With Alex Høgh Andersen and Drinking Horn Giveaway

Vikings returns tonight, but before it does, we had the chance to chat with Alex Høgh Andersen about what lies ahead for Ivar the Boneless as well as the other Vikings. When we last saw Ivar he had brutally murdered his brother, and the repercussions from his actions will likely haunt him the rest of the season. Spoilers are likely to follow, so consider this your warning!

Be sure to check out our recap of tonight's episode for the code word to enter our contest! Contest details below.

Without giving away any spoilers how do you think Ivar’s really changed going into Season 5? I mean is he - do you think he’s more of a leader? What do you think has really changed about his personality?

I don’t know if that much has changed. Of course he, being part of the leading group of the Great Heathen Army, has obviously matured him. And you will see a way more mature Ivar as much as it is possible. But he is still the same determined young man.

In the beginning well in Season 4 I would describe him as a boy. I think he’s becoming a young man eventually throughout Season 5 because there’s a lot of things happening. And then this whole responsibility of maybe leading a Great Heathen Army takes a toll on a human being.
I think Ivar is really ready and up for the challenge but it is a challenge and he’s going to learn from the mistake that he’s going to make. But he’s still the same determined guy who will never let anyone stand in his way of his goals. He’s so progressive. And he’s not afraid of using violence to get his ways.

Ragnar had told Ivar that he needs to use his anger differently but is Ivar capable of doing that?

Yes. I think he’s capable of doing that. But as you probably know what happened at the end of Season 4 when we killed his dear brother Sigurd he lost control of himself. He let his emotions take over. So yes you do have a point in the fact that he is challenged in terms of that.

I think he understands that is his massive weakness. That he is too driven sometimes by his emotions and that they can take over and make him lose control. And I think that is part of the reason why he is so much in remorse in the beginning of Season 5. He’s in remorse because he knows that the killing of his own brother created a wound between him and his brothers that I don’t think he will be able to ever heal again.

And part of it is also him realizing that he lost control and he let everyone see it. He let everyone see his weakness and that he really struggles with. I think you will see him try his very best to control his emotions throughout the seasons. Yes.

Ivar lost control obviously and killed Sigurd and caused that riff between him and his brothers. Can you talk a little bit more about how Ivar’s relationship is going to be with his brothers and how that kind of stands going into Season 5 and if that’s going to deteriorate as the season progresses?

Well obviously as you say there’s – there was a riff already and I don’t think that he’s capable of healing it again. But in the beginning of Season 5 you will see him being genuinely sorry. And he tells his brothers that. But is that again a way of him manipulating them and trying to make them feel sorry for him or bringing them in onto his team a little bit again to be able to control them or not making them be too hostile against him because I think he’s aware of the fact that he needs them to reach his goals.

And I think you will see a lot of discussions between the brothers, a lot of unspoken things, a lot of love and also hate. Those are the scenes that I think all of us, all of the brothers, really love to shoot because they’re very intense and there’s a lot of things happening there’s a lot of drama. But - do they still love each other or is that bridge burned? That’s the whole thing about it.

I think it’s our greatest goal as actors to always keep the audience guessing and for me especially with Ivar because he is such an extreme character and manipulative. And he can easily become one-dimensional. So my main objective is to keep him balanced and to have scenes like in the beginning of Season 5 where he’s genuinely sorry for his actions and that he almost hates himself right? I think that’s the key of this whole relationship. Yes.

You've talked in the past about how vulnerable Ivar can be. Then he turns around and is sort of sadistic and sort of a madman. Tell me about how that – is that - so is he going to get harder the more he tastes power and not be so vulnerable or the first episode he’s pretty vulnerable but could you sort of talk about that difference in his two sides I guess?

Yes. I mean he will always be vulnerable. He will always be three-dimensional. That is my main goal as an actor. And I can never ever judge him. I can do my very best to make people understand him because the last thing we want is a one-dimensional character. And then he did I mean Michael Hirst wrote this character so brilliantly that we can’t do that to him. He doesn’t deserve that as a character. He will always be vulnerable.

As much as I love the crazy scenes where I’m killing a lot of Saxons and I’m yelling old Norseman, I’m crawling around as much as I love those crazy, crazy scenes they are a lot of fun. What my heart really longs for as an actor is the vulnerable scenes where he is maybe alone in a room and you can see that a lot of these scenes where you see them being on top and he’s quick, and he’s smart, and he’s intelligent, and manipulative and being Ivar you see that most of it is an act because he is so controlled on the outside. That is what people are when they are very broken on the inside and don’t want to show people.
So he will always, always be vulnerable. And we will – and I will always do my best to show that. That is the most important thing of what I do with this character.

Ivar is such an interesting character because he is ambitious, and motivated to succeed in a system that’s built not to generally respect or honor differently abled people but he has for the most part, despite his flaws, seen a lot of success. And I’d like to know why you think that is? And whether you think, he’s going to continue to succeed despite his flaws and his weaknesses?

Well I think most of it is since he’s brilliant. He’s so smart. He’s so intelligent. People know that he has his flaws and he knows that he has his flaws. But when he shows up on the day of proving yourself, on the day of battle and where everybody’s life is at stakes, he’s the one organizing the whole thing. And he’s the one more or less at the end of Season 4 we see that he is the reason why they get through it.
I think actions speak louder than words. Some of his actions are good and some of his actions are so very, very bad. But I think you also have to remember that this is in the Viking era where death is a way bigger part of life. It’s way more acceptable. I mean Vikings grew up only thinking about death right and how to die so they could get into Valhalla.

So even though it sounds horrible in contemporary minds the fact of him killing his brothers is probably not that big back in the day’s right? Of course it’s horrible. But I mean people with no personal relation to him but only see him as this leader probably didn’t give a damn I mean because all they care about buy the end of the day is winning the next battle or dying in a tremendous beautiful Viking way.

The Great Heathen Army and the troops of the Great Heathen Army understand that Ivar is probably the one that will get them there yes in the best way. I think that he understands that he is very, very confident. And especially after what happened in Season 4, at the end of Season 4 winning the battle against the Saxons there and trying to take over the Great Heathen Army. He just becomes more and more confident and rightfully so. That makes him very, very dangerous, very dangerous.

Going into the season, how will Ivar’s relationship with Lagertha be affected? Now that he’s rising to power is this – are they going to see a little bit of power struggle? Will that dynamic shift during this upcoming string of episodes?

Oh definitely, definitely. I mean I think it’s great because Lagertha is maybe the complete opposite of Ivar. She is such a great and perfect and humane character. And it’s great to see those two characters clash together and see this wild and crazy guy who’s so determined and probably only thinks about himself against this power woman who’s all about the people.

It’s great to see those two characters clash. Yes there’s going to be a massive power struggle. But this whole Civil War as you can see it’s going to be very, very intense and it is Vikings fighting Vikings. I remember when we shot this stuff and when we read the scripts and, where this whole thing was going when we started to realize that there was going to be a Civil War the biggest talk was like how are the audience going to take this because nobody really wants to see Vikings fighting against Vikings. They want to see Vikings against Saxons or whoever right?

So it’s very, very interesting. It’s very interesting. I’m very excited to see how the audience is going to take this. But I mean we did our best and I have a great feeling about it. The stuff that we shot looks amazing. This season in particular is probably the biggest we’ve ever done. And some of the executives I’ve heard are very pleased so no pressure but we are happy as far as I’m concerned. So yes I can’t wait to see that stuff myself. I haven’t seen any of it.

Ivar is an antihero but also filling the void left by Ragnar. How do you approach marking him sympathetic or likable or is that even possible?

Yes is that even possible? Yes that’s a big struggle with Ivar and has always been. It’s a great thing you mention Ragnar because I like to think of it this way. Ragnar is an antihero. And he’s more of a hero then he’s anti. I think Ivar’s a bit more of the opposite. He is an antihero with an emphasis on anti.

And that’s a great thing about it because I love to challenge the audience. And I – there’s nothing more interesting I find to make the audience guess all the time and sit down and actually think do we like this dude or do we root for him and do we not because that just challenges the audience. That’s the whole point of the art right to make people actually think and not to sit down and be relaxed.

Bet yes he is – he’s quite a trouble to make him, make people feel sympathy for him. But so what I do is - and of course working with Michael all the time we have a great dialogue with him. And we’re both aware of the fact that we need him to have these small scenes once in a while where we see the real human where he is him and where he’s not acting, he’s not manipulating people.

And we need to - we really need to have those. Because otherwise you will become one dimensional and that’s the worst thing I know. But also the whole physicality of him, the visceral part of him is very important to me to keep in a crawling mode so to speak as much as possible because I’m a - I believe that every single time we see him crawl it’s a constant reminder of what he’s been through and what he’s dealing with on a daily basis.

And I think it’s hard for people to fathom what he’s been through. It’s hard for me and I’m playing the dude. Every single time we have a chance where he can crawl or, he’s not just sitting in on a chair because if he’s sitting on a chair he looks like everybody else. But if I have the chance to either choreograph the scene in a way that makes it obvious that he’s crippled or you create a reminder that this is what he’s been through and what he’s dealing with I think that’s one way to keep him as being an antihero so to speak.

But there’s still good in him there’s empathy in him - for him. But yes it’s a challenge. It is a challenge. But – on the outside he’s a controlled maniac but on the inside he’s a poor boy. So for me I’ve never had trouble having sympathy for him. And I think that if I ever lose that I think the audience will as well and the opposite way I will always have sympathy for him I think the audience will as well.

At the end of last season, Michael Hirst, talked about that this new character Bishop Heahmund played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He’s this warrior Bishop and he’s being introduced as kind of an adversary to Ivar. I was hoping you could speak to that a little bit and in what ways this character is a formidable adversary.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers who plays Bishop Heahmund is just well Johnny, Johnny is phenomenal. So it’s a great, great pleasure working with him. He is outstanding. And he’s so intense. It was great to work with him.

And what his character is, is really what Michael and I talked about when well when Michael told me about the idea of bringing him in and creating this kind of an archenemy to Ivar because if Ivar didn’t have someone who was as similar to him I think it would be kind of close to unbearable with me or close to a walk in the park for Ivar.

He needs to have some enemy that is just as extreme but for a different cause but just as extreme and determinant and such a powerhouse as well. And Johnny really, really brings that to the table. And having these two characters square off together is phenomenal and you’ll see a lot of scenes with these two together.

I think what’s very interesting with the two characters is that they understand each other. You know that thing about you that even though it’s your biggest enemy and you hate him you do understand him because you are very similar and you come from the same place. You have the same ideas. You have the same goals. So there’s some mutual respect. And you’ll see that there’s mutual respect between these two guys.

The dynamic between these two strong characters I think are going to be very interesting. I believe that some of the stuff that we shot when they were squaring off is going to be very, very good. And I have a great feeling about it. And Johnny is just absolutely tremendous.

When you got the script tell us a little bit about how you got the role of Ivar?

Okay. So back in – back when we started oh when I took on Ivar – when we did the last audition I didn’t even audition for Ivar actually. I was auditioning for all of the other brothers until Frank Moiselle Casting Director poked me on the shoulder and told me that I should read for Ivar. And then after that I was sitting trying to remember his scene for half an hour. And I was sweating. I was sweating like I’ve never been before.

And then we did it. And when I got the part my agent well my agent called me and said that I’ve gotten the part. And I had to ask which one because I literally had no clue. So to take on Ivar was quite a thing in the beginning. I mean and just the fact that he’s so - he’s such a complicated character. I mean
- there’s tons to the character. And I’m so privileged to have been able to work with him on a daily basis. He’s a gift really.

Of course there’s a lot of research in terms of understanding his disease. It’s a very authentic show. And it takes pride in being authentic. So I need to when I’m portraying a character that suffers from a real-life disease I need to be as authentic as well. And that is - has been since day one in the back of my head with every single thing that I do. Not that long ago we started shooting Season 6 where I was like we had to change it because he wouldn’t be able to do that physically whatever happened in that scene.
I’m so limited in my acting because of his disease. I just can’t, go and do this or do that or anything because he first of all he can’t walk. And second of all if you’ve been crippled for your entire life you’re also used to the fact that, you would just sit down and you would get people, other people to do stuff for you. So it was – it’s been quite frustrating actually in the beginning to not be able to choreograph your scenes.

And also the technique of acting is a bit different because you have to compensate with your upper body acting wise now that you can’t use your full body. So what happened was just naturally and organically we just became about his eyes. And so I - and me being a fan of less is more and trying to act as much with the eyes instead of the entire body I think that’s a bit more interesting in some cases.
That’s what we’ve been trying to do with this character me and the directors. And it’s a learning experience. It really, really is. It’s tough to be so limited but such a learning experience. And I’m very grateful for it actually.

Ivar and Floki, Floki and Ivar. Can you talk a little about Ivar’s relationship with Floki and how much Floki leaving affects him and if we will sort of see that throughout the season?

Yes. Was that - is that the end of the question Floki leaving and how that affects him?

Yes, yes.

Okay perfect. Yes you see Floki has always been I probably think Ivar’s only friend. And in terms of everything that’s happening in the beginning of Season 5 the aftermath of Ivar killing Sigurd he really needs that support and that friend in Floki. So it is the absolutely worst timing when Floki decides to leave.

And I think that is really, really, really for the worst for Ivar. And imagine losing a friend in the moment you that you need him the most and especially everything that’s going on I think it makes him more cold, and determinate, and hard. And that’s not, that’s rough on everybody else. But it is very much also rough on Ivar because I don’t think that, that is what Ivar wants but that is his way of surviving 100% sure of that. And it’s a very, very tough, tough loss.

I’m fascinated with your relationship with the actor, with Jordan Patrick Smith’s character. I’m also fascinated with your arc with Floki this season. Do you take Floki leaving as abandonment or do you cheer him on? And what’s your – how do you describe your relationship with Ubbe?

So okay if you take Floki first. I think it’s – I think he feels both ways. I think he feels abandoned but I - again that’s something that he’s used to right? It’s just another damn person that he loves that left him. So it just adds to this horrible, horrible line of damaging.

Floki is also a friend. Ivar understands why he needs to do what he needs to do. He really wants him to stay but he also understands him. And I think he takes it as a sign that now he’s on his own and now it’s only it’s the Ivar show from now on up in his head.

While that brings me on to Ubbe because that doesn’t bode well for Ubbe. That is the great thing about what Jordan and I have talked about when went through these scenes and tried out what was their relationship we were pretty agreeing on the fact that we both thought Jordan’s character Ubbe was – has always been the bigger brother the more concerned bigger brother who is taking care of his little brothers and especially Ivar.

So we created this thing that Ubbe has always been Ivar’s legs in a way. There’s a great line in Season 5 where we actually got that line in. It was just great. But so I think also that Ubbe feels very betrayed. He also feels that he failed in terms of helping upbringing this kid and not creating a monster out of him and seeing him become one a very hurt monster - just really hurts him. And I don’t think you can ever settle down with that. I think he feels very disappointed in himself and in Ivar.

He has his own goals and ambitions of course. So to see your younger brother just full on ahead and take over and don’t care who was in his way I mean that’s got to hurt as well. So there is some very interesting dynamic between especially Ubbe and Ivar. Yes.

Before you leave, I have to ask. Anyone who has been following the show for a while knows that your set is known for shenanigans among the cast members. So, I was curious if the veteran actors welcomed all of you guys with any epic pranks? And whether with Travis gone if anyone has taken up the mantle of the chief merry prankster on set?

There was no big special prank thank God because I would probably have been scared away. But, every day shooting with Travis is a prank in itself. So not that he is not phenomenal to work with and that he doesn’t take his job seriously he’s the quite opposite and he such a great actor to work with. It’s always fun when you’re around Travis.

That has also translated to the entire crew. I mean every single day at work is so much fun. We are throwing food at each other and it’s horrible but it’s so great it’s so great. It’s a small family of 300 people and I love them to pieces. They’ve helped me with so much.

The thing that I’ve achieved so far I could not have done without them. It’s also cheesy but it is so, so true. And part of it is because we were so good at keeping a light atmosphere on set which I think is very, very important because it’s such a dark show, it’s such an intense show and there’s - it’s some long days in the worst conditions when we’re shooting in January, February and I’m crawling in the woods and it’s snowing sideways, raining sideways. And I can’t feel limbs I mean well some would say that it’s forced method acting and it seems very, very organic.

And the reason why we look wild in those scenes are because we feel like it. So it’s all good I guess. But it’s very, very tough. And especially those days you need to just throw some food at each other. I mean you need to do that. But yes we’ve taken upon us to keep that atmosphere there and I think everybody has. And it’s just great so great.

I can't not mention San Diego Comic Con. This year History Channel did an amazing thing where they let the audience experience a Viking funeral for the character of Ragnar. And getting to watch you and the cast interact with the audience was really, really cool. Did you find the same catharsis experiencing that as the fans and the audience did?

It was absolutely amazing. I’m so happy you bring that up because at this stage all I’ve been doing until Comic Con was working on this thing nonstop because Season 5 was 20 episodes. So we shot that for 11 months straight almost. I never had the proper interaction with the audience I’m so familiar with and that’s nothing compared to meeting people in real life.

And it was just an extraordinary, extraordinary experience to see how happy people were and how much they loved the show. It was very, very overwhelming. It’s a day that I will definitely never forget. I was a nervous wreck sitting at the panel, trying to sound clever, and smart, and charming and intelligent in English is a challenge alone for me.

To see 2000, 3000 people showing up just to the panel alone was just crazy. And then we went to the funeral oh my God that was almost even worse. It was phenomenal. It was such a phenomenal experience. And people were so nice, and happy and appreciative. And I was even more appreciative of that day and for all the people that showed up. It was a great experience. And what it really does is it makes all the hard work that we do all the crawling through mud in February it makes all that stuff worth it. And it was just great. You really feel – I really felt alive that day really felt alive. It was extraordinary.

Contest Details.
This year while attending San Diego Comic Con we picked up a few of the drinking horns from Ragnar's funeral celebration. I have three of them to giveaway this season! Since tonight is the premiere we'll be giving a code word out in our recap.

To enter: Send an email to Subject: Vikings
Be sure to include your name and address and the code word in the email! Winner will be notified on Tuesday, December 5th!


Golden Unicorn Awards and Russian Film Week Closing

Golden Unicorn Awards and Russian Film Week in the UK:
Loveless becomes favorite with international jury, viewers choose Mathilde


10,000 viewers, 57 films, 28 venues in 3 cities. These are just the bare facts of the II Russian Film Week that has just came to its grand finale with the Golden Unicorn Awards on Saturday, November 25th and the closing ceremony with the UK premiere of Mathilde the next day.

Alexei Uchitel’s film arrived to London on a trail of huge publicity and controversy and became an indisputable winner of the Audience Choice Award. BFI’s NFT1 was sold out in a matter of hours and organisers had to set up an additional screening.

Mathilde came ahead of many favourites, such as Arrhythmia and Loveless.

Andrei Zvyagintsev’s Loveless, however, won most plaudits from the international jury. It has won the Golden Unicorn Awards in three nominations: Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Actress.

The Awards were created to recognise the achievements of Russian filmmakers and actors and also worldwide filmmakers who chose to make films about Russia, set in Russia or based on Russian literature. This reflects the cross-cultural mission of the Russian Film Week – building bridges of mutual understanding and cooperation.

The voting process reflects this cross-cultural idea: Russian films are from now on judged by an international jury, which this year included the renowned British and Hollywood actor Brian Cox, co-founder of the London Film Academy Anna McDonald, The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw, BFI’s Head of Programming and Acquisitions Stuart Brown and others (for the complete list please go to:

“In this age of great division between Eastern and Western cultures, and the intransigence of certain political elements, the great hope is in the art, the great hope is in the creativity, - says Brian Cox, president of the jury, - The fact is, that the artists of any given culture create a unification, create a bond, that is immediately understood by all artists, and they share it. This is the antithesis of what the political climate is and that's why something like this film festival is so important to encourage. It is so important that we acknowledge it and it's important that we support it. Finally, I am very proud to have been part of it...”

Foreign films about Russia, where the action takes place in Russia, or the ones that are based on the works of Russian authors, are now judged by a separate Russian jury, which in 2017 included Viasat World CEO Irina Gofman, former President of the Republic of Kalmykia and FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, film critic Olga Sherwood, Hollywood producer Alexander Shapiro.

“This is the second year running that we have our awards and it is already
well-respected and considered prestigious and we are very much grateful for the support we’ve got this year from EFG, Savills, Viasat World, Waterstones, Gazprom Marketing. I am glad that such good meaningful and powerful films from various genres were featured in the nominations, - says Filip Perkon, the festival’s General producer. - We show the best of Russian cinema. As for foreign films about
Russia, there were so many of them this year, good and exciting, that we had to create two nominations –  for features and documentaries”.

The awards ceremony was held at The Langham Ballroom and was covered by Viasat World TV1000 Russian Cinema that has recently been launched in the UK. (footage available from VIASAT free of charge)

The winners of the Golden Unicorn Awards 2017:
Best Film:
Loveless (Andrey Zvyagintsev)
Best Screenplay:
Loveless (Oleg Negin, Andrey Zvyagintsev)
Best Actor:
Aleksandr Yatsenko (Arrhythmia) 
Best Actress:
Maryana Spivak (Loveless) 
Best Emerging Talent:
Daria Zhovner (Closeness) 
Best Short Film:
The Law of Excluded Third (Alexandra Sokolovskaya)
Best Documentary:
Lake Vostok. Mountains of Madness (Ekaterina Eremenko)
Best Animation Film:
Listening to Beеthoven (Garri Bardin)
Best Foreign Film with a Russian connection:
Lady Macbeth (William Oldroyd)
Best Foreign Documentary Film:
Oleg and the Rare Arts (Andres Duque)

In 2017, which was declared the Year of Ecology in Russia, the Russian Film Week in cooperation with Synergy University, the festival’s partner and co-producer, held a special competition for the Best Student Short Film on the Theme of Ecology. Maxim Arbugaev’s film The Mushers has won the Golden Unicorn-Synergy Award in this nomination.

The special Bright Future prize sponsored by Cultural Solidarity Media was awarded to young film producer Ilya Stewart.

In 2017 a new special Golden Unicorn Award For the Contribution to World Cinema was established. Alexei Uchitel became the first recipient. The prize, in addition to the unicorn statuette, included a pair of diamond-encrusted cufflinks provided by a sponsor, the jewellery company Geraldo. "Indeed, Geraldo Jewellery creations were inspired by the historic period of the Russian empire under Tsar Nicholas II”, - says Geraldo’s Ben Kams, he praised the film Mathildeas visually stunning.

The Awards Ceremony took place at The Langham Ballroom over a gala evening with an exquisite dinner by chefs Albert and Michel Roux and was followed by a charity auction to raise funds for the WWF UK Save the Amur Tiger project.

Each year Russian Film Week partners with a specific charity organization. For the Year of Ecology WWF has become a charity partner. All the proceeds from the auction and all personal donations go directly to the foundation. A lot provided by Alexei Uchitel – an opportunity to star in film Battleproduced by him, managed to raise £12,000.

The Awards Ceremony was attended by more than 100 Russian film directors, producers and actors, including Andrey Zvyagintsev, Alexey Uchitel, Valery Todorovsky. Other guests of honour were present at the ceremony: entrepreneur, Badoo’s creator Andrey Andreev, Death of Stalin scriptwriter Peter Fellows, actors Sami Naceri (film Taxi), Olga Kurylenko and many more.
Exclusive entertainment was provided by the Russian rock-legend Boris Grebenshikov and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Polina.
The unique unicorn statuettes are Bohemian crystal glass containing 24 carat goldleaf and handmade.


Melodifestivalen 2018 Artists Announced!

SVT held it's artists-announcement press conference and now the fan circles can begin speculating on who will rise to the top of this year's Melodifestivalen.

The line-up of artists, their songs, and composers are as follows:

Semi-final 1 (Karlstad)

  • Renaida "All the Feels" (Written by: Laurell Barker, Jon Hällgren, Peter Barringer, Lukas Hällgren)
  • Benjamin Ingrosso "Dance You Off" (Written by: Benjamin Ingrosso, MAG, Louis Schoorl, K Nita)
  • Edward Blom "Livet på en pinne" (Written by: Edward Blom, Thomas G:son, Stefan Brunzell, Kent Olsson)
  • John Lundvik "My Turn" (Written by: Anna-Klara Folin, John Lundvik, Jonas Thander)
  • Kikki Danielsson "Osby Tennessee" (Written by: Sulo Karlsson, Kikki Danielsson)
  • Sigrid Bernson "Patrick Swayze" (Written by: Andrej Kamnik, Josefin Glenmark, Peg Parnevik, Sigrid Bernson)
  • Kamferdrops "Solen lever kvar hos dig" (Written by: Herbert Trus, Danne Attlerud, Martin Klaman, Kristoffer Tømmerbakke, Erik Smaaland, Kamferdrops)

Semi-final 2 (Göteborg)

  • Ida Redig "Allting som vi sa" (Written by: Yvonne Dahlbom, Jesper Welander, Ida Redig)
  • Jonas Gardell "Det finns en väg" (Written by: Calle Kindbom, Jonas Gardell, Mats Tärnfors)
  • Margaret "In My Cabana" (Written by: Anderz Wrethov, Linnea Deb, Arash Labaf, Robert Uhlman)
  • Liamoo "Last Breath" (Written by: Liam Cacatian Thomassen, Morten Thorhauge, Peter Bjørnskov, Lene Dissing)
  • Samir & Viktor "Shuffla" (Written by: Andreas "Stone" Johansson, Denniz Jamm, Costa Leon, Samir Badran, Viktor Frisk)
  • Mimi Werner "Songburning" (Written by: Gören Werner, Mimi Werner, Niki Niki, Carl Varga, Johan Åsgärde, Oliver Lundström)
  • Stiko Per Larsson "Titta vi flyger" (Written by: Stiko Per Larsson, Emil Rotsjö)

Semi-final 3 (Malmö)

  • Martin Almgren "A Bitter Lullaby" (Written by: Josefin Glenmark, Märta Grauers)
  • Dotter "Cry" (Written by: Linnea Deb, Peter Boström, Thomas G:son, Johanna "Dotter" Jansson)
  • Moncho "Cuba Libre" (Written by: Jimmy Jansson, David Strääf, Markus Videsäter, Axel Schylström, Moncho)
  • Mendez "Everyday" (Written by: Leopoldo Mendez, Jimmy Jansson, Palle Hammarlund)
  • Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän "Min dröm" (Written by: Thomas G:son, Alexzandra Wickman)
  • Jessica Andersson "Party Voice" (Written by: Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Niklas Carson Mattsson, Jessica Andersson)
  • Barbi Escobar "Stark" (Written by: Barbi Escobar, Costa Leon, Andreas ”Stone” Johansson)

Semi-final 4 (Örnsköldsvik)

  • Felicia Olsson "Break That Chain" (Written by: Bobby Ljunggren, Kristian Lagerström, Henrik Wikström, Joy Deb)
  • Felix Sandman "Every Single Day" (Written by: Noah Conrad, Tony Ferrari, Parker James, Jake Torry, Felix Sandman)
  • Mariette "For You" (Written by: Jörgen Elofsson)
  • Rolandz "Fuldans" (Written by: Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Robert Gustafsson, Regina Hedman)
  • Emmi Christensson "Icarus" (Written by: Thomas G:son, Christian Schneider, Andreas Hedlund, Sara Biglert)
  • Elias Abbas "Mitt paradis" (Written by: Anderz Wrethov, Hamed “K-One” Pirouzpanah, Sami Rekik)
  • Olivia "Never Learn" (Written by: Anton Ewald, Jonas Wallin, Trond Smeplass)


Marvel's Runaways S01E04 "Fifteen" Recap

In a flashback, Nico discovers her sister Amy unresponsive. Her mother sends her to her room and when Nico tries to call for an ambulance, her mother knocks her out with the Staff of One. When Nico wakes she finds she has been locked in her room. She uses the home's surveillance system to check on what is going on in the other part of the house and observes her mother paying off a mysterious man.

In the present, Nico gets a call from the rest of the group on a video chat. They tell her about Destiny's body being found and ponder what to do next about determining what their parents are up to.

The Yorkes head out to search for their missing dinosaur though they don't say this is what they're up to when explaining to their daughters why they're leaving. They get a message from Pride about an emergency meeting but ignore the summons, believing the dinosaur to be more important.

Victor attempts to bring a homeless girl he abducted for the sake of the sacrifice but when he meets with Geoffrey and Robert there is nothing and no one in the back of his truck.

Alex arrives at school and Nico tells him that she's read Amy's diary which she snuck out of her mother's desk. There was nothing in there to indicate she would've committed suicide, which was the widely circulated story about how she died. Now Nico wants to go to the police, believing Pride should be exposed for killing Destiny and Amy.

Gert approaches Chase at school to thank him for not exposing her or her parents for the dinosaur. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the lacrosse team. The boy that attempted to rape Karolina refuse to apologise for their actions, demanding Chase apologise so they can carry on as a team but Chase attacks them again instead. A girl named Eiffel berates Karolina, blaming her as a 'slut' that caused the rift on the school's lacrosse team and ruined their chances at having a successful season. Karolina doesn't know whether to believe that something happened to her at the party and asks Gert why Chase wouldn't say anything. Gert speculates that he is trying to protect her.

Leslie Dean tends to the sick patient and strips her clothes off to curl up next to him and a light appears to glow from her crotch. When she emerges from the room, re-dressed, Frank asks her if she is having an affair. She convinces him that she's not and uses the religious rhetoric to convince him that he will soon be able to go Ultra. He is thankful and apologises for accusing her of infidelity.

Chase attends a lacrosse team meeting and gets a text from Karolina asking to talk. Gert is approached by some students that want to join her 'Undermining The Patriarchy' club that she had tried to start in the first episode. Karolina approaches Gert asking to talk and Gert apologetically dismisses the other students and leaves with Karolina. Alex observes Nico leaving school to go to the police station.

Karolina wants Gert's help trying to prove the innocence of their parents, believing she's the only that still has faith in them.

Victor and Robert attempt to kidnap a homeless man but struggle to get him under control before some police officers arrive and arrest them.

Karolina finds her mother has left her laptop behind. They find a file on Ultra and Gert copies it onto an external hard drive and they decide to give it to Alex so he can decrypt the security on it. They are interrupted by the arrival of Chase who wants to speak with Karolina without Gert present. Gert leaves hurt by Chase's dismissal of her feelings. Chase shares how he has quit the lacrosse team despite loving the sport, as he doesn't want to be a part of a group that behaves in such a morally reprehensible way. She brings him inside the house and shows him her glowing powers that are activated when she removes her bracelet. He is a bit frightened but also in awe of the vibrant, colourful display.

Alex meets Nico at the station and waits with her so she can give her statement but they are forced to flee when they see Victor and Robert brought in. Outside, Nico tells Alex she recognised one of the detectives as the man her parents called when Amy died. Now he is in charge of Destiny's case. They realise that their parents have law enforcement on their payroll of whatever they're up to. Alex shows her a gun he stole from his father's desk, saying they need to be prepared to protect themselves.

Tina meets with a PI that she uses whenever she needs to dig up information on people. She pays him for his services, intrigued by the findings he has presented her with.

Stacey Yorkes tells Dale they should hurry up and get away, even if it means leaving behind the dinosaur. She is tired and scared from dealing with everything they have become entangled with.

Molly is attacked at home by the dinosaur but kicks it off with her strength. Molly prepares to have to fight it but when Gert arrives home, she tells the dinosaur to get away from Molly and discovers that the dinosaur will obey the commands she gives. The Yorkes arrives home right as Gert is petting it. They put the dinosaur back in its room and explain that they made it to protect the girls and themselves. They promise to explain everything eventually before being called away by a call from Tina. When they meet with her, she reveals that she knows about their plan to run away to Yucatan. Tina leaves and the Yorkes are distraught at realising how deeply they are trapped. Gert tries to ask what has happened and Dale snaps at her in a moment of distress.

Alex breaks the decryption on the Ultra file and goes through the information with Nico. They discover that Leslie has been taking in runaways with no one to notice if they disappear for many years to sacrifice in these rituals.

Chase works on a robotic hand in his father's lab and his work is interrupted by the arrival of Victor. Victor drops the hand and sits Chase down, who appears afraid of an abusive outburst. Instead, Victor asks Chase to tell him everything about the idea he has for this device and not to worry about the execution of this current design for it, encouraging him to make it better.

Alex and Nico are going through the file at a coffee shop and Alex has to head outside when he is told his car alarm is going off. Nico calls Karolina to share the information they have found on Leslie and how she has been taking runaways in to sacrifice for at least fifteen years. Karolina is unable to say anything on the call. Nico runs outside to check on Alex and observes him being kidnapped by an unknown party in a black car.

Marvel's Runaways is available for streaming on Hulu.


Heartless S01E06 "Episode 6" Recap

Ottman's Forest, 1678. Gertrude searches for her daughter Marie and finds her feeding on an innocent man camping in the woods until he is consumed by fire.

Sebastian leads Sofie to the place in the woods that he was lead to and together they find the young girl buried there that he saw earlier. Sofie looks around and realises they are standing in a graveyard of countless others. Sofie is horrified that a young girl would be killed and Sebastian says he saw the janitors taking her away. Sebastian finds a ring on one of the bodies and takes it as a clue. Sofie ponders if the girl is like them and Sebastian agrees with the theory.

Sofie goes to meet Emilie who uses her powers against her and angrily berates her for not telling her she and her brother are cursed Ottmans. Emilie tells her they need to leave and walks out. Sofie tells Sebastian the words Emilie said to her that quote the curse they suffer from. Sebastian is alarmed by the accuracy with which it describes how their life has been. Sofie is heartbroken to have lost out on love and Sebastian comforts her, saying this is why he has fought so hard for them to be able to find answers and have the freedom to live a normal life. He wants Sofie and himself to be able to love freely without the one they love dying. Sebastian has traced the origins of the ring he found in the forest as a doctor's ring from the University of Copenhagen. He wants to follow this lead and encourages Sofie to make Emilie realise the magnitude of the danger they are in of being killed.

Sebastian visits Josefin, who is still angry with him and also shaken up by Pede's death. She feels guilty for using Pede to make him angry and thinks it's her fault that Pede died from drinking and driving. She asks to meet with him later before walking off.

Headmaster Just confronts Emilie once more, asking if she knows who is cursed at the school. She asks what will happen when he finds them. He reiterates his "them or us" philosophy and that cursed ones must be killed for being remorseless bloodthirsty killers. She leaves are conflicted than ever. She later speaks with her younger sister Clara who expresses a wish to be able to deliver the cursed ones by breaking their curse. She says it reminds her of something that happened before their mother died. Their mother was on the phone with someone and talking about their grandmother's heart necklace. She wanted to get the necklace for someone who needed it. Emilie asks if their mother found it but Clara says he doesn't think so.

Sofie convinces Emilie to come with her in the forest, hoping to convince her of their need to stay and find a way to break their curse. She wants Emilie to help and though Emilie is wiling to let them stay she doesn't want to resume a romantic relationship. When they arrive at the clearing where the bodies were, they have all been dug up and moved.

Headmaster Just has not gotten any useful information out of Pieter regarding what Emilie is up to so he tasks Frederick with also trying to find information and promises whomever gives him something useful will be rewarded.

Sofie tells Sebastian that Emilie said they need to be afraid of her father. Sebastian is skeptical that he could be in charge of these killings but Sofie is certain that the danger is real. Sebastian shows her how he has been searching for missing people that may have owned the ring. He closes in on a new town doctor Thomas Gundersen who disappeared five years ago. Sebastian heads into town to learn more about Thomas and finds out from a woman that used to work with him that he was involved with a young female patient and kissed her 'in a frightening manner', confirming the theory that Thomas was cursed. The woman retrieves some old papers and belongings that belonged to the late doctor. He finds multiple notes that all have the heart pendant drawn on them and a photo of a young woman that Sebastian takes for himself to bring back to the school.

Emilie tells Sofie that she misses her and asks her to kiss her. Sofie says she is afraid to do so but Emilie says she can handle it. Sofie relents and they kiss before Sofie begins to feed and pulls away. Sofie implores Emilie to help her become normal, not wanting them to end up killing each other.

One of the janitors corners Josefine to ask about her being one of the last to see Pede alive. He asks if she saw anyone else and she says she didn't. The janitor pushes her for answers about if she was seeing anyone else but she denies it.

Pieter and Frederick spot Emilie with Sofie. Frederick claims they'll tell Just but Pieter declares that he will tell Just himself. When Frederick claims he'll still tell Just, Pieter chokes him with his tie and warns him not to push him to the edge ever again. After releasing Frederick, Pieter heads to Just's office and tells him Emilie is dating Sofie. Just asks if they kissed and Pieter confirms this. Seeing as how he doesn't claim anything strange about it, he simply dismisses Pieter.

Josefine tells Sebastian about the janitor's questioning and his theory that Pede was murdered. She asks him if he had anything to do with it and he denies it. The two laugh it off. She implores him to kiss her and he is only willing to kiss her on her face but not on the lips. He says he can't tell her why he can't kiss her right now but promises to tell her why someday.

Just confides in Ida about his concerns over Emilie. She warns him that if he forbids her to see Sofie she will only rebel further.

Sebastian tells Sofie about how the doctor was an Ottman and shows the photo he found. Sofie identifies her as Emilie's mother.

Emilie speaks with her father about her grandmother. He says that one day she or one of her sisters will inherit her grandmother's necklace and claims it is hidden away at the school. He tells Emilie he wants to spend more time with her and says that she has permission to date, even if it's a girl. Emilie asks him what he knows and he admits to knowing about her current relationship. He claims these types of relationships don't last long and it's not clear if he's referring to one between young people or the fact that she's involved with a girl. Emilie goes to school to tells Sofie that her father knows about their relationship but not about Sofie being cursed. Sofie asks about the heart necklace and Emilie says she believes it to be hidden in her father's office.

Sofie relays her concerns to Sebastian that Emilie seemed frightened by her father knowing about their relationship. Sofie stresses that she doesn't want to end up like the other dead bodies in the forest. She also shares about her theory that the necklace is hidden in Just's office. They decide to go after the heart.

At the Just home, Ida has a nightmare and wakes up screaming, warning her father that someone is getting close to the heart. When Just arrives at his office, he finds it has been ransacked but the heart has not been taken. In the dark, someone knocks out Ida, alarming Just.

Heartless is available for streaming on Netflix.


Heartless S01E05 "Episode 5" Recap

Sofie tells Sebastian that she fed on Emilie but she is still alive. Sofie is taken aback by how well Emilie can handle being fed on compared to the people she has previously fed on. Sofie shares some of what she's consumed with Sebastian but gets angry at him when he is too aggressive with her.

Headmaster Just appoints Pieter as the new head prefect, much to Fredrik's disappointment. He also asks Pieter to keep an eye on Emilie as part of his extra duties.

Nadja vents to Sofie about her difficulties with Sebastian. She knows he prefers the kitchen girl Josefine over her, is frightened by the sensations she experiences when he kisses (and feeds on) her, and insults him repeatedly. Sofie warns Sebastian that he needs to get her under control or else they'll risk exposure.

Sofie goes to meet with Emilie to try to get more information in her investigation into hers and Sebastian's origins but also to fool around, having developed an attraction to her. She asks Emilie to get a photo of her mother, secretly hoping to trace the heart pendant, and though Emilie finds the request odd she agrees. The two begin to kiss and Sofie begins to feed on Emilie before angrily pushing her away and ordering her to never grab her face like that again. In the process, Emilie sees Sofie's black eyes for a moment but is not frightened off, as Sofie is visibly vulnerable at the physical and emotional exposure.

Emilie retrieves a family album from her father's office. Despite being caught by her older sister Ida, she is still able to sneak out with it. Pieter approaches Emilie on her way out to try to strike up small talk but though Emilie is polite, she isn't particularly interested in anything more.

Sebastian tries to enquire about the whereabouts of the girl he saw a staff member dragging but they deny any knowledge of such a girl. The staff had previously buried the girl in the woods. Sebastian than tries to approach Nadja but she only angrily screams at him and refuses to hear any of his excuses for his action. She further yells out at the nearby students that no girls should go near Sebastian for his perverse tastes. Sofie later tells Sebastian he should just kill Nadja and be done with it, something Sebastian doesn't want to do. He visits Josefine, desperate to be close to her, but she rejects him when he once again refuses to kiss her or give an explanation as to why he won't.

Sebastian once again approaches Nadja and pleads with her to come with him somewhere, wanting to show her something and apologise for what he has done. With her feelings still conflicted, she agrees to go with him.

Emilie shows Sofie the photo album and Sofie once again identifies the heart pendant, this time with it being shown on Emilie's grandmother. Emilie admits she doesn't know where the necklace is. The two begin to fool around once more.

Sebastian drives Nadja into the woods and admits that he is a "freak" as she had referred to him as, and that he suffers from a family affliction. He attempts to feed from her but she gets out of the car. He follows her and she ponders her options. She restates her attraction to him and allows him to feed from her. He then brings her back to the school and continues to brood about his deep attraction to Josefine.

Emilie talks to her younger sister Clara, who has deduced that Emilie is seeing a girl. Emilie simply states that she likes both girls and boys and Clara accepts her regardless. Emilie asks if Clara knows where their grandmother's heart necklace is but Clara doesn't know. Emilie then sneaks out to hang out with Sofie and the other students heading to a local student pub.

Sebastian has an awkward encounter with Josefine's on-again/off-again boyfriend Pede who is working the for at the club but allows him in regardless.

Another student, James, is given a folder by an unknown man who speaks about a woman named Miriam.

In the pub, Emilie reveals her telekinetic powers to Sofie.

Sebastian follows Josefine and watches as she has sex with Pede out behind the pub. She makes eye contact with him and he leaves angry.

One of the staff members shows Headmaster Just some surveillance footage from a nearby gas station that shows the supernatural being they recently killed that they believed to be responsible for Detlev's death was there at the gas station when he died. Headmaster Just is alarmed and returns home where he orders Ida to close all the windows, lock the doors, and let no one in. When he discovers that Emilie is gone, he demands Clara reveal her location.

Headmaster Just picks Emilie up from the party and brings her home where he sits his three daughters down and tells them the story of Ane being burned at the stake when she was nine months pregnant. Somehow, her baby survived and that is whom they are descendants from. When Ane was still burning she set a cruse on Christian, Gertrude, and their unborn child. The baby was born cursed, as were all that descended from their bloodline. They feed on others, with their eyes turned black. This alerts Emilie, who has seen Sofie's blackened eyes. Ottman's boarding school acts as a beacon to all of this kind and those in the Just bloodline are tasked with killing these cursed creatures. Headmaster Just describes them as gruesome, merciless killers. He informs them that there is a cursed one at their school and they must find them, pressing Emilie to reveal any suspicions she may have on them and telling her she is either with 'them or us'.

Pede leaves the pub drunk and relieves himself in the woods. When he gets into his car, Sebastian pops up in the back seat and feeds on him until he bursts into flames. Sofie arrives on the scene and angrily hits Sebastian for doing something to risk their exposure.

Heartless is available for streaming on Netflix.


Heartless S01E04 "Episode 4" Recap

Back in 1666, Ane is convicted as guilty by the court holding her hostage and accusing her of being a witch. Despite promises to spare her baby, she is to be burned at the stake. Christian later visits her in her cell, holding her close and trying to comfort her but they are separated by guards. Later, Ane is dragged outside and tied to a stake on top of a pile of branches that are promptly set aflame. Christian, Gertrud, and all the townsfolk gather round and watch as she begins to burn while screaming out in pain. During the burning, Gertrud doubles over in pain from her own pregnant abdomen.

The staff at Ottman's boarding school are tasked with cleaning up the area where Ditlev's body fell. Headmaster Just covers up the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death when official law enforcement make their enquiries, and the official story is that Ditlev committed suicide. Pieter tells him about their harassment of Sofie and is insistent that Ditlev wasn't suicidal.

Headmaster Just summons Sofie to his office to ask about the conflict with Ditlev as well as the incident at the moor. She downplays the tension she had with him, claiming that Ditlev realised he was going too far and backed off afterward. Sofie later tells Sebastian about the questioning and that she felt like Headmaster Just seemed like he was testing her and trying to bait her into sucking him.

Sebastian makes plans to 'study' with Nadja later on but becomes alarmed when he sees Josefine has a black eye. He goes outside and confronts her on-again/off-again abusive (ex-)boyfriend Pede. Things escalate until he breaks a bottle on Pede's head. Nadja spots Sebastian from upstairs holding Josefine intimately in his arms. Though Sebastian tells Josefine he wants to look after her, she berates him for his inability to even kiss her. Sebastian drives off angry.

Sofie and Emilie study together and Emilie begins to flirt with her. Sofie asks about the heart pendant and Emilie doesn't recall seeing it. Sofie opens up about her and Sebastian being orphans and in turn, Emilie shares about how she discovered her own mother with a man she was having an affair with not long before she committed suicide.

Sebastian pulls over in the woods to avoid hitting a mysterious young girl and begins to follow her deeper through the trees.

Emilie overheard her father having a conversation with another man about catching something. She mentions it to her older sister Ida and the two get into an argument over Emilie's desire to be free while Ida is determined to stay put out of loyalty to her father. She claims that their family has a job to do so they can't just leave. Emilie asks what the job is and Ida says to ask their father. Later, Emilie uses her powers in the library and her father calls her into his office and the two fight about her doing so. The confrontation escalates to the point of him slapping her.

Nadja tells Sofie that a female janitor had asked her about Sofie's whereabouts on the day and time Ditlev died. Sofie meets up with Sebastian, intent on telling him about the enquiries regarding her alibi for Ditlev's murder but he is shaken from discovering a cave covered in dead animals that the little girl lead him to. Sofie then tells Sebastian she lost one of her shoes when Ditlev grabbed her and she is concerned it may still be in the attic. She will need to pick the lock and retrieve the shoe to keep her cover. Sebastian heads to meet with Nadja for their date but she's not there. He eventually finds her in the library. She wants to end things with him because she saw how tender he was with Josefine and he's not that way with her. She no longer wants to be an object for his perverse desires and storms out of the library. Sebastian tries to go after her but becomes distracted when he looks out a window and sees some of the school staff roughly dragging a young girl with them while trying to avoid being seen.

Sofie sneaks into the attic to search for her shoe but Headmaster Just notices that the tape blocking the entrance to the attic has been disturbed. She finds the shoe and hides when she hears him coming up the steps. She is able to stay hidden and Headmaster Just is called away by the same woman janitor that Sebastian saw earlier, who claims that they "found one". Headmaster Just heads out with her to look at the young girl they caught and chained up. It's the same girl that Sebastian encountered in the woods. She appears to be ravenous with hunger and animal-like in her behaviour. Headmaster Just baits her into feeding on him to confirm that she is the supernatural being he suspects her to be. The male staff member holds her steady while the woman hands Just a hammer which he uses to kill her with a blow to the head.

Sebastian visits Sofie, hungry as ever. He tells her he believes he saw the girl again but Sofie heads out to meet with Emilie. They sit together and Sofie attempts to study but Emilie attempts to kiss her instead. Sofie resists at first but eventually gives in to both kissing and feeding on Emilie.

Heartless is available for streaming on Netflix.


Heartless S01E03 "Episode 3" Recap

In 1666, Ane is pursued through Ottman's Forest and caught by the religious zealots that believe her to be a witch. Gertrud and Sebastian's relationship is still strained from his infidelity and Gertrud makes a comment in passing insinuating that Ane won't be alive for much longer. Ane is tortured by her captors who repeatedly dunk her in a tub of water for extended periods of time. They demand that she confess to being a witch but she refuses. When she pleads for her baby to be spared, one captor claims that the baby will be spared if she confesses.

In the present, Sofie tells Sebastian about her encounter with the ghost (of Gertrud), who had told her to find the gold heart. Sebastian agrees that their next task will be to do just that. They head to fencing class where Sofie challenges Ditlev. She lands a point against him but Headmaster Just is called away by his eldest daughter Ida and puts Pieter in charge of calling the match. He begins to cheat and wrongfully awards Ditlev points. Emilie is impressed by how Sofie has improved by training. Sofie grows increasingly arranged in fighting against Ditlev and angrily storms out into the hallway. Emilie follows her out to check on her but the bonding moment is interrupted by Headmaster Just coming over to ask about Sofie's outburst but Emilie defends her, saying that Pieter cheated.

The prefects begin to scheme against Emilie, being angry about her headstrong ways and refusal to submit to their hierarchy.

Nadja and Sebastian chat and he asks about where there might be paintings of old counts and countesses related to the school's history. She says there may be some in the attic but only the prefects have keys to get up there. Sebastian heads back to his room and finds the keys in Pieter's drawer and quickly hides them in his jacket before Pieter walks in. Pieter is angry about Sebastian violating his rule about staying on his own side of the room so Sebastian apologises and covers his tracks. He later heads to the attic with Sofie and they find a painting of Gertrud Ottman whom Sofie identifies as the ghost she encountered.

Sebastian and Sofie ask a teacher about Gertrud, claiming to be writing a paper on her. The teacher explain that Gertrud was the last of the original Ottmans and married Christian. She was a mean woman who would frequently accuse women of being witches and have them executed for it. She was also very religious and eventually lost her mind and drowned herself in the moor. She apparently didn't have any heirs and so the land and property was passed on to the king, who gave it to an officer, Thorkild Just, whom we can assume is the ancestor of the Just family.

Emilie shows her younger sister Clara her strengthening ability by moving a glass of orange juice across the table. Ida spies on this from inside the house and leaves to rat Emilie out to their father. Still outside, Clara shows Emilie her own supernatural ability by making a raven drop out of the sky onto the table. Headmaster Just tells Emilie that the girls in their family have special abilities that manifest upon reaching a certain age. He claims that he'll tell her more about it when she's ready to hear it, angering Emilie who further lashes out at Ida when she claims Emilie should trust their father. He tells Emilie she is too much like her mother in how she causes strife, and Emilie retaliates by saying that she now understands why her mother was unfaithful to him.

Sebastian and Sofie are out when Sebastian spots Josefine. Wanting to go off and spend time with her, he tasks Sofie with sneaking the keys back into Pieter's bedroom drawer. Sebastian and Josefine go walking together before picking a spot to lay down on. Josefine flirts and is affectionate with Sebastian but he avoids any kissing on the mouth. She asks if he's seeing anyone and he assures her he's only interested in her. Josefine climbs on top of him and tries to undo his trousers and Sebastian struggles to stop her and walks off without an explanation, having been overwhelmed by the temptation of his hunger.

The prefects spot Sofie as she's walking back up to the school. They hide while she heads up to Sebastian and Pieter's room and returns the key's to Pieter's drawer. They enter the rooms as she's putting them back and capture her, bringing her to an empty room. Ditlev begins interrogating her about what she wanted the keys for and orders the other two prefects to drunk Sofie in a tank of water prepared specially to interrogate her, as Ditlev had picked up on her fear of water during the moor christening. Headmaster Just walks in on them torturing Sofie and reprimands them. He brings Ditlev back to his office and removes him from the position of head prefect, threatening to expel him if he does anything like that again. Just tells Ditlev to apologise to Sofie.

Nadja sneaks into Seastian's room and sits provocatively on his bed, waiting for him to return. When Sebastian gets back, she claims to have information on the paintings he had earlier been asking about, having put them on his table. She then makes a move on him which he begins to discourage. She removes her underwear from under her skirt and climbs on top of him. He begins to give in to her advances and gets on top of her, though he avoids letting her kiss him. He tells her to close her eyes and begins to perform oral sex on her. Before she can finish, he moves up and kisses her to feed and stops after a bit, leaving her panting and drained.

Sebastian visits Sofie, intent on sharing the information he has received but is alarmed to find that Sofie is visibly shaken and has been crying. He asks what's wrong and she demands to leave the school. He insists that they need to stay to find the answers they're after. She demands to receive some of what he's fed and he provides her with some. She asks if it was the kitchen maid and he says no before showing her the information on the counts and countesses of the school. After the Justs inherited the property, one of the images of an older Just is shown to have a heart necklace.

Ditlev tells the other prefects not to bother Sofie and they agree to follow his orders.

Nadja returns to her room and tells Sofie she had just been messing around with someone and that it was an incredible, albeit different experience from anyone else she'd ever been with. Sofie asks who it was and Nadja doesn't want to tell her. Sofie leaves to take a shower but is intercepted by Ditlev who kidnaps her... again.

When Sofie wakes up, having been chloroformed, she is in a chair and Ditlev has tied her hands behind her back. He tells her no one can hear her up where they're at. He tears her short open, exposing her bra and underwear. He hits her, causing her to fall over in the chair, when she doesn't answer him. He tells her it's her own fault and she nods in agreement. He repeatedly pets and strokes her face and she kisses his palm, apologising. He unties her hands in response and she begins to feign affection for him. They kiss and Sofie begins to feed on him to the fullest extent so her bursts into flames.

Nadja wakes and searches for Sofie, who isn't back in their room yet. Nadja encounters a student who spots Ditlev's burning body that's fallen down into the courtyard. They're joined by more students, including Sofie, who is only in a towel after showering. Sebastian also arrives and upon seeing the tell-tale sign of a person dead from being fed on, looks at Sofie and they stare at each other knowingly.

Heartless is available for streaming on Netflix.


Heartless S01E02 "Episode 2" Recap

Flashback to Ottman's Manor, 1666. At Ottman's Moor, a man named Christian meets with his pregnant lover in secret. He promises to take care of their child, despite having already been caught with her by his wife Gertrud. She is also pregnant with his child and scolds him for bringing shame to their name.

In the present day at the Ottman boarding school, Sofie's teacher has no information to offer her on who the woman in the mosaic with the heart design is. She wishes Sofie well with the moor christening, an initiation rite for new students.

At the Ottman Headmaster's house, sisters Clara and Emilie speak about their father and his strict restrictions on their desires to be free and socialise. Emilie is the older of those two and particularly headstrong. Emilie has cramps so her older sister Ida gives her a homemade remedy to drink and soothe her aches.

Sebastian and Sofie sneaks into the headmaster's office to try to find answers in their investigation. They know the woman in the mosaic is named Gertrud but they can't find anything else about her because of how long ago she was alive. Sebastian begins ruffling through files and papers but Sofie spots an old school portrait in which their mother is seen. She bears a striking resemblance to Sofie. They remove the photo from the frame and quickly hide it on top of a large piece of furniture when they hear the headmaster coming. They claim that they only came by to say they are enjoying their time at the school and feel it is a good fit for them. Headmaster Just is aware that they grew up in an orphanage from their file. He warns them to wait outside his office next time they come by and sends them off to fencing class.

At fencing class, Ditlev once again tries to flirt with Sofie though she remains school to him since he's been nothing but a violent brute. He warns her that he's watching her and once again brings up the moor christening. Sofie's roommate Nadja flirts with Sebastian. Sofie goes to fence with Emilie and loses her temper when headmaster Just repeatedly awards Emilie points when Sofie gets too unconventional with her fighting style. After they finish fighting, they shower and it is hinted at that Sofie has a fear of water. Emilie starts speaking to Sofie and tell her that her unconventional fighting is a good thing and that she could be a formidable fencer if she trains. When Emilie mentions the moor christening, Sofie asks her to explain what it is. Emilie shares that it's a secret party at which the new students are christened and there's something to do with a ghost of a troubled woman. Sofie becomes alarmed at the realization that they'll be put in water. She demands to Sebastian that they leave but he says they need to find the answers they came from. Sofie orders him to "get some" (meaning he needs to feed) and give her some since he owes her for syphoning off of her when she was the last one to feed between them.

Sebastian questions an older woman on the school's staff about the picture of his mother and the woman identifies her as Laura. The woman claims that she was a nice girl that worked in the kitchen until she randomly disappeared without taking her paycheck. She disappeared on the night of the moor christening nearly twenty years ago. He explains that Laura was looking for a woman named Gertrud and asks if she knows anything about this. The woman says that the christening used to be called Gertrud's Eve. It was supposedly named after the ghost that's been said to appear on that night. The woman asks why he's asking about Laura and he merely claims that she's a distant relative. He says that her room was emptied and her belongings were thrown away. Her room had been up in the attic.

Sebastian heads upstairs and encounters the kitchen girl Josefine that he is attracted to being harassed by her ex-boyfriend Pede. He approaches her after Pede leaves angry to check on her and introduce himself. He enquires if Pede is her boyfriend and she explains that he is refusing to accept that their relationship is over. The two share a moment in which Sebastian appears to consider kissing her but doesn't want to feed on her so he simply lingers before politely excusing himself. Sofie is angry at him when she finds out her didn't feed on Josefine since she is becoming increasingly ravenous. Sebastian assures her that he will find some other way of producing 'food'. He shares what information he has learned about Gertrud being a ghost that is said to appear on the eve of the christening.

Returning to the flashback, Christian's father warns him that the devil can appear as women and claims Christian has been enchanted by a witch. Christian insists that his mistress Ane isn't a witch but his father is insistent that she must admit her sins and be burned for being a witch. Christian meets Ane in the woods and ends the relationship, insisting that she needs to leave and gives her a bag of coins that she repeatedly drops whenever Christian tries to hand it to her. He walks away, leaving her distraught.

In the present, Headmaster Just tells Ditlev to watch closely at during the christening to make sure Emilie doesn't attend, as he has forbidden her from attending. He also says that the christening must not get out of hand. Ditlev passes on Just's orders that things mustn't get out of hand but they all laugh sadistically, intent on doing whatever they please.

Emilie puts on a new dress with the help of Clara. Ida orders her to take it off and the two argue. Emilie only agrees to let Ida take the dress off when she threatens to get their father. Emilie becomes increasingly enraged, while Ida attempts to undo the buttons, until she seemingly manifests telekinetic powers that cause her to break a glass of water. Ida orders her to clean it up and leaves. Clara admits that she's seen the power Emilie has. Emilie tries to use the ability again but the broken pieces only shake slightly.

Ida warns her father that Emilie has "started" and that she herself was over 20 while Emilie is only 17. Headmaster Just warns Ida to make sure that Emilie doesn't go to the christening and Ida agrees.

Sofie helps Nadja get ready for the christening. Nadja enquires if Sebastian is seeing anyone and Sofie says that he isn't boyfriend material, as it always goes wrong. Sofie says that he sucks the life out of those he gets involved with. Nadja asks if he simply hasn't met the right girl yet and Sofie says that isn't the case. Nadja leaves to go to the christening while Sofie stays behind.

That night, Ida becomes suspicious and checks on her younger sisters. Though Clara is asleep in her bed, Emilie is nowhere to be found since she has snuck out to attend the christening. Sebastian arrives and tells a fellow student that Sofie isn't coming since she doesn't like water. The student tells Sebastian that Nadja is looking for him and warns him not to hurt her if he's not interested. When Sebastian encounters Nadja she has already consumed a fair amount of alcohol. She continues to flirt with him, raving about his hair and saying she could fall in love with him because of it.

Frederick and Pieter visit Sofie and forcibly bring her to the christening. The prefects explain that witches used to be thrown into the moor and if they floated they were innocent, guilty if they sank. They declare that they'll be testing to see if they have any witches. One by one, the new students are pushed into the moor and the crowd cheers.

Sebastian tells Nadja they should get back to where the other students are but she repeatedly insists that they should stay where they are until he leaves her, seemingly not wanting to feed on her. She then continues to drink alcohol from the bottle she is carrying.

The final student to be thrown in is Sofie, who cries out for Sebastian before being pushed in. Emilie watches the scene, seemingly concerned from having earlier observed Sofie's anxiety about water. She is the only student to go into the water and search for her, while the others simply stand back staring. Emilie swims deep to where Sofie has sunken down to and kisses her to give her some air before helping push her back up to the surface. She helps get Sofie out and Sebastian comes rushing over to check on Sofie, apologising for this latest trauma. Sebastian nearly attacks Ditlev but another student separates them. He again checks on Sofie before storming off and the students disperse under the orders of the prefects. Sebastian finds Nadja highly drunk and almost passed out entirely slumped against a tree. He feeds from her but doesn't take too much so she stays alive, albeit passed out. After feeding, he picks her up and takes her back to her room.

Emilie kisses Sofie goodbye before returning home where she is met by a furious Ida who asks what happened at the lake. Emilie says she is wet from having helped Sofie out of the water. Emilie tells Ida she isn't her mother and Ida claims she is better than their mother ever was. Emilie berates Ida for doing all of the domestic, motherly duties of the household and asks if she fucks their father too. Ida storms off, furious.

Sebastian meets Sofie back at the manor and gives her some of what he has fed off of Nadja and says he'll see her tomorrow. A ghostly figure seemingly passes by downstairs and Sofie follows after the voice. She finds water on the floor and sees the ghost of Gertrud telling her to find the heart.

Heartless is available for streaming on Netflix.


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