Ghost Wars S01E05 "Whatever Happened to Maggie Rennie" Recap

Sophia, the town mortician, is further traumatized following the death of her son Marcus when her shower faucet begins to pour red water resembling blood. She asks handyman Doug for help and he informs her that it's just rust and he can fix it by installing some filters.

Doug is going through his own crisis as he contemplates considering suicide. He has a gun but chides himself for being too cowardly to go through with it. Rodney pays Doug a visit after Marcus' funeral at which strange things kept happening including the sound of Marcus laughing and the coffin falling over.

Roman pays a visit to Doug at the request of Maggie, his ghostly friend who is also Doug's dead daughter. Maggie wants to communicate with Doug by using Roman as the messenger but when Doug becomes angry and threatens to shoot Roman the conversation ends swiftly. The pair later meet up again, after Doug calms down. He believes Roman is communicating with Maggie based on all the specific information he has, including the location of a watch Maggie hid when she was concerned Doug would pawn it while drunk. Doug becomes distraught again over the loss of his daughter and tries to shoot himself but Maggie is able to manifest enough to stop him and tell him that he loves her.

Doug visits Roman the next day to ask him to come to a memorial he will be holding for Maggie since he never had the strength to give her a funeral. She becomes enraged when she spots Rodney and uses supernatural force to shove him into her room where she shoves him onto her bed, tears his shirt open, and he urinates while begging Maggie to stop. He repeatedly yells at her that she wanted it and it's revealed through flashbacks that Rodney had an interest in Maggie so he drugged her drink before taking her upstairs and attempted to rape her but she had a bad reaction to the drugs first and died choking on her own vomit.

Maggie carves the word "guilty" into Rodney's chest and the party-goers enter the room as the truth is revealed about Rodney's role in Maggie's death. Later, Roman and Maggie have a final goodbye in which she warns Roman that he won't be able to help all the new ghosts in his usual manner and he will need to find a different way to stop them.

The townspeople turn against Rodney and are determined to lock him up for his crimes. Roman checks on Doug, who is waiting outside the bar where the higher-ups are deciding Rodney's fate. Roman informs Doug that Maggie has found peace now from the truth being revealed and begins to walk off. Rodney emerges from the bar with the authorities further behind. He approaches Doug and asks for forgiveness but Doug shoots him instead. Doug is promptly arrested while Roman observes Rodney begin to manifest as one of the new-ghosts. As Doug is shown to be sitting in his holding cell, he smiles without remorse for avenging his daughter.

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