Ghost Wars S01E06 "We Need to Talk About Abigail" Recap

Billy McGrath informs his sister of his inability to leave the town on his boat, no matter what strategies he uses to beat the supernatural barrier. She appoints him sheriff of the town when Rodney's loved ones threaten his sister to demand that she hold a trial for Doug's murdering of Rodney. The two must work together to find her and her wife's missing daughter Abigail after she runs off to play with the ghost of a dead childhood friend.

Roman is called in to accompany the search party into the forest but he quickly warns them they must leave the forest. The lack of electricity strengthens the many ghosts present to the point that they are visible to everyone and not only Roman. Their other daughter Isabel has a supernatural encounter that leads to her biting her own finger and using her blood to draw a location in the woods.

The group leaves the following morning with Isabel leading the way to the spot she drew. There they find a strange, glowing red cocoon of unknown origins. They dig into it and are able to pull Abigail out but when they bring her home she remains silent. Her mothers are concerned but they decide to give her time. Abigail begins to hyperventilate when she looks at her own reflection in the mirror but stops after a few moments without her mothers noticing.

The cocoon is brought back to the lab for a more thorough examination. Roman informs the scientists that the ghosts were trying to protect it and Billy shares how when he touched it with his bare skin it brought about strong euphoric feelings. Roman still resents Billy for his attempt to leave him behind in the town.

Isabel gets hostile towards Abigail and the fight is broken up by Marilyn. She becomes alarmed when Isabel claims to be both Abigail and Isabel, even opening her mouth to reveal the sound of two voices at once. Marilyn is made a believer of ghosts, despite her initial skepticism, when she visits one of her patients who has died and makes a ghostly threat to kill her entire family. The mothers call Roman and Billy over to identify whether or not there are supernatural forces at work. Roman can't sense anything supernatural about Isabel but Abigail is shown to have some form of possession.

Abigail is sedated and later that night, Isabel sneaks out of her house. Roman follows her to an old home at which she punches her fist through a window.

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