Ghost Wars S01E07 "Whistle Past the Graveyard" Recap

The ghosts escalate their aggression towards the townspeople who are consequently forced to take up shelter in the church. Even Doug is brought by the local deputy since it appears to be the only somewhat safe place for everyone to gather and determine the best course of action with all the attacks.

The children display an eerie connection to the supernatural, particularly Abigail who incites further ghostly agitation by whistling a tune used in the show's theme introduction. More ghosts invade the church as they're strengthened by the power outage.

Landis confronts Billy about Roman's mother after having seen her ghost at the LAMBDA centre and he admits that he was part of a group of townsfolk that ran her out of town many years ago but claims that she is still very much alive. Roman has been living for years under the impression that his mother abandoned him to start a new life with a romantic interest she met online.

The turbines to the backup generator are clogged with animal carcasses so Billy and Roman get to work on unclogging them. Landis begins asking Roman questions about his mother and Billy dismisses the conversation and sends Roman off to check on Rev. Dan and chides Landis for potentially leaking the truth to Roman about his mother when they are in the middle of a crisis.

Many of the townsfolk begin to be haunted by former loved ones, with Sophia in particular being targeted by the ghost of her dead son Marcus.

Roman has a heart-to-heart with Rev. Dan, assuring him that he did his best when trying to save Marcus. He is later visited by Maggie, surprised to find that she hasn't passed on as he previously believed. She says that she's not alone anymore, but is connected instead. She tells him not to turn the power back on because it interferes with their ability to communicate. She elaborates by pressing her hand to his head and showing him a flashback of the townspeople running Roman's mother out of town, including Rev. Dan who professes that Roman will be better off without her. Maggie then tells Roman that his mother is dead but doesn't know the details of how and why she died.

Roman leaves Maggie and confronts Rev. Dan about his role in running his mother out of town and for lying all these years. Billy claims that Roman's mother was alive and well when she left town but Landis says that she saw Roman's mother's ghost and Dan admits that she is dead. Roman blames all of them for lying and simply using him to be their ghost hunter with no care for his own feelings.

The ghosts further terrorise the townsfolk after Abigail cuts the power to the main room in which they're being held. Sophia is lured down into a basement by the ghost of Marcus who baits her into being absorbed by a similar formation to what was previously seen in the forest. Marcus then torments Rev. Dan for being responsible for his death. Landis and Billy continue to work to try to get the backup generator running and finally manage to get it unclogged, allowing it to start running again. When the power doesn't come on right away, they begin to be surrounded by ghosts that torment them. The two profess their love to one another and brace themselves for death but the electricity finally comes back on and the ghosts are banished from the vicinity.

Billy begins to panic when he discovers that there is a power imbalance to how the generators are distributed and the circuit could blow if he doesn't fix it. He runs towards some smaller generators intent on turning them off to alleviate the pressure but an explosion sends him flying back unconscious and Landis immediately begins to perform chest compressions.

Ghost Wars airs on Thursdays on Syfy at 10/9c.


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