Gotham S04E07 "A Day in the Narrows" Recap

The GCPD are sent 44 boxes of pig's heads. It's enough for every officer there except for one. The instructions given to the delivery men was that everyone was to receive a box except for Jim Gordon.

Bruce displays surprisingly aggressive, hostile behaviour while at an event with Alfred. He confesses to Alfred in private that he doesn't feel guilty for killing Ra's and now feels conflicted about his identity. Alfred wants him not to become consumed by anger.

Penguin is determined to collaborate with the GCPD in order to taken down Professor Pyg because he has been killing cops on Penguin's payroll. Jim is outraged by the notion of working with Penguin but Harvey has the final say in the matter and agrees to work with him. When two more officers go missing, GCPD and Penguin's men led by his enforcer Headhunter go together to the Narrows to follow a lead. Harvey orders the men to be aggressive in questioning the residents of the building, tactics Jim strongly objects to. Jim tries to legitimately question a woman about what she saw regarding the kidnapping of the officers but Headhunter forces her sickly husband out of the building and threatens to shoot him and more residents if she doesn't talk. It works and she shares what she saw, which sends the officers and Penguin's men the direction they were headed in. This leads to the discovery of the missing officers. One is dead and the other, Fisoli, is badly wounded. As Fisoli is taken away in an ambulance, he tells Jim he is on of the good ones.

At Bruce's fundraiser, he meets Grace Blomdahl, a former classmate of his. The two strike up a flirtation. They go off and meet some more teens. Bruce is reintroduced to Tommy Elliot, whom Bruce assaulted a while back for insulting his dead parents, and Brant. Brant is rude and arrogant towards Bruce, even insulting Alfred, so Bruce contemplates violently assaulting him but refrains from doing so. Tommy is apologetic, admitting his past wrongs and saying that Brant is a tool. The group decides to go party at a club that Brant claims to have a hookup at.

Selina attacks a biker's club but when she gets trapped she calls Tabitha for help. Tabitha attempts to convince Barbara to come but Barbara isn't interested in helping, saying it's a teachable moment for Selina and that she shouldn't have been caught.

The GCPD tracks down the third missing cop to an abandoned courthouse. Jim doesn't want Penguin's men to be the ones to storm the building but Harvey says it's a win-win since they'll be the ones to be injured if anything goes wrong with infiltrating the building. Pyg calls Jim and warns him to let the others go in and to not go in himself or else he'll die. Pyg also tells Jim he's "one of the good ones", making Jim realise that Pyg is Fisoli, the apparently injured cop.

At the nightclub, Bruce embarrasses Brant, who is no longer able to get in. Brant is rude to Bruce once again and Bruce reveals that he has purchased the nightclub and allows the group to come in with the exception of Brant, who has to leave in humiliation.

Jim tries to warn Harvey to call off the raid of the building and that Fisoli is Pyg. Jim is insistent that raiding will only be a trap but Harvey sides with Penguin and order Jim to stand down. Jim is forced to stay outside as armed men keep watch of him. Harvey and other officers raid the building and shoot whom they believe to be Pyg but it's actually Patel chained up in a disguise, while the apparent hostage was just a decoy dummy. They set off some rigged machine guns that begin firing and injure and kill many officers. Penguin tries to order more of his men to get inside but they refuse to go into the crossfire. Jim snatches one of their large weapons and heads inside where he shoots one of the automatic weapons and rescues those still alive inside, including Harvey.

Barbara change her mind and decides to help Tabitha rescue Selina. The trio are able to get away with a significant amount of money from the biker's club and agree to work together to commit more heists.

Jim is revered by the media while Penguin tries to put all the blame of the botched mission on Harvey. More of the officers now hold Jim in high regard once again. Harvey is distraught over how poorly the mission went and that he is now seen as the cop who shot another cop. Fisoli calls Jim once again and taunts Jim about the saga of what's to come and stresses how Jim is his muse.

Penguin is furious about how poorly his plans have gone and when an injured Headhunter accompanies him back to the club, Penguin kills him.

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