Gotham S04E09 "Let Them Eat Pie" Recap

Professor Pyg dons a new disguise and passes out doughnuts to homeless people. He then selects six of them to come back to a dining hall where he kills them by feeding them poisoned food. He then lays out a sizable supply of tools in order to remove various parts of their bodies.

When Jim gets to the GCPD office, he says goodbye to Harvey as he is leaving the Captain's office and preparing to take a leave of absence.

Sofia makes preparations for an upcoming fundraiser. Oswald visits and expresses his anger over Jim being promoted to the position of GCPD Captain and intends to find whomever authorized this against his wishes. Oswald is suspicious that Sofia was involved but won't make any moves against her until he can obtain proof of this. Sofia calls Jim to express her belief that Oswald is suspicious of her and may be coming after her and Jim. After Jim ends the call he gets another one but this time from Pyg, who declares that he has set up phase two. When Jim determines that Pyg is outside the station, he emerges to find a tent that's been set up containing two corpses being eaten by pigs.

Alfred scolds Bruce for his repeated dalliances with going out to party and how this facade of billionaire brat is taking too much of a toll on him. After killing Ra's he is now treading a dangerous line of using these antics as a unhealthy coping mechanism. Bruce is reminded of the annual tradition he had with his father to go on the top of a hill and each would leave behind a rock with their initials carved in them. Alfred tells Bruce to clean himself up and prepare for a walk.

Lucius tells Jim that the corpses from the tent were filled with materials used for making paper so he and Detective Harper head out to investigate an old paper plant a few blocks away that's been closed for some time. When they arrive there, they find other corpses and determine that Pyg has been cooking homeless remains. Pyg emerges and stabs Harper before taking her hostage before escaping.

Oswald meets with the orphan Martin and asks her to spy on Sofia on his behalf to prove that he is loyal to Oswald and not acting as her spy instead. Martin nods and shakes Oswald's hand to agree to do so.

On on the hill, Alfred tells Bruce the story of how he first met Thomas Wayne and that their friendship saved Alfred's life. He tries to assure Bruce that he can help him through this traumatic ordeal and Bruce says he simply doesn't want to talk about it. Bruce concepts a story about the rocks being missing and uses it as a way to take the keys and leave in Alfred's car.

Pyg arrives at Sofia's fundraising event masquerading as a chef and shows her the supply of meat pies that will be served to the guest. Sofia is none the wiser that the pies are full of homeless people. The the fundraiser begins, Oswald plays nice with Sofia and instructs Martin to go spy on Sofia. Jim sneaks into the fundraiser and is knocked out by Pyg before being dragged into a back room and locked inside. When Jim regains consciousness he finds that Harper is also in the room.

Oswald and Sofia are about to hash things out about their tiptoeing around one another but are distracted by Pyg and his hired henchmen shooting off weapons and commanding everyone to take a seat. Meanwhile, Harper informs Jim that no one ever searched her so she still has a knife concealed in her ankle holster which Jim uses in order to work on breaking out of the room.

Pyg puts on a big show and declares that all of Gotham's Elite that are present must consume the homeless people in the meat pies as a symbol of how everyone of them has earned their status by feeding on the poor of Gotham. When Sofia tries to demand answers on the whereabouts of the other orphans Pyg impales her hand with a sharp tool. Pyg threatens to kill Martin if the guests do not eat the pies. When one of the guests claims that it doesn't matter if an orphan dies if the alternative is being forced to eat the pies, Penguin yanks the tool out of Sofia's hand and kills the man with it. Pyg blames Penguin for engorging himself on the city with his Pax Penguina, and orders him and the others to eat the pies. Penguin begins to eat a pie and threatens the others into eating, saying he'll kill them all himself if they don't.

Jim finally manages to escape from the room and gets to the table just as Oswald is preparing to help Sofia eat form her pie, under Pyg's orders. A fight breaks out and Oswald tries to interfere with Jim fighting Pyg due to the threat it poses to Martin. Oswald is able to get away with Martin as the other guests flee and Jim tells Sofia to run and proceeds to fight Pyg on the table until he's finally able to get the upper hand and stab Pyg in the arm.

Oswald decides to abandon his Pax Penguina program and confronts Sofia about her paying off the mayor into getting Jim the Captain position. He tells Sofia that Jim cannot be Captain and she tells him to pick someone else to fill the position, claiming Jim means nothing to her. Pyg is sent to Arkham Asylum and Jim is once again hailed as a hero by the media.

Alfred returns to Wayne Manor and finds that Jim is throwing a party for all his young friends. Alfred orders everyone to leave but Bruce tells them all to stay. They decide to leave and meet up with Bruce later when Alfred threatens a young man that tries to get 'smart' with Alfred. Bruce insists that despite avenging his parents' death, nothing has changed and Alfred can't help him. He orders Alfred to just be his butler and not a surrogate father.

Jim resists Sofia and the two converse about their tumultuous entanglements, after which Sofia kisses him. Martin visits Oswald and shares how he saw them kissing and Oswald tearfully declares that Sofia will pay for her betrayal.

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