Mr. Robot S03E05 "eps3.4_runtime-error.r00" Recap

Elliot has no memory of the past four days but heads into work on the day of the UN vote. He comes to learn that he has been fired from his job when he's unable to get into his company account (Angela had made the call to orchestrate Elliot's firing to keep him from interfering with their plans). He also discovers that Stage 2 is set to happen that day and his fail-safe was the only thing that prevented the Dark Army from blowing up a building.

Elliot attempts to shut down Stage 2 but has to run around the building to get away from security. He is eventually caught without being able to use the building's system to shut down Stage 2 so he tries to call in a bomb threat while by a large crowd on anti E-Corp protesters are loudly chanting outside. Darlene arrives at the protest and admits to Elliot that she has been working with the FBI and Angela is in cahoots with Mr. Robot. This allows Elliot to finally regain memories from the past four days.

The protesters escalate the situation to the point that they rush past the police barricade and run into the building. They spray-paint some walls and begin destroying computers. Workers are fearful for their safety, including Angela. She gets a call from Irving, who reveals that the riot is just a cover so that Elliot can copy important data from an HSM in a secure room which is necessary for Stage 2 to happen. Angela must fulfill this task and get Elliot what he needs. Angela is making her way through the building and hears that the UN has agreed to the annexation. A security guard is suspicious of her motives so she calls out to the protesters who then attack the guard and give her opportunity to get away. They continue to chase her but she manages to get herself into the room where she must retrieve the data for Elliot.

A woman enters the room Angela is working in and becomes suspicious of her but a protester breaks in and the woman maces him before running back out. Angela is disoriented by exposure to the chemicals but still gets into the back room and begins entering the coding instructed to her and getting the necessary data. She dons a hoodie and a mask and heads out into the chaos. Angela calls Irving and explains how she did the assignment instead of Elliot because she couldn't find him in the commotion and passes along the name of the woman that made her while she was working. She is then instructed to pass the retrieved data on to another Dark Army agent. The agent gives her a bag of food in exchange, leaving her shaken. She is then approached by Elliot in the midst of the sirens blasting, asking her if there is anything she wants to tell him.

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