Mr. Robot S03E07 "eps3.6_fredrick+tanya.chk" Recap

Elliot seeks refuge by visiting Krista, his therapist. She has the opportunity to speak with Mr. Robot and their conversation leads her to uncover that Elliot may be involved in the ongoing attacks. Mr. Robot shares that only one location was supposed to be taken out and his ideas have been twisted into something beyond what he designed.

Darlene is alarmed when Angela asks if the people that died in the attack will be okay and come back. She steps out of the apartment to pick up some of her things and recollect herself.

Tyrell stay quiet while in custody of law enforcement. He identifies the leaders of fsociety that are planning another attack within 24 hours and the suspects are revealed to the public. Agent Santiago pays him a visit and turns off the cameras. He then informs Tyrell of Joanna's death and that Tyrell's son is currently in foster care. He threatens Tyrell that his son will become another statistic if he dares to go off the plan.

Irving makes Mr. Robot realise that the revolution he had planned was only able to happen because the elite allowed it. Now Price is ruined and Zhang insists on punishing him for disobeying orders and failing to control Angela and the lawsuit. Zhang will select a replacement and move the Washington Township plant to the Congo.

Leon kills Mobley's friend and forces Mobley and Trenton to help him bury the body in the desert. When they return from the desert, they are met by some Dark Army agents and Zhang's assistant. They show Mobley and Trenton code for a planned attack on air traffic and order them to shoot themselves in the heads. Dom observes the raid that leads to the official discovery of the bodies and the planted evidence that connects fsociety to Iran. Dom is shocked and begins to believe that the Whitehorse, the true mastermind of it all, will get away with everything.

Mr. Robot airs on Wednesdays on USA at 10/9c.


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