SVT Announces David Lindgren To Host Melodifestivalen 2018 Host

After great media speculations and rumors swirling, SVT officially announced what many had long since suspected. David Lindgren will be returning to host Melodifestivalen 2018. This time, he will be doing so without any co-hosts, though we wouldn't rule out the possibility of other guest-performers and artists to appear here and there throughout the six weeks of competition.

Lindgren brought an entirely new level of charisma and well-rounded showmanship to his hosting duties in 2017. Having competed in Melodifestivalen three times (2012, 2013, 2016), he has consistently qualified direct to the finals by delivering lively, energetic performances to catch pop entries. Lindgren is also an experienced musical theatre performer which would account for his significantly higher stamina than many of those he has competed against as well as his broader skills in knowing how to work an audience.

Now that he has a year's worth of experience in hosting Melodifestivalen, alongside Clara Henry and Hasse Andersson, we have no doubt that he'll be even more capable in taking on the responsibility alone. The only questions worth asking now are who will be in charge of writing the scripts and sketches, and will they be able to optimise all of what David Lindgren has to offer.


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