The Gifted S01E05 "boXed in" Recap

Four years ago Turner is having a picnic in Central Park with his wife and daughter when a nearby mutant rights march begins to escalate in tension and violence. One mutant's powers cause a blast that kills Turner's daughter Grace.

In the present, Turner is issuing orders to try to recapture Reed, Lorna, and the mutants that helped to facilitate the escape.

John tells the mutants about how Pulse was present and helping to disrupt the powers. John senses a Sentinel drone coming their way. Marcos and Lorna agree to team up to try to take the drone down while the others continue to get back to the Underground. Diaz and Lorna team up to use their powers to destroy the drone. John and the Struckers arrive at the Underground where Reed is finally reunited with his children. John learns that after this latest confrontation, Sentinel Services invaded every location even slightly suspected of housing or sympathizing with mutants. When Fade sees Reed, he exposes Reed's recent betrayal to all the other mutants, though John intervenes and keeps him from inflicting any further violence against him. The tension is put aside somewhat when Caitlin insists on tending to an injured Trader.

One mutant asks Sonya to consider working on Reed's memories if they decide he can't be trusted with the location of Underground and she seemingly agrees to consider doing so. Clarice asks her about this, forcing Sonya to reveal that she has the ability to manipulate memories.

Reed offers his services to John and the others in charge at Underground to devise a strategy to fight back against the current manhunt Sentinel is working to find and capture them.

Marcos and Lorna reaffirm their love for each other and agree that despite their concerns with the state of the world for mutants that they are excited to have a baby together and begin this chapter of their lives. They encounter a blockade but Lorna easily stops the bullets, knocks the agents out, and then capture Jace Turner. They bring him to a warehouse and Lorna says this is their chance to figure out what Sentinel did to Pulse and reminds Marcos that Sentinel had intended to change her loyalties too. Though Marcos has his moral qualms with torture, he realises this information is important to the larger fight.

Reed offers himself up as bait in order to steer Sentinel Services away from the true location of Underground. Caitlin objects to him putting himself in danger when they only just got him back but he insists that it's necessary for their safety.

Marcos and Luna call Clarice and Sonya to help extract the information from Jace's memories but they are running out of time since some law enforcement have just pulled up outside.

John has Fade drive Reed to an agreed-upon location for him to be spotted by people and surveillance cameras. Fade is also assigned to pick up Reed and bring him back. The plan works, as law enforcement begin to redirect their agents to go to that location and away from where Underground truly is. Meanwhile, Caitlin successfully saves Trader's life with assistance from her children.

Sonya works on extracting information from Jace's memories while Clarice watches closely with Marcos and Lorna. Lorna had shot some metal rods out of the building which forced the officers to stay back. But once they shot some tear gas into the building, the memory-extractions are interrupted. Sonya doesn't want to leave Jace in the middle of her memory-fog but the mutants are forced to flee as the officers raid the building.

Once everyone is reunited at Underground, Sonya shares the information she has acquired. Together, they determine that there is a secret Sentinel facility at the federal building in Baton Rouge. As Reed and the rest of the Struckers have proved their loyalty and worth to the Underground, the mutants now trust them and have no objections to their decision to stay behind and fight alongside them for the mutant cause instead of fleeing to a safer place as they had originally planned.

Clarice confronts Sonya about whether she messed with her head and Sonya admits to doing so. Clarice is angry about this violation, despite Sonya's insistence that it was necessary. Clarice warns her to stay away and never mess with her head again.

Jace Turner returns home where is revealed to now have memories of Grace surviving the attack, which horrifies his wife who has to tell him that she has been dead for years.

The Gifted airs on Mondays on FOX at 9/8c.


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