The Gifted S01E06 "got your siX" Recap

The episode opens with a flashback. Four years ago, John was trying to raise money for the march victims but is struggling against the anti-Mutant sentiments of people. Things escalate when his group is attacked by a group of bigots who throw a pipe bomb at them that John throws towards a car to prevent any casualties.

In the present, John and Clarice have a falling out due to his keeping the mind work done on her secret and she leaves Underground. She won't be able to help while the rest of Underground is preparing to lead an assault on the secret facility. Andy volunteers to help break in, as his abilities are well suited to what they need to break in since Clarice left. Andy will go with Reed and Marcos.

Lorna begins training the young mutant refugees to use their abilities for combat and ends up in an argument with Caitlin, who wants to instead start a school to keep the kids educated. Lauren is upset by this, as she wants to be able to know how to defend herself, and is also falling for another mutant named Wes who has the ability to create visual illusions. Wes reciprocates her feelings.

Reed, Marcos, and Andy reach the facility and Andy successfully blasts a hole in a wall to allow them in. Reed is insistent that Andy fall back and stay hidden while he and Marcos go inside on the mission. Andy is unhappy about this but stays back.

John is revealed to have been appointed by the X-Men themselves to lead the underground, a task John feels insecure about his ability to do. Meanwhile, Sonya initiates another relationship with him. But John needs to put this matter aside when Marcos and Reed call requiring help getting away. They get the information they're after from the the facility but are being chased by Sentinel Services. Lorna takes Lauren and Wes, who his able to use his ability to hide John, Reed, and Andy as they get away. Andy and Reed make up after arguing about their circumstances.

Carmen calls Marcos to up to call in the favour that he owes her for previously providing him with information.

Jace is forced to go on leave due to his remanifested grief over losing his daughter. In order to revoke this leave, he finally decides to accept Campbell's offer. He provides the information about Andy and Lauren and orders illicit measures to be enacted to track down the Underground.

The Gifted airs on Mondays on FOX at 9/8c.


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