The Gifted S01E07 "eXtreme measures" Recap

In a flashback, John and Lorna meet with Marcos and try to convince him to join the Underground. He is reluctant to do so but displays an immediate attraction to Lorna. They say they know he helped some mutants cross the border to safety and joining the Underground would simply mean doing so full-time.

In the present, Marcos gets a call from Carmen who is cashing in the favour he owes her. He doesn't tell any of the other Underground members that he is going to see her. Lauren continues to grow close to her fellow mutant, Wes. Caitlin works to teach the young mutants about biology using some plants. Reed finds some information that Wes has been involved in criminal activity before he arrived at the Underground. Caitlin warns him to not go on the attack and maintain his sensibility or he'll risk pushing her away.

John tracks down Clarice and asks her to come back to help the Underground. She is determined to find the meaning behind the road that she kept opening a portal to when she was injured. John convinces her to let him help since he has stronger tracking skills than she does.

Jace has begrudgingly partnered with Roderick Campbell but gets more than he bargained for when Roderick shows that he's willing to induce a stroke, through the ability of a mutant whom he controls, in another agent that was threatening to get in the way of their work.

Reed presents Lauren with the information on Wes' past and she is upset when she confronts him about his actions. He explains that he lost his parents and was homeless on the streets. He only got involved with criminal activity to be able to survive. Wes tries to reason with her but Lauren walks away, still upset.

Clarice and John reach her old foster home and find that everyone that was living there is now dead, having been murdered by Sentinel Services. Clarice blames herself for the death of her foster parents that were only trying to protect some of their foster children from Sentinel Services but John assures her that she's not the one that pulled the trigger. She agrees to go back with him to the Underground, as she feels the fight is now personal.

Lorna brings Sonya with her to follow after Marcos, having determined that he's with Carmen. They don't find him, as he's gone out on a mission with Carmen on which he needs to use his ability to take down the security so Carmen can make a power-play to take down a rival criminal organisation. She confronts him about his lies when he returns to Underground and he admits that he only did so out of owing a favour that led to his breaking her out of prison.

Wes mends fences with Lauren but announces he'll be leaving Underground to join another group. Before he leaves, Lauren passionately kisses him goodbye.

Jace launches a special surveillance program as part of his collaboration with Dr. Campbell.

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