Vikings S05E01: The Departed Recap

Ragnar is gone, but the Vikings remain. Welcome to Season 5! If Alex Høgh Andersen can be believed, its going to be a great one. If you haven't checked out our interview with Alex, you can find it here. Let's get started.

Bjorn and his brothers put Sigurd to rest. His death will impact this entire season. The brothers still look a little shell shocked that their own brother Ivar was the one who killed him. The entire village looks at Ivar with distaste, and he manages a single tear for Sigurd.

Ivar meets with his brothers and leaders of the army. He claims that he didn't mean to kill Sigurd, but he taunted him until he had no choice but to kill him. He spoke lies, claiming that Ivar wasn't a real man. Ivar never meant to kill his brother, but he didn't have a choice and he is sorry. He crawls from his brothers. Bjorn warns the others that they cannot leave Ivar in charge of the large army. He plans to pursue his own destiny with Halfdan. They ask if he plans to go to Kattegat, but he has no time. Lagetha will be advised of the situation, Bjorn will return to Kattegat only when he has finished his journey if the gods permit it.

In England, Bishop Heahmund along with his men find the remains of King Ecbert's kingdom. Heahumund orders that they search out Ecbert's body.

Bjorn prepares to set sail. Harald asks Halfdan is sure he wishes to leave. They've always shared a vision. Halfdan corrects him. He doesn't wish to be the King's brother, he wishes to travel the world. His brother will miss him, but no matter where he goes, Halfdan promises to cover his back. Harald watches as his brother leaves with Bjorn.

Heahmund walks through the wrecked city. It is utterly destroyed. The king's bod is finally located in a vat of water. Heahmund plans to clean and restore the city, and bring back the people.

Ivar seeks out Floki. Floki is building a one man boat, and let the Gods lead him. Ivar doesn't want him to go, his brothers are too soft to help against the Christians. Ivar tells him that his brother's don't believe he didn't mean to kill Sigurd, and without Floki he will be lonely. Floki feels for him, but with Helga gone, there is nothing left for him. Ivar knows his heart is broken, but Floki knows it will repare. He holds Ivar as he cries, assuring him that he does not need him.

Bjorn takes joy in their leaving, as the remaining army watches.

Heahmund performs a funeral for Ecbert, praying for their king. The single remaining monk returns, and tells Heahmund what little he knows. He was the scribe of the church, and he witnessed the treaty between the Vikings and Ecbert. Heahmund wishes that Ecbert hadn't given away any of their lands even when his life was on the line, but the scribe tells Heahmund that he didn't, that he couldn't as they weren't his to give. Before Ecbert sent his family away, he renounced his crown, and gave it to his son prince Aethelwulf. Aethelwulf is king, and the grant of land is worthless.

King Aethelwulf paddles in a boat. They arrive at a small village. Judith is tending to Alfred with leeches. He looks awful, and she's not sure if he is dying. Aethelwulf believes that they are being punished for their vanity. He believes that there is no other way to understand what is happening to them. She doesn't believe that Alfred should have to die for their sins, for her sins. Aethelwulf prays that God is shows them mercy once more and ends the misery of all of those around them.

Floki continues his plans to leave. He doesn't want to be stopped, he just wants to leave. He has no plan for his destination, but he will keep the sons of Ragnar in his heart. The brothers each say their goodbyes. Ubbe and Hvitserk have nothing but good words, Ivar lovingly calls him a coward, and Floki tells him to stand up and say it to his face. Floki sets out, but Ivar has given him the means to guide himself, he doesn't want him to be lost. In a hail of chants, Floki rows out to his destiny.

Heahmund prays to Ecbert that he will help them defeat the Vikings, that all the Pagans will be destroyed. The people return as his prayer comes to a conclusion. Heahmund tells the people to be unafraid, Christ is here. The people are thankful.

Ubbe thinks that they should settle the lands that they got in the treaty. Ivar thinks that they shouldn't dissolve their army, that they should make a strong hold in the North, and make a fortress in York. They can have an Empire there. Its a tactical move. The lands are in the center of the country, and it makes them vulnerable, York gives them power and freedom. Hvitserk agrees with Ivar's thinking, much to Ubbe's dismay.

Floki finds Ivar's gift, and throws it into the sea. Floki intends to keep to his plan and leave himself at the mercy of the Gods.

Heahmund is asked to the church, there is a lady waiting for him. Aethelkith prays for everyone. Heahmund asks if she will take mass at his hands, and she is honored. The act is sensual at his hands. Heahmund walks through the thorns and asks to be cleanse of his sins.

The brothers look at York, seeing it ripe for the picking. Ivar wants to attack now, but Ubbe suggesting waiting. Their father told them that Saint days were the best time to attack, everyone would either be at Church or drunk. They set out to find the perfect day. The brother grab a pair of children. Ivar crawls to their captives, telling them that if they tell him the truth no harm will come to them, he wants to know the next Saint day. In three days it will be Ascension Day.

Ubbe slips into the walls of York, and let the others in. The Vikings take the city with little effort. Just as Ragnar had told them, most were in the church, and its a slaughter. Ubbe looks on in horror as all the defenseless people are killed. He holds a nun as she dies of her own afflicted wounds. Ivar taunts the Bishop, stealing one's crucifix. The church is filled with the dead, as a lone child cries. Ivar kills the Bishop, but making him ingested a melted down cross. He calls for his horse, and sends the animal out dragging the body.

Ivar celebrates their victory. Ubbe slips further away from Ivar's cruelty.

Guthrum trains with Torvi, and he's come along way. His father was a powerful man, and he would make him proud, Torvi tells him. The horns sound, ships are near, she rushes to warn Lagetha who their visitor is. Harald has arrived in Kattegat. He and his men head straight to Lagetha, but they aren't exactly welcomed. She allows his approach. He tells her that the Great Army succeeded. The Kings are dead, and they have been given granted lands. Lagetha asks after her son. He isn't dead, only busy. Sigurd is dead by Ivar's hand, but Bjorn has headed to the Mediterranean. Lagetha wonders why Harald has come. He claims he only came because Bjorn was busy. Lagetha calls out his failed assassination attempt. Harald never believed he was a wise man, but he hands over his sword to Lagetha, happy to die if thats her wish. He tells her to strike, taunts her to.

Floki sits in the middle of the ocean, searching for direction.

Heahmund takes out his anger on an animal carcass, when he's told of the Vikings recently sacking in York and desecrating of the Bishop.

Lagetha asks a bound Harald why she should keep him after this confession. She has a reason, but he claims there is none. He did all he did for a woman, he wanted to be worthy of her, he tried to take her kingdom because of that. Lagetha asks what has changed. The woman lied. She didn't wait for him, and married another, so he killed her. He doesn't desire her kingdom any longer, and offers her an alliance. She points out he is in no position. Harald points out that he is still a king, and her son may be away for a long time. She may not be able to trust the other sons of Ragnar. Lagetha has her way with the bound Harald, riding away her frustrations, with him helpless to do anything.

Men block Ubbe and Hvitserk from seeing their brother. They tell Ubbe that they will ask if Ivar will see them, but Ubbe warns them that they will loose their tongues if they stand in their way. Ubbe wants to know why Ivar has a bodyguard. He claims he needs one, because he's crippled. Its more than that, Ubbe isn't happy with the way Ivar is running things. He doesn't consult his brothers about his plans, acting as the long leader of the Army. Ivar wants to be their equal, but he has to do better. They accept him as he is, but Ivar doesn't believe them. Ubbe tells Ivar that there is a large Saxon force on their way, but Ivar wasn't aware, too wrapped up in himself. His tattoo continues as his brothers leave.

The women await to see why Harald acted against them. Lagetha tells them that he was in love and now he's not. He wants to offer them an alliance and marriage. Astrid doesn't think that Lagetha should consider the offer. Torvi thinks that she should consider it. Astrid oversteps when she tells Lagetha that she cannot set him free, and Lagetha makes it clear she will make her own decisions. Astrid walks out, and is quickly grabbed by a trio of men, and kidnapped. Harald is already free, and he has Astrid on his ship. They boat leaves with no fanfare. The horn sounds, and Lagetha is informed that Harald is gone. Lagetha sees that Astrid is gone too. On the ship, Astrid asks why kidnap her. Harald still intends to become King of all of Norway. He needs a Queen, someone to breed with. Astrid laughs at his offer. Lagetha has been good to her. Harald offers her power, and excitement.

Heahmund and his men have arrived at York. The Vikings have been busy fortifying the city. The town is well defended and they may not be strong enough yet to attack. Heahmund wishes that Aethelwulf was in the field with them. His presence could inspire. But Aethelwulf is busy in his hovel with Judith. She asks what they should do about Alfred, and he wonders why its always about Alfred. Judith admits that the boy is dying. Aethelwulf notices that Alfred is gone. He wades in the water towards a hooded figure. He reaches for it, and falls into the water as Judith and Aethelwulf watch. Judith screams for him to be saved as Aethelwulf runs to him, and pulls him from the water. Alfred tells them that they must go to York, that his father told him.

Floki remains miserable in the sea. He thinks he has been abandoned. He releases the Raven, and tells the bird to not come back.

Aethelwulf and his people head to York.

Torvi asks Lagetha why Harald kidnapped Astrid. Lagetha knows that Harald didn't abandon his dream. He still wishes to be king, and he will come to their shores eventually with men. Torvi doesn't think that Astrid will side with Harald, but Lagetha isn't so sure.

Harald asks Astrid what she's decided. She still hasn't said no, but she isn't ready yet. Harald still thinks she will side with him.

Aethelwulf's men have arrived, and Heahmund's forces are happy to see them. Aethelwulf and Heahmund finally come face to face. He introduces the Bishop to his wife, and they are brought into camp. He notes Judith's bravery, but she claims she had nothing better to do at home, and deserves vengeance as well. Around the table. Heahmund makes small talk before getting down to business. The Vikings have been fortifying York. But there is good news, they haven't fortified the Roman walls. Heahmund thinks that they should give the army time to mesh and grow, and ensure that the wall sections truly remain unguarded.

In the middle of a storm, Floki sings, and when the storm has ended. Floki finds himself on land. He has reached a beach covered in dark rocky sand. He finds a puddle of clean water and greedily slurps it down. The raven caws nearby. He finds a cave and builds a fire to warm himself. In the morning he goes to explore this new land and to search for food. He climbs high up a cliff, and falls asleep. When he awakens he looks over the land, and thanks Njord for the sights.

Torvi watches Guthrum train. Margrethe asks her what she thinks of Lagetha's mistake, she thinks that Lagetha put them in danger, and that her control may be a solid as they thought.

Floki continues to walk the land, falls on the rock covered stones. Later he finds a waterfall and he heads straight for it. The water looks as if it is rising, rather than falling. He believes himself to be in Asgard.

Ubbe and Hvitserk find Ivar testing out some equipment. He has some fancy leg braces, which allow him to walk for the first time ever. On his feet, Ivar is filled with more confidence then ever. He's no longer held back by his handicap, and there will really be no stopping him now.

Tonight's code word is Valhalla. You can find details for our Vikings Drinking Horn here.


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