The Punisher S01E02 "Two Dead Men" Recap

Frank Castle rides on a ferry and remember when he took a similar trip with his kids. He heads to a local diner and orders some breakfast before the waitress gets a call on the diner phone that's for him. The caller is from a man who calls himself Micro that wants his help. He knows Castle by name and that he's pretending to be dead. He had previously left a disk at Frank's house and says they can meet eventually. Frank leaves quickly hoping to track down whomever this Micro person is. He is quick to determine where he believes Micro was calling him from but open getting to that particular rooftop Micro is already gone, having only left behind a phone on which he can reach him.

Frank later watches the disk that Micro had sent of a man being interrogated by military men. The man pleads that he isn't a terrorist but the interrogator threatens him that his family will be killed if he doesn't stop talking. The interrogator is the only one that can speak the man's language and he gives the order to the other men to execute the man.

Frank visits Curt to tell him that a man named Micro is coming after him and wants to know if he has let anything slip regarding Frank and the fact that he is still alive. Meanwhile, Madani is still investigating her former partner's death, as she has received the same interrogation tape that Frank had been watching.

Frank tracks down Karen Page to ask for her help regarding Micro. She is able to help him determine that Micro's true identity is David Lieberman. David used to work as an NSA analyst but was supposed to be arrested for criminal activities before apparently being killed during his attempted arrest. The story of his death was never circulated in the media because Madani's boss Carson Wolf made it his personal responsibility to shut it down.

Frank tracks down David's wife Sarah and interjects himself into her life by getting 'accidentally' hit by her car when she was driving up. When her garage door doesn't work he volunteers to work on it, leaving David horrified as he watches their interactions through surveillance cameras he has set up throughout the property. Sarah and Frank (who is still using his 'Pete' alias when meeting her) bond over the loss of their loved ones and because of the kindness with which Frank offers to help her with some repairs.

Later, Frank tracks down Wolf and breaks into his home. He badly beats him and ties him up to demand that Wolf confess to his involvement in Lieberman's apparent death. He wants to know who he was involved with, believing him to be connected to Schoonover's heroin ring which Wolf denies. Wolf manages to get free from being tied up and grabs Frank's gun to get the upper hand. He recognises Frank once he removes his mask and says this will be the death that sticks. Wolf first reveals that Frank's family was killed merely to hide the fact that Frank was the only target all along. Frank attacks Wolf once more as the gun is revealed to be empty and Frank snaps his neck.

Madani meets Billy Russo, who served alongside Frank when they were deployed overseas. Billy now runs a private military contractor firm called Anvil. Madani wants to determine whether Billy was involved in the heroin smuggling operation and invites him out for drinks to try to find answers. Billy flirts and answers her questions before she is called away to investigate Wolf's murder.

Frank finally turns the phone David gave him back on and is quickly tracked by him. Frank pulls some power moves to remind David that he won't be ordered around. He agrees to meet him but only under his own terms. He sends David from one location to another that eventually leads to Curt delivering him a message at his own false grave. Once David returns to his hideout, Frank confronts him there and knocks him out, prepared to interrogate him regarding his activities.

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The Punisher S01E01 "3 AM" Recap

Frank Castle is in rural Alabama chasing after some gangsters riding motorcycles. Still in his truck, he runs them over. It is all part of his quest to avenge the deaths of his wife and children. He continues his mission in Juarez, Mexico by taking out another gangster with his sniper rifle. After finishing taking out the last of them in Texas and at JFK airport.

Six months following the completion of his mission, Frank keeps a low profile as a construction worker using the name 'Pete Castiglione'. He works longer hours than what he is paid for just as a way to pass the time and vent his frustrations and unresolved traumas. Some bullying men at the construction site lash out at Frank because his extra work means they miss out on more hours.

A new worker named Donny Chavez is nice to Frank, even offering him a sandwich when the bullies at the site ruin Frank's lunch. He shares about his own rough upbringing but Frank isn't interested in opening up about his own past. The only person that Frank maintains contact with is Curtis Hoyle, a friend from the military who now runs a PTSD support group for veterans.

Agent Dinah Madani works for Homeland Security and is working at the New York field office. She lost her former partner Ahmed Zubair and is determined to track down the people responsible but her boss warns her to stick to her assigned jobs and nothing else. Zubair had been investigating American soldiers that were suspected of smuggling heroin before he was killed. Her investigation has led her to investigate Frank Castle, who is still believed to be dead. His connection to Schoonover makes her suspicious.

Donny wants badly to fit in and get along with his co-workers, who bring him along to rob a poker game full of gangsters including one from the Gnucci crime family. Donny fumbles the bag of cash and drops his wallet which exposes his driver's license to all the criminals present. The group runs away with the cash and head back to the construction site. The men begin to badly beat Donny, believing he needs to be killed to save themselves from being caught and killed by the men they've just robbed. They throw Donny down into a cement mixer that is being gradually filled. Frank is still at the site and orders them to turn off the machine. When they refuse, a fight breaks out and Frank easily beats them with his combat training and powerful swinging of a sledgehammer. One of the men tries to shoot Frank but he manages to hide behind a pillar until the men runs out of bullets. Frank steals a gun from another one of the men and goes after the final man, whom he shoots dead before returning to kill the last man.

Frank rescues Donny from the cement machine and orders him to get out of town for his own good, or else the criminals will find and kill him. Then, Frank goes after the loan shark and all of his associates, all the while being unaware that a mysterious person is watching him on surveillance cameras.

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Ghost Wars S01E12 "There's No More Room in Hell" Recap

A woman is singing in the shower but after a moment is revealed to be walking through the streets naked and consumed by fire. Winston comes hurrying over with a fire extinguisher to try to save her.

Abigail speaks to her mothers through Isabel's body to say that she wants her body to be destroyed so it can't be used to hurt anyone else, as the Abigail-body had been recently used to feed on Val's life force. Karla's body has been buried following her death at the hands of her offspring. The town decides to drink their worries away until Doug confronts them all and orders that everyone leave Karla's bar unless they are interested in maintaining the location as a safe haven.

At LAMBDA, Daphne performs dangerous experiments regarding the ghosts. She is still working to gather enough power to restart the particle accelerator.

Norm sits next to Karla's grave and drinks his sorrows away. Winston comes by and informs him of how Doug has claimed Karla's bar for himself and encourages Norm to take charge of the situation.

Val continues to allow Abigail to feed from her in controlled doses. She and Marilyn argue about the situation but when Val goes outside she is confronted at gun-point by Norm. He is leaving his role as a police officer but has brought some other armed men along to kidnap Abigail, Isabel, Marilyn, and Val whom he knocks out with the butt of his gun.

Winston returns to the bar with some armed men, one of whom knocks Doug out with the butt of his gun so the group can take the bar back for themselves.

Billy wants to bring Landis with him so they can leave town but Landis blames herself for the experiment going wrong and wants to stay and fix it. But when they are driving down a road to head out of town they encounter a barricade set up by some of Norm's men. Billy and Landis are accompanied by another LAMBDA vehicle with two armed guards in them. One of them is shot through the head by a local and his ghost distracts the rednecks long enough for his partner to be able to get into the back of Billy's truck. Billy drives them through the barricade to get away from the commotion.

Norm's men are looking for Roman and want to get into the LAMBDA institute. Roman is warned by Maggie that Norm is rounding people up and her other father has been locked up with others. Now they are coming after him and she wants him to get away to safety. Roman determines that he needs to get to LAMBDA but Maggie implores him to help her father first. Roman remains set on getting to LAMBDA, saying that Doug will be safe in jail. Roman forces Winston out of his truck at gun-point so he can drive to LAMBDA. Winston relays the information on Roman's whereabouts to Norm, who pulls Val out of her holding cell.

Landis explain the legend of the Whistling Man, which tells of how the artifact that LAMBDA is studying had fallen into their town with such impact that it caused a rift to the afterlife. Landis postulates that the object can only be reassembled in the afterlife and Daphne orders her man to go find Roman. Landis still blames Daphne for not being honest and forthcoming from the beginning.

Roman arrives at LAMBDA and tells Billy how his family has been taken captive by Norm's new army. A cop car driven by Norm pulls up and Billy tells Roman to head inside. Billy confronts him about taking his family captive and Norm orders another van to pull up. He opens the side door to reveal Val who warns him not to do anything before the door is shut again. Norm tells Billy that if he doesn't stop whatever LAMBDA is up to in five minutes he will kill Val.

Meanwhile Abigail is growing increasingly hungry in the holding cell, alarming Marilyn and Isabel. Abigail passes out and Marilyn wraps her tightly in a a blanket hoping it can serve as a barrier or restraint for the time being.

Billy reaches Roman who is with Landis and Daphne, standing near the strange object. He warns them of the threat outside and that Roman needs to act fast. Roman assembles the object and it causes everyone else in the room besides him to pass out. Landis' spirit rises and tells Roman to separate it again and the group is able to rise up. Billy determines that they've found a way to save his family.

There is a stand-off outside between the armed LAMBDA security against Norm and his men. Landis emerges and says that Daphne has agreed to meet Norm if he comes inside and in exchange, Dr. Clark will act as a second hostage. Norm doesn't want to go inside but Landis relays the message that Daphne doesn't care if the mayor dies and this is the only way he'll get to meet her. Landis leaves Norm alone in a room with Roman, who says Daphne will be along in a minute. Roman uses the object to knock Norm out.

Some time later, Norm emerges from the building and orders Val be released. He promises her he'll release her family and tells his men that they need to go. It's revealed that Norm is still being kept hostage inside LAMBDA but he is now in Billy's body while Billy's spirit is in Norm's body. Billy-as-Norm gets into the cell and tries to free his family and tells them to go back to LAMBDA but he gets knocked out by Winston, who in turn gets knocked out by Doug who had been let out of his cell. The family heads back to LAMBDA where Billy, Norm, Isabel, and Abigail are all left in a room with Roman and the object. When he puts it together, the spirit that has been using Abigail's body is shot gone with a special object and the girls move to prepare to go back into their own bodies. Billy goes back towards his body but Norm refuses to go back to his body, saying he's finished and just wants to be buried next to Karla. Roman pulls the object apart and Billy is cut loose from the restraints used to keep Norm captive.

True to his wishes, Norm is buried next to Karla. Maggie visits Roman at Norm's grave where she reminds Roman that the reason why she wants to stay is him, and that she doesn't understand why Roman wants to leave. Roman notes that this artifact is dangerous but Maggie says that is only the case if it's in the wrong hands.

Winston continues to raid Karla's bar for supplies but he caught by Doug and some other townsfolk that want revenge for his wrongdoings.

Landis is angry at Billy for dying on her again so he assures her he isn't going anywhere.

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The Librarians S04E06 "And the Graves of Time" Recap

Russian henchmen raid one of Nicole Noone's old grave to retrieve a mysterious key.

Flynn wants to find answers about whether Darrington is right about multiple Librarians being a risk for Civil War. The Equinox is 41 days away and it's then that Flynn and Eve will need to tether themselves to the Library or there will be dire consequences. Everyone back at the Library is searching for Eve, who has left for England to track down Nicole Noone to learn why she doesn't want to stay with the Library.

Eve and Nicole must work together when some more of the Russian henchmen raid another one of Nicole's old graves. A fight breaks out and the urn is shattered, revealing another key. The men get away with the key while Eve and Nicole are arguing over who has the better fighting/Guardian style and approach. Nicole reveals that she has been hiding artifacts in her old graves. The keys lead to Koschei's Needle, a powerful artifact for war that can destroy a nation or an immortal. Nicole wants Eve to leave but agrees to let her help when Eve threatens to call the rest of the Librarians.

Ezekiel hacks Eve's credit card history and learns that Eve went to England to track down Nicole. Flynn and Jenkins set off to find them while the other three Librarians will stay behind and look after the Library. Eve and Nicole head to another one of her many graves that she has been creating every twenty years to fake her death and start all over. Eve is sympathetic to Nicole having to say goodbye to so many people. Eve is shaken by the revelation of how heavy a burden the immortality from tethering oneself to the Library is.

Flynn and Jenkins discover that Eve and Nicole are after the needle and argue over their disagreement regarding Nicole's former imprisonment. Meanwhile Eve admits to Nicole that she is afraid of being alone and end up like her. They continue on their journey and come across Flynn and Jenkins who had tracked them down. Flynn has managed to triangulate the location of the needle and Jenkins is upset that Flynn and Eve trust Nicole. Jenkins believes that Nicole wants to use the needle to kill him but the argument is interrupted by gunfire.

The group must run away from Ukrainian military that are chasing after them. Eve and Jenkins end up captured by the men that have been hunting down the artifacts in Nicole's graves, while Flynn and Nicole remain free. The man in charge is receptive to working with them once Jenkins says that they are not in league with Nicole. The man claims that Nicole destroyed his family. Flynn and Nicole find the group and watch from afar, hidden in the trees. Nicole recognises the man in charge and appears fearful before telling Flynn they need to continue on their mission. Flynn reluctantly agrees to go with Nicole when she tells him he should trust Eve to be able to take care of herself and get out free.

The man in charge tells Eve and Jenkins that he is a descendant of the Romanovs. Their family was corrupted by Rasputin and Nicole was acting as his accomplice. Eve believes in the goodness in Nicole but Jenkins is more inclined to believe the man. Eve is shaken when the man shows her photos of Nicole with Rasputin a century ago.

Nicole tells Flynn they have both become prisoners of the Library and he's the only one that can't see it. They continue on their journey and reach the location of the needle. They must decode the riddle to find where in the area it is hidden. Flynn cracks the code and unlocks the security measurements, triggering a mechanism to pull the hidden chest out of the water.

Jenkins and Eve track Nicole and Flynn down while accompanied with the man and his henchmen. Nicole tells them that the man in charge is actually Rasputin and he used dark magic to stay alive. She knows this because she had infiltrated his organisation. Jenkins is pondering whether Nicole is telling the truth when Rasputin grabs the needle and stabs Nicole with it to restore his youth. Rasputin's henchmen run away, not having realised the magnitude of what they were getting involved with.

The group runs away from Rasputin and Eve chides herself for letting Nicole down. Flynn had installed a radiation detector on his phone and he decides to run toward it. Rasputin sends Flynn flying off but Eve uses her strength to force Rasputin to stab a pipe full of radiation with the needle which results in his death. Nicole is brought back to the Library where Jenkins has a ritual performed to give his own immortality over to Nicole to save her life.

Nicole thanks Jenkins profusely and leaves the Library, though not before advising him to not be a prisoner. Later, Eve meets with Jenkins who informs her that Flynn has left behind his tethering ring and taken his belongings. He has resigned from the Library.

The Librarians airs on Wednesdays on TNT.


The Librarians S04E05 "And the Bleeding Crown" Recap

An entire small town wakes up to find they are senior citizens. The Librarians are called in to investigate the strange happenings. Flynn and Eve visit the family that were recorded as being the first to turn old and find out they saw a red flash of light similar to a light bulb popping before they turned. The other Librarians spot a young woman that hasn't changed and chase after her when she takes off running. They call Eve to let her know what they've found. The Librarians follow her into a warehouse and end up surrounded by masked individuals wearing sacks on their head. A man comes swinging down on a rope and introduces himself as Darrington Dare, an old Librarian from the 1880's.

When Eve and Flynn arrive, Flynn is overcome with excitement to meet Darrington as he's a fan of his work. They leave the warehouse and decide to team up with one another to solve this case. While regrouping at a diner, Darrington reveals to the group that his nemesis Ambrose Gethik is behind the strange happening. Ambrose stole the Bleeding Crown from the vampire queen of Northampton. It is an old artifact that has the power to drain a man's life force and Ambrose used it to kill Darrington's man-servant before opening a portal to the future. Darrington followed Ambrose into the future but the difference in time of their entering the portal means that Ambrose has been here for months and Darrington arrived a few hours ago.

Ambrose has been creating powerful clones of himself but there is a problem with the technology to do so. Thus, all the clones have a rapid degeneration of their skin which is why they all wear sacks over their head. Flynn knows that Darrington is nearing his death-date which is tomorrow but they're not permitted to warn him because it's against the rules.

Flynn and Darrington head out to investigate and Darrington is shocked to learn that the other trio are also Librarians. Darrington is adamant that there can only be one library at a a time but the conversation is interrupted when they spot the same young woman the trio had pursued earlier before she disappeared. They follow her to a house in the woods where the young woman is living with her parents who also haven't aged. They have been hiding out because they became concerned that the aging might be contagious condition. What Darrington and Flynn determine is that the family has remained unharmed because they haven't been able to pay their electric bills. Electricity is a key component to the aging problem.

Eve and the trio follow their own investigation and come across a box with Artemis' initials on it. They are surrounded by the clones with sacks on their head. A red light flashes and then they are turned into senior citizens. Flynn and Darrington exit the house of the only non-turned-old family to discover their old colleagues. Flynn brings them all back to the Library where Jenkins is shocked to see what has happened to them. Darrington also confronts Jenkins about there being four Librarians in the modern day.

Darrington has Jenkins get out the Book of Librarians which Flynn has studied extensively. There are some pages ripped out of it and Darrington recites a magical incantation to restore them. It tells about how there were two Librarians once before and the rift between the brothers was what led to the Dark Ages. Darrington warns him of the risks of any doubts or fissures among the Librarians.

Flynn and Darrington leave to confront Ambrose while the Eve and the trio seemingly stay asleep at the Library. Ambrose reveals that Eve and trio at the Library are merely clones of the real Eve and trio. The only reason he turned the town old was to disguise where he had kept the real ones the entire time. Jenkins must fight off the old clones while Flynn and Darrington must free Eve and the trio before Ambrose harvests the Library-energy infused in them to try to kill Darlington. Ambrose has his clones lock Flynn in another chamber and the Library-energy beings to be pulled from the individuals. Flynn is pushing to keep the door of his chamber open and Darrington tosses him a device to scare off the clones.

Darrington and Ambrose must engage in sword fight, with Ambrose still wearing the Bleeding Crown. He is using a sword with a blade composed entirely of Library-energy. Flynn grabs a sword of his own to help Darrington fight Ambrose. The fight carries on and Flynn wants to go free the others but Darrington says they can be sacrificed and the Library will understand. He berates Darrington and Ambrose for caring more about fighting than their own good/evil causes. Flynn leaves them to their fighting and goes back to try to destroy the console draining his friends of Library energy.

Flynn returns to the Library and saves Jenkins, who has been tied up by the clones. He uses Darrington's device to scare off the clowns and brings Jenkins back through the door. Ambrose is about to kill Darrington, who finally realises Flynn was right in pointing out he has been blinded by his hate. When Darrington spots Flynn, he seems him signal to stall. Darrington being to talk to Ambrose, encouraging him to reminisce about their fights over the years. Flynn loads Jenkins into one of the machines and overloads the Bleeding Crown which destroys Ambrose and saves Darrington.

Darrington thanks Flynn for saving him and Flynn reminds him that he was able to save him because he saved his friends. Flynn encourages Darrington to find friends and wishes him to have a happy birthday the following day, all the while knowing history has shown it's his death-date. But after he goes through, the history book shifts and shows that he reconnected with his friends who were with him on his birthday and able to help him fight off his foe. As a result, he lived 62 years longer than he originally had and lived a life without regrets. Flynn later discovers a letter in the book from Darrington that says he never stopped thinking about Flynn and despite his gratitude to Flynn, he is still adamant that there should only ever be one Librarian in the Library. His dying wish is that Flynn will put things right before it's too late.

The Librarians airs on Wednesdays on TNT.


Marvel's Runaways S01E08 "Tsunami" Recap

Victor is bleeding out after Janet shot him. The other members of Pride arrive to provide medical attention to him.

Alex reveals to Nico how he had been helping Amy before she died. He uncovered that her mother had hacked Amy and had ben monitoring her keystrokes, causing her to be frightened. Kincaid had tracked her down and urged her to admit what she did because her mother would find out regardless. Alex and Nico have a falling out due to Alex keeping Amy's secrets from her, as she's never recovered from the trauma of losing her sister.

Molly is sent to live with her relative, Graciela, and is devastated by the feeling of being seemingly discarded and abandoned. The Steins are also summoned by Janet with a single word that is code for a disaster: "tsunami".

Chase is sent upstairs to patch up while Pride works on helping Victor. They are adamant about not calling the police as Janet was having an affair and shot him with a gun given to her by her lover, Robert, and it would only lead to disastrous things. Chase pleads with his mother for answers about his father's rapid mood swings. Janet has compassion for Chase still having love for his father despite everything.

The Steins try to give Victor medical help while the other members of Pride refrain from calling Leslie, believing it only cause problems since they feel she is too close to Jonah. Chase tries to call Gert to talk but she misses the call since she's spending time with the dinosaur. Chase calls Karolina next and she picks up. He tries to ask her to come over but changes his mind, not wanting to get her involved despite his wish to not be alone. Karolina then calls Nico to say that she thinks something is wrong. Karolina also calls Gert, who tells her how Molly has been sent away. Gert notes that Karolina doesn't want to be alone with Chase because he kissed her and she likes Nico, who likes/liked Alex. She agrees to come along and after the call is surprised and pleased to find that Chase had called her first.

Leslie arrives to help Victor by bringing Frank along, believing he'll be able to heal him with his new gloves. For some unknown reason, his healing powers don't fix Victor but send him into a coma instead. Jonah arrives and Leslie denies having been the one to call him. Tina is revealed to have been the one to call him, thinking there was no other option. He tells Pride to set up the devices and wants Victor to be revived in the same manner he himself gets revived. He orders the group to have Janet be sacrificed since she was the one who shot Victor.

Gert and Karolina show up to Chase's house where Gert picks the lock so they can get inside. However, Gert's dinosaur has followed her there. They bring the dinosaur along as they head further inside to find Chase. Chase has a confrontation with Frank but Karolina shows up and intervenes, telling Chase to go upstairs where Gert is already waiting. Karolina stays behind and tells Frank everything she knows about Pride, wanting her to stay good and uninvolved in the horrible things Pride have done. Chase is frightened when he returns to his room and sees the dinosaur but Gert assures him she can control the dinosaur.

Graciela gives Molly a mysterious letter containing a key and a message to find her stuffed elephant. Graciela recalls how she once lost her elephant at a train station so she decides to check the nearest train station to follow the lead. She sneaks out that night instead of waiting till morning.

Janet is alarmed at the prospect of being forcibly sacrificed for Victor. She tries to convince them to not put her in and Jonah says that he doesn't care which one of them gets sacrificed but someone has to do it. They begin to argue, especially when Jonah threatens the lives of their children. Dale pulls the gun on the group that Janet had used to shoot Victor, not wanting his daughters to be put in danger till Geoffrey pulls out a gun of his own, forcing Dale to disarm. Jonah says either Janet will go in the box or Chase will. She agrees to go but then Robert speaks up, wanting a moment alone to talk to her. He tells her to say goodbye to Chase or else he will never have the closure. But when she steps away, Robert puts on a fistigon and insists that he will be the one to go in the box. Jonah declares that he's fine with Robert sacrificing himself but Tina refuses to let him die and uses her staff to destroy the pod. Leslie and Tina nearly come to blows since Victor is the only one that can make a new box but Jonah breaks up the conflict, saying they will resolve the matter at a later point. Victor will be kept somewhere same until they can find another way to revive him. Robert apologises to Tina for all that he is done to betray their relationship, moved by her significant sacrifice to save him.

Nico is at home snooping through her sister's belongings again and finds a bag of her things which include her old cellphone. She retrieves footage of their parents performing a ritual and sends it to Alex.

Janet checks on Chase and assures him that Victor is being taken care of. Chase still wants another chance with his father once he has healed.

Molly arrives at the train station and finds a locker that her key unlocks. Inside is a VHS tape.

Alex tells Nico he has determined that their parents don't want to perform these rituals but they still don't know why they do so. Chase, Gert, and Karolina arrive and both Chase and Karolina agree that the footage shouldn't be shared. Chase thinks that if their parents are exposed his father will die while Karolina thinks that Frank will be able to help them. Chase attacks Alex and destroys his laptop.

At Nico's home, Amy's phone turns back on from being charged. A text message pops up from an unknown caller saying that "he" has found out and that she needs to run. In a flashback, Amy is shown to be trying to gather up some belongings while she was erasing her hard drive but an unknown person arrived and daughter her in her room.

Marvel's Runaways is available for streaming on Hulu with new episodes premiering each Tuesday.


Doctor Who "Twice Upon a Time" Recap

The First Doctor is at the South Pole. After an encounter with the Cybermen, he is injured but refuses to regenerate. He fights off the change and walks out into the snow and as he's walking back to the TARDIS he encounters the Twelfth Doctor who is also refusing to regenerate following an encounter with the Cybermen. The Twelfth Doctor recognises the First Doctor but the same can't be said for the other way around. Twelve doesn't remember fighting off the change as One and presses him to understand that he needs to regenerate and carry on. But their conversation is interrupted as the snow around seems to freeze in place and a confused and injured World War One British military captain approaches them, asking for a doctor. Twelve realises that something has gone very wrong with time.

The Captain had been in December 1914 in a ditch in a gun-point stalemate with a German soldier when time froze. He walked up out of the ditch and spots a mysterious glowing figure that turns around and displaces him while claiming there is a timeline error. When he came to he was at the South Pole surrounded by snow frozen in the air. This is when he approached the Doctors and asked them for help, disoriented from his journey.

The trio head into the TARDIS together where One finally realises that Twelve is a future regeneration. After a bit of discussion they end up being abducted by a large spaceship where Bill is already waiting. The Doctor is skeptical that this could really be Bill since she had been turned into a Cyberman. She then tells the Doctor how the girl from the puddle had come from her but when questioned, she doesn't remember how she got onto the ship or where her girlfriend has disappeared to. They then encounter a glass figure that is the personification of a computer system that demands the Captain be turned over for Bill to be freed. The Captain offers himself up but Bill doesn't want the Captain to be captured on her account. Bill encourages Twelve to save the world and he becomes inspired to find out who the glass figure is and will stop them if he doesn't like it. The glass figure brings forth bubbles of all the different regenerations of the Doctor and announces all the names he has known over the years. One is overwhelmed by this swam of knowledge but Twelve sets off the release of the TARDIS and undoes the chains to release them. The group is able to drop down to get on top of the TARDIS from which they jump down while Twelve's TARDIS is pulled back up into the ship.

The group escapes into One's TARDIS and it takes them to the planet Villengard which is located in the centre of the universe. Bill is amazed to learn that she in the presence of one of the past regeneration of the Doctor. Twelve determines that they should try to figure out what the original face is that the glass figure is modelled after. They are searching for answers on the origins of this latest threat. Twelve encounters the rogue Dalek Rusty, who is hiding out from the other Daleks hunting for it. Twelve convinces Rusty to give him access into the Dalek Hivemind for all the data contained within it.

Bill is revealed to be a Testimony avatar created from her memories. The glass pilot and its ship are known as the Testimony created on New Earth. They were created in order to extra people from their timelines at the moment of their death so their memories could be channeled into glass avatars. It wasn't something designed with a malicious intent, leaving Twelve confused about what to do. He is also conflicted on his feelings regarding Bill and whether it is really her. The philosophical dilemma is whether or not a collection of memories amounts to a person's existential identity.

The Doctors see that there is no evil foe for them to fight and acknowledge that they were the ones that caused the time error that displaced the Captain to where they were. By trying to refuse to regenerate, they created a whirlpool through time. They decide to return the Captain to his timeline, with Twelve remembering that everyone is important to someone. As they drop the Captain off to the moment in the ditch where he will meet his demise. The Captain asks the Doctors to look after his family and introduces himself as Archibald Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart. He will have no memory of his experiences with the Doctors and all the visitors to his timeline will be rendered invisible when time resumes. Archibald is an ancestor of the Doctor's close friend, the Brigadier.

Once time resumes, the Doctors watch the stand-off carry on but it's then that soldiers on both sides of the conflict begin to sing "Silent Night". This causes the fighting to stop and the stand-off stops, as the men agree to put aside their differences for now since it's Christmas. Twelve tells One how he had shifted the Captain's timeline so this stand-off would be happening on Christmas and save the Captain's life. Only on Christmas could such a miracle have taken place and the opposing soldiers would agree to come together and stop their fighting. The Captain calls for medical attention to tend to the injured German soldier that had been about to shoot him.

One says goodbye to Twelve, now feeling at peace with his decision to regenerate. One wishes Twelve luck and heads back to his TARDIS where he resumes his regeneration and is returned to the South Pole. Twelve reunites with Bill's avatar and insists that she is not the real Bill. She replies with a further explanation that memories are what define a person. She further emphasises her point by leaving him with a goodbye present, that of returning his memories of Clara Oswald. An avatar of Nardole appears next but the Doctor still won't give over the testimony of his life to the avatars. He hugs them both goodbye and they leave him to be alone in his final moments. He goes back into the TARDIS and prepares a bit of advice for his next incarnation before regenerating.

The Thirteenth Doctor gazes upon her new reflection, amazed by what she sees. But when she tries to start the ship, it malfunctions badly due to damages caused by her most recent regeneration. The doors to the TARDIS open and it falls on its side. Despite her best efforts to hold on, the console room suffers an explosion and she falls out towards the Earth, watching as the ship dematerialises in space.

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Heartless S01E08 "Episode 8" Recap

Emilie has a nightmare about herself kissing Sofie and then being fed on until she catches fire. Ida tends to her when she wakes and Emilie agrees it is time to go back to school. Ida later hears the voice of the curse that is reminding her that only love can break the curse. She ponders to her father whether it was too early to show Emilie the brutality of their fight against the curse and cursed ones. He thinks it was the right time and asks Ida if she has ever been in love. She denies it but her eyes imply that she loved Mikkel too. Clara eavesdrops on the conversation and hears her father say that Emilie will soon be the one to wear the heart since her powers are stronger than Ida's. Just thinks Emilie will be ready very soon. Ida appears momentarily overcome by emotion but quickly pulls herself together and resumes doing her father's bidding.

Sebastian shows Sofie the photo of Emilie's mother that the missing doctor had, wondering if they had an affair that led to Just killing them. He asks Sofie to bring the photo to Emilie and ask her about it. When Sofie and Emilie meet, Emilie shares how her father showed them how the cursed ones kill by forcing Mikkel to feed on the janitor till death and then had Ida smash his head in. Sofie then brings up the matter of Emilie's mother and the missing doctor and their possible relationship.

Headmaster Just tells Pieter that he may be put up on the wall of the school in honour but only if he does one more thing. He proceeds to tell Pieter that Ditlev's death wasn't suicide but a murder. He wants Pieter to find the cursed one in the school but to be careful since getting too close will result on him dying by way of catching fire.

Emilie and Clara snoop through their father's office for answers regarding their mother and the doctor. They find their father has documented all the cursed one they've killed, including the doctor, as well as a list of the victims of the curse. They find the initials of their mother next to the name of the doctor which implies a connection. Their father comes in and demands Emilie return the book and won't answer whether he killed their mother. But Emilie uses her powers to hold a sword to Just's throat and he relents, blaming the doctor for the death of their mother but the implication begin clear that he was actually the one responsible.

Emilie visits Sofie and tells her what she has learned, tearfully grieving for the truth regarding her mother's death. She is more determined than ever to find a way to stop the violence and death. Sofie reminds her of the importance of finding the heart and Emilie agrees to help.

Josefine visits Sebastian and he tries to claim that everything will be fixed soon but she seemingly ends their relationship, having grown tired of waiting for him. Nadja approaches Sebastian immediately after Josefine storms off and he tries to make a move on her but she also turns him down. Pieter approaches Sebastian immediately after and condescends to Sebastian that he should have better control of his emotions. Sebastian retaliates by taunting Pieter regarding his interest in Emilie but Emilie's preference of Sofie.

Nadja visits Josefine and tells her how kissing Sebastian feels like having the life sucked out of you and that you're about to catch fire. She also insinuates that Sebastian was involved in Pede's death. Nadja then opens up to Sofie about her sadness regarding Sebastian not liking her as much as she likes him and that he would rather be with Josefine.

Sebastian asks his teacher again about the Ottmans and Ane being burned at the stake. She presents him with Count Ottman's diary which reveals that love can break the curse. But it also says that the Justs will turn to dust if the Ottmans get the heart back. Sofie is concerned that Emilie will be harmed if they get the heart back. Sebastian urges Sofie to see that their young love is fleeting and a shot at a normal life is more important. She insists that Emilie must not be harmed.

The Justs have a family dinner and Emilie asks Ida if she knew their father killed their mother. She echoes her father's sentiments that their mother betrayed the family. When she brings up Ida's love for Mikkel, she maintains her father's rhetoric and says there was no other way. Emilie then taunts her father saying he should simply kill her too. He goes on to say that the heart must be guarded because their family will die if the Ottmans get a hold of it.

Sebastian has a nightmare about Josefine being harmed so he goes to her room to check on her only to find her gone. Sofie receives a text from Emilie summoning her to come get the heart. Sofie meets Emilie and tells her she can't take the heart or else something bad will happen. But her words are cut off by Just who emerges and quickly ties her up. Just gives Emilie a weapon to bash Sofie's skull in but she can't bring herself to do it. Just takes the weapon back, offering to do it himself. But when he makes a move to attack Sofie, Emilie uses her powers to send Just flying back.

Nadja confront Sebastian on the way back, admitting that she spoke to Josefine and told her what happens when Sebastian kisses people and that he killed Pede. He angrily slaps her and then forcibly feeds from her. Pieter witnesses the exchange and laments that he couldn't have seen Nadja burn. He even goes so far as to encourage Sebastian to kill her. He holds him at swordpoint and notes that it must have been Sebastian and Sofie that killed Ditlev. He prepares to stab Sebastian but Nadja rushes forward to stop him and Pieter ends up stabbing her through the abdomen. Sebastian then attacks Pieter and begins to feed on him.

Emilie frees Sofie from her restraints and puts the heart necklace on Sofie. They then begin to kiss and the curse is lifted. Sebastian becomes normal and is no longer able to continue feeding on Pieter, who quickly grabs his sword and stabs Sebastian in the upper abdomen. Pieter goes upstairs and a mortally wounded Sebastian crawls towards Nadja's body, crying for her lost life.

Sofie and Emilie are overjoyed to find that they are both still alive and the curse is gone. They prepare to walk off but Just emerges with the weapon in his hand, seemingly prepared to attack once more. His movements are stopped when he is shot by Ida, who reminds him of Ane's words that said love would break the curse for both families. She tells Sofie and Emilie that she wouldn't allow their father to ruin the love between them too.

Sebastian carries Nadja's body out into the courtyard as he begins to caught up blood. Sofie and Emilie run over and Emilie cradles Sebastian till he dies. Clara walks up and Emilie pleads with her to use her powers to save them. Clara uses her restorative powers to bring Sebastian and Nadja back from the dead. Another gunshot is heard and Emilie and Clara take off running to find out where it came from. Sebastian and Nadja are revealed to have strange, supernatural eyes as some yet-unknown consequence of being brought back from the dead.

Heartless is available for streaming on Netflix.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E05 "Rewind" Recap

Right after the rest of the group was taken from the diner, military law enforcement arrive and arrest Fitz. He is questioned on where they disappeared to, Daisy's apparent role in the assassination attempt on General Talbot and the deaths of Jeffrey Mace and Holden Radcliffe. As Fitz doesn't know where the others disappeared to, he has no information to give them. They hold him captive for six months, as Fitz offers to help them try to track down the other team members but is unsuccessful in doing so.

Lance Hunter arrives pretending to be a lawyer and breaks Fitz out. They track down a sentient alien man named Enoch who was in charge of the party that took the others. He tells Fitz and Hunter about a prophecy that foretold the events that have since transpired and points them in the direction of meeting a child named Robin. Robin is the daughter of Charles from a previous episode ("Spacetime") that has the ability to see the future and communicates it through drawings.

The military leaders track down the group while they're meeting Robin at the park but Enoch uses his alien technology to helps them escape. They head to a secret bunker where they can remain hidden and Robin informs Fitz that the reason he was left behind was because he needed to save the rest of the team that was sent into the future first.

Hunter helps Fitz break back into the military facility so they can steal a cryogenic pod. Fitz decides that he will go to sleep in it for 74 years so he can save the team and Enoch agrees to keep his pod protected in orbit in space until it's time to wake up. Fitz and Hunter say their goodbyes and Hunter tells Fitz he loves him right as he's being frozen.

74 years later, Enoch wakes Fitz. They are in space 365 million lightyears away from the Lighthouse. Enoch informs Fitz he's had time to put a plan together while he was asleep. There are a few days left till they arrive at the Lighthouse and Fitz will have to face off against considerable monsters and foes on his quest to save his team.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Fridays on ABC at 8/7c.


Ghost Wars S01E11 "The Feast" Recap

Roman, Norm, and Val look at the charred remains of Paolo, Sophia, and Father Dan in the church basement. Roman gives Val a letter from Father Dan warning about Abigail while Norm goes to check out Karla who is heavily pregnant and vomiting up black bile into the bathroom sink. Karla already has the sense that Paolo is dead and Norm is shocked to see how pregnant she has become practically overnight.

Val is horrified to learn that Abigail has been so negatively impacted by her time in the pod. She lashes out at Roman for having said before that she was fine.

Norm gets Marilyn to come check on Karla and says that she's fine and will do an ultrasound on her in a few days. Marilyn tells Norm that Karla is simply claiming to have become pregnant overnight as a way to deal with the shock of losing her husband. Norm is worried that the baby isn't normal but Marilyn assures him things will be fine.

Val tells Marilyn about how Dan wanted to kill Abigail because it isn't really her anymore. They are concerned for her well-being and also acknowledge how Isabel has been warning them since Abigail returned that it wasn't really her sister. Despite their worries, they decide to continue on as normally as possible until they can determine the best course of action.

Roman discovers a glowing orb that when he touches, has flashes of appearing as a larger glowing cube before Roman stumbles back from it.

Norm asks Karla what she's going to do about the baby and expresses concern for her well-being. Initially she is angry at him for what she believes is encouragement to terminate the pregnancy. He assures her that he was merely offering to help her with the pregnancy and with raising the child.

Winston asks Norm for some gas for his car but Norm has none to spare since he needs to be able to get around and help Karla with her pregnancy. Norm brings the gas to Karla's place to fill up her generator. She asks him to cook up some steak for her, as she's having pregnancy cravings.

Val and Marilyn visit LAMBDA and ask Daphne to share the information she has on what happens to people when they come out of the pods. The information is confidential so Daphne instead tells them to bring Abigail in to be checked out with the promise that they can stop things whenever they want to.

Norm checks in on Karla's bar and finds Winston there looting. Norm threatens him at gunpoint into stopping, leaving, and never coming back to attempt to steal from there again despite Winston's protests that he hasn't eaten in three days. The town is beginning to run low on food in addition to many other necessities. Norm cooks up the retrieved beef for Karla, who hungrily consumes a large portion of it. When Norm expresses concern over being able to make the limited food supply last, Karla tells him that the Heaton house further out from town have a considerable amount of meat in their freezer. As the owner is dead, it should be up for grabs. Norm isn't fond of the idea of partaking in looting himself but decides to go ahead with it for the sake of Karla and the baby. When he gets to the basement he picks out several frozen and wrapped meat samples and puts them into his bag. One seems an odd shape so he begins to unwrap it. He is shocked to find a human hand cut off just beneath the elbow. The hand flies up and begins to strangle him so Norm gets out his taser and the electric charge makes the hand disappear as just another ghostly hallucination.

Norm drives home and on the way over becomes concerned by the appearance of black smoke. He runs up, believing the generator to be on fire but when he gets to the upper level the smoke is gone. Karla comes out and ushers Norm back inside to cook her up more meat. Over dinner, Norm expresses an interest in getting Marilyn back to do an ultrasound and Karla lashes out at him saying to leave it alone. She apologises immediately, claiming it's just hormones and letting him feel the baby kick. He is momentarily frightened by a seemingly unnatural movement from her abdomen but Karla assures him things are fine and invites him to stay the night with her.

Marilyn later gives Norm some medicine for Karla and assures him that the cravings are normal and to keep on feeding her.

Val and Marilyn bring Abigail to LAMBDA to have her checked up on. They take a blood sample to examine more closely.

Norm returns to the Heaton house to retrieve more frozen meat samples. He is frightened out of the house by a large tree-like creature that emerges from a different freezer. He runs outside screaming and drives away with the bit of meat he had already grabbed.

Roman struggles with the guilt he feels over not forgiving Dan before he died. Maggie advises him to be strong and that things will be okay.

Norm prepares a large feast for Karla, who angrily snaps at him when he proposes sharing the extra meat with the other hungry townsfolk. Norm is frightened when he has a vision of the feast as a more gruesome display of meat and decides not to eat any. The following morning, Norm wakes up in bed with Karla and he tells her about a nightmare he had of being in the ocean surrounded by corpses. She says that she can cheer Norm up and informs him that the baby is a boy and a miracle baby. She wants to name him Paolo Norman Jones, after both of his fathers.

Daphne tells Val and Marilyn that their daughter isn't their daughter anymore. They don't believe her claims so she tells one of the scientists to "go ahead", after which she leaves a rat in a box in front of Abigail. Daphne, Val, and Marilyn watch from an observation level as Abigail takes the rat out of the box and supernaturally sucks the life out of it until only a dehydrated rat corpse is left behind. Val and Marilyn inject Abigail with a sedative and tell Daphne they want to take her home.

Karla asks Norm to go pick up some more meat and he expresses reluctance to go since he thinks visiting the place may be what's giving him nightmares. When she offers to go instead, he says he'll go. While there, Norm is approached by Winston. Norm apologises for lashing out before and offers to give Winston some of the meat he has taken from the house. Winston tells him he's not carrying caribou and that he isn't Winston. "Winston" is revealed to actually be Roman who is trying to tell Norm that he's hallucinating and the meat he has retrieved is actually the charred remains of a dead body. Norm pulls his gun on Roman and knocks him out when he tries to get Norm take his hand (since it would reveal the truth of what he's actually looking at) and drives away with the meat.

Norm tries to warn Karla that they need to run away since Winston attacked him at the Heaton place. She goes with him but warns that the baby is coming. Roman meets with Val to let her know what's going on and says the old Heaton place doesn't exist. Val also tells Roman that Marilyn hasn't been seeing them since she hasn't had any new patients for some time. Val sends one of the townsfolk to find Billy and tell him what's going on.

Norm brings Karla to the morgue where she begins to experience labour pains. Roman and Val enter Karla's home and are shocked to find all the dead human remains that she's been feeding on.

Daphne is informed that Abigail's decaying cycle is growing faster than what they found in Jones' body and that she only has a few weeks to live. Taking over these bodies was either a flawed system or never meant to be permanent.

Val and Roman find where Norm and Karla are. Norm tries to get them to leave but once Roman touches him, he finally sees the truth. As Karla is in the final moments of giving birth, her abdomen is glowing in a similar manner as the pods. She lunges forward and gets on all fours before vomiting up a worm-like creature with claws around its 'face'. She picks up the creature and calls it "Paolo" before saying it has his father's eyes. The creature's tail wraps around her throat and begins to choke her, and Norm grabs his gun and fires.

Ghost Wars airs on Thursdays on Syfy at 10/9c.


The Librarians S04E04 "And the Silver Screen" Recap

Eve and Flynn go out to see her favourite Film Noir at a local cinema. Eve pushes him to put aside all of their normal responsibilities to have a night of being normal. During a scene in the film where there is a knocking at the door, Eve and Flynn disappear in a flash of light. The other Librarians try to retrace their steps to find where they've disappeared to by checking out the cinema they were last seen at. A worker at the cinema shows them the film the duo had seen and how Eve and Flynn are now trapped in the film in place of the lead characters. They are crying out for help but can't hear the people out in the real world calling out to them.

Cassandra determines that the cinema lies in a lay-lake that collects magical energy which has contributed to the screen becoming a magical artifact that sucked Eve and Flynn in. The only way to get them out is to get the film to end in the way that it was intended. Eve also figures this out and encourages Flynn to go through the motions of finishing the film. Eve is a super-fan of the film so she knows exactly what has transpired in it and in what order.

First, Eve must dig a bullet out of Flynn's arm and then pour them drinks. Madeline Kincaid arrives and needs Flynn's help to retrieve a stolen ruby necklace by a gangster, Tony the Shaz. The Librarians and Jenkins determine a way to try to call the office in the film but Jenkins is unable to reach them. When he comes back to the main area, he finds the other Librarians have disappeared to try to go after Eve and Flynn help them. Unfortunately, they end up in a different Western film instead. Jake and Ezekiel are about to be hanged until Cassandra begins to shoot up the other men trying to execute them. Jake later sings a song around a campfire, while Eve and Flynn follow the plot to confront Tony the Shaz.

Jake, Cassandra, and Ezekiel end up transported to a science-fiction film in space while Jenkins works with the daughter of the film's writer to determine that his typewriter is the artifact. They also find out that the credited writer didn't actually write the film and changed its original ending. When Eve and Flynn reach the end, they end up right back to the beginning. Jenkins is able to call again and relay the information. They must use their Librarian savvy to figure out the original ending to be able to get free from the film. In the film, Madeline Kincaid had been the plot-twist-villain. Instead of letting it play out till the end, when Madeline first visits they confront her about being involved with Tony the Shaz. The original ending saw Madeline as the heroine trying to get her daughter back that Tony was keeping captive as punishment for Madeline leaving.

Eve and Flynn play the movie out in a nearly identical fashion but this time when they reach the end, Madeline emerges as the heroine trying to get her daughter back. However, the entire scene is interrupted by Jake, Cassandra, and Ezekiel crashing into the scene through their magical transportation device and fighting off Tony the Shay's goons. Eve and Flynn escort Madeline down to reunite with her daughter.

The film writer's daughter learns that an older woman named Eleanor that had come to see the film play is actually her mother and the original writer of the film. Though she had been separated from her daughter, she never stopped loving her. All the Librarians get free from the films.

The Librarians airs on Wednesdays on TNT.


The Librarians S04E03 "And the Christmas Thief" Recap

Santa Claus will be going on holiday with his elves and Flynn, Eve, and Jenkins. The other Librarians must look after his sleigh in the Library., as it's the first time it's been out of his possession. While the Librarians exchange gifts, Ezekiel slips away to use a magical door to be transported back to Australia. He visits his adopted mother and sisters who frequently take part in small-time theft. His mother is unhappy when Ezekiel brings her a gift that he bought instead of stealing it. They doubt his competence as a thief so he brings his mother Lenore to the Library to prove what he's made of himself. He quickly realises how unwise a decision it was to bring her so he sends her back through the magic door, not noticing she's left her foot to hold the door open.

Some time later the Librarians realise that Lenore has stolen the magic door that can take her anywhere she goes. Ezekiel wants to sort things out himself so the others won't meet his family but when Cassandra tries to call Eve about the problem Ezekiel's begging prompts her and Jake to help him. Since they no longer have the magic door to get them to Australia, they decide to use Santa's sleigh to find her and get the door back.

Upon arriving in Australia, the Librarians find that Lenore has been using the magic door to steal Christmas presents from all over the world, and most alarmingly, have stolen an elusive stolen painting from the vault of the Bank of Thieves. The Librarians bring Lenore along to return the painting. Ezekiel needs to play a game of chess to unlock the entrance to the vault. Ezekiel warns his mother to not say his name out loud while there, or else it will alert other thieves that dislike him.

Ezekiel comes up with a plan for Jake and Cassandra to cause a distraction in the main room while Ezekiel and Lenore swipe a key card to get into the vault. The pressure is on, as the punishment for stealing in the Bank of Thieves is to be killed by manner of liquidation. Ezekiel has to do some acrobatic tricks to beat a moving laser security measurement. Once he gets to the other side, he disarms it and his mother comes in with him to put the painting back. However, another security measure is triggered, causing Ezekiel and Lenore to be captured.

The Saint of Thieves emerges and when Lenore tries to flirt with him, she reveals Ezekiel's name and the two are taken into the Saint's office. Lenore is shocked to learn that Ezekiel is considered the world's greatest thief. The Saint uses some magical power to force Lenore to reveal the truth, including her use of the magic door and that Santa's sleigh is vulnerable to being stolen. The Saint wants to destroy the sleigh, and Santa is revealed to be his brother.

The Saint's men find the sleigh and bring it to the Bank, where Cassandra and Jake have stayed hidden. They call Jenkins for help on how to repair the door, as it has overheated, and ask him to not tell Eve or Flynn.

Lenore is angry at Ezekiel for not telling her he was a world-class thief, and Ezekiel is angry at her for not having listened to him when he would tell her of what he had done. The Saint demands that the sleigh be stolen and gifted to him, as he can't accept a gift that isn't stolen. Ezekiel refuses to give over the sleigh but Lenore steals the key off of him and gives the Saint the sleigh.

Lenore and Ezekiel are left tied up and argue further, and Ezekiel reveals that despite the large amount of wealth he accumulated as a thief he never kept any of it for himself. He always used the money from his scores to give back to people in need. He finally seemingly mends his relationship with his mother.

Cassandra uses a magical device to appear to Ezekiel's sisters and tricks them into believing she is a ghost. She gives them instructions on how to repair the magic door, as the orb that controls it is still in their home. Jake fights some guards at the the Bank that are monitoring the sleigh. Ezekiel and Lenore get to the sleigh too. The magic door opens but the Saint and his men block their access to the door. Jenkins emerges from the door and gives the Saint a note and a card from Santa, who gifts his brother the sleigh. The Saint can't accept gifts that aren't stolen so he is no longer able to accept the sleigh now or ever. Christmas is saved and the Saint reverts back to a child throwing a tantrum.

As there are still numerous stolen gifts to return, Ezekiel decides to bring his mother with him on the sleigh to bring them all back.

The Librarians airs on Wednesdays on TNT.


Marvel's Runaways S01E07 "Refraction" Recap

25 years ago, Janet and Victor Stein meet after a university lecture. They ended over their shared interest in unlocking the science behind time travel. After Chase was born, Victor said that his son was the only thing that mattered. But when Chase got older, Victor became cold, distant, and even abusive. Victor wakes in his study and sees a video message from a future Chase on his time machine, telling him not to pick up the fistigons.

Chase still resents his mother for having an affair but she assures him that it's over and that it was only some kindness she took solace in when Victor was a more cruel husband and father. Robert is still in love with her but Nico hasn't turned against her father entirely.

Frank receives some healing gloves from Jonah and uses them to save a dying man. Leslie is suspicious of Jonah and Frank's motives behind these actions. She later confronts Jonah about this move but he remains cryptic, insinuating that he has much bigger plans and wants her to bring her group of friends back together and quickly.

Molly admits to the group of her interactions with Catherine and begins to feel ostracised by how they seemingly treat her like a child. She reaches out to the cheerleading team, wanting to be a part of it. They agree to let her be the 'manager' which entails washing the team's towels, uniforms, and other tedious tasks. Karolina witnesses their first encounter and the two reconnect, growing a closer relationship and not having any hard feelings about the stress of recent events.

The Yorkes examine a sample of Jonah's DNA and a sample of it accidentally gets onto Dale's arm. When Stacy comes back in later, she finds him operating with hyperactive behaviour and seems a bit high from coming in contact with Jonah's DNA. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the Wilders. They want to talk about Molly and other important matters but Stacy asks if they can talk at the upcoming open house since it's not a great time. Later, Dale is shown to be lethargic and almost hungover as the effects have worn off.

Frank finds a photo of Jonah with Leslie when she was just a young girl but he looked exactly the same and his suspicions towards him are reignited.

At the open house, Leslie speaks to both Janet and Tina to get the group back on track. She convinces Tina to double-down and take Robert back since his affair with Janet will not be continuing. She also tells him Jonah would like for them to mend things. Tina acknowledges that family is everything. Leslie then approaches Janet and convinces her that Pride is the most important thing. Janet acknowledges that the fair is over and that she'll tell Robert as much.

Dale and Stacey ponder what sort of hangover Victor is going through in his withdrawal from Jonah, since his dose was much larger than what Dale was contaminated with. They encounter the Wilders who warn them about Molly possibly knowing what's going on and whether or not the other kids might know. They say that they need to keep things under control since it will be far worse if Jonah or even Leslie or Tina find out. The kids spot the adults talking and gather together to figure out what to do next. They reaffirm their loyalty to one another and decide the adults need to pay for what they've done.

The open house finishes and Frank confronts Leslie about Jonah, showing her the photograph of a same-age Jonah with her as a young girl. She admits about how he is the higher being that came to visit her father long ago and confirm things he was suspicious of. Frank wishes that she would've been more honest about things sooner and says that he is committed to the church and wants to be with her in all of what's happening. She admits to being involved with him but acknowledges her own feelings of shame on the matter.

Victor secretly threatens the lacrosse coach and orders him to make a public apology to Chase and reinstate him on the team. Janet encounters Robert and ends their affair. He isn't happy but bows out gracefully, acknowledging that Victor's behaviour has changed lately. Tina overhears the conversation and approaches Robert immediately after it ends.

Nico pushes Alex to admit how he knew her mother's password.

Molly returns home and finds the Yorkes packing up her belongings. They want to send her away to an extended relative for some time. Gert defends Molly, who doesn't want to leave but the Yorkes are determined to go through with this, believing they are only protecting Molly, Gert, and the other children by extension. Gert pulls Molly aside and convinces her not to use her powers in a moment of anger as it would only worsen the situation. She promises that they will figure everything out and that she is her sister no matter what. Gert tells Molly she needs to go for now.

Victor returns home and finds Chase working on the fistigons and begins to display his old, typically abusive behaviour. Victor yells that he making Chase into a man and Chase responds that he is sick of having his feelings played with. Victor tries to hit Chase, who ducks the punch and hits him instead in a defensive move. Victor uses the fistigons to send Chase flying through a window. He prepares to injure Chase further but is instead shot by Janet with the gun Robert had given her some time ago.

Marvel's Runaways is available for streaming on Hulu, with new episodes being released each Tuesday.


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E04 "A Life Earned" Recap

Kasius interrogates Daisy, wanting to know if she came alone. She claims there is no one else besides Simmons but he is skeptical on whether to believe her. He threatens to hurt Simmons if she doesn't stay cooperative and takes a sample of her blood. She later meets Ben, another champion Kasius has held captive. Ben in an Inhuman with telepathic abilities. Daisy is put into the pit and instructed to show her abilities so she knocks the guard back that was instructing her to do so. Kasius' guest is impressed but Kasius doesn't intend to sell Daisy to her for the insults she gave earlier to the station.

Kasius pays Ben for bringing Daisy to him with a quarter. Ben is please, as the metal from it is considered highly valuable. They speak about a prophecy that Kasius anyone who knows anything about, Kasius has killed. Deke agrees to try to find information for him on it.

Daisy tries to get Ben to work with her but he only wants to play by the rules, as his family will be compensated if he is sold and have a better chance at surviving as a result. He assures her that if they are ordered to fight each other, he will try to win.

Coulson and May question Deke about Daisy's whereabouts. He lies about where she is. They also want to investigate the surface and also want to know about the mysterious Level 35. Deke believes it's too dangerous but Coulson presents proof that Virgil was communicating with someone on the surface. Deke is shocked by this revelation but agrees to help find these people.

Kasius orders Ben to come in while he questions Daisy and Simmons about their stories, with Ben being told to corroborate their story. Daisy claims it's just her and Simmons that came through time. She tells the truth with the exception of there being anyone else present. Their stories match up perfectly and Ben tells Kasius they are telling the truth. Daisy is shocked that their false stories matched, since Simmons is not able to hear anyone but Kasius, but keeps quiet on the matter. Kasius excuses everyone despite still being suspicious of their stories.

Ben later reveals that his power isn't just to read other people's minds but he can also let others read his mind. So he let Simmons read his mind so her story would match Daisy's. The people holding him captive don't know he has this particular ability. He shares with Daiy how he was able to read Kasius' mind and has learned that he hates the station and wants to destroy it and everyone else on it once he has gathered enough money to leave first.

Deke helps sneak Coulson and May up to the restricted level 35. Upon going through what's there they discover a baby and determine that Kasius intends to breed Inhumans.

Grill sends Mack and Yoyo to get payment from someone that owes him money. Mack is overcome with guilt when learning the man has a secret child. The population is revealed to be strictly controlled so few people can get pregnant the old-fashioned way. Kasius tries to breed and control the population and increase the likelihood of Inhumans to be sold off. May discovers that Daisy is in captivity and that Deke lied about where she is. Deke is forced to admit that he sold Daisy out but when he's trying to better explain what he is up to, they are interrupted by guards. A fight ensues and Deke is stabbed. Coulson leaves with him, intending to question him, while May has to stay and fight Sinara. Coulson is concerned about May, as she had a leg injury and doesn't believe she has recovered fully.

Deke tells Coulson he did what needed to be done but Coulson doesn't believe his motives are pure. He thinks Deke is only out for profit but Deke breaks down saying his mother was murdered by Kasius when he was nine. His father picked up the torch and as a result, was sent to the surface of the planet. Now he wants to find his father, having recognised his voice from the recording from the surface. Deke gives up the payment he received from Kasius to pay off the other man's debt and earn some trust back, but the team still locks him in a holding room to keep him from interfering with their plans.

Finally, more buyers arrive to bid on Daisy and see her powers. One of the buyers is revealed to be Fitz.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Fridays on ABC at 8/7c.


Ghost Wars S01E10 "The Pain Connection" Recap

The LAMBDA scientist perform an autopsy on the pod they recovered from the house Rev. Dan burned down. Inside is a man, whom they cut open next. The man wakes screaming when one of his organs are removed. Dan has been drinking to cope with the trauma of recent events and tries to confront Marilyn and Val about how there is something insidious going on with their daughter who was trapped in a pod. He also tries to confront Sophia when she is trying to lure a man back for her to feed on. No one seems to believe Dan about his claims regarding those in pods.

Roman meets Dan at the local bar, who tells him about how the pods are being used against the people. Dan also reveals to Roman that he set the house on fire to destroy more pods within but there is still one pod at the LAMBDA institute. The man that was being operated on, originally a Dr. Jones who worked at the institute, is shown to have rapid regeneration. When an organ is removed, it grows back. If he is cut, the wound heals rapidly with no scarring left behind. Daphne wants to further explore this for the scientific progress it offers.

Sophia comes to babysit Abigail and Isabel. Isabel runs off afraid from the pair of them when left alone, and Abigail and Sophia plot together to kill Rev. Dan because he knows too much about the pods and it's only a matter of time before more people start to believe him. Dan goes with Roman to LAMBDA. Roman wants answers about the latest pod and the man inside. Daphne reveals that Jones is psychically connected to his extracted livers and that if they feel pain, he feels pain, and vice versa. This suggests a psychic connection between all pod-people. Dan wants to destroy Jones and the livers but Daphne says these regenerative cell properties are an important scientific development requiring further study. Roman leaves the institute.

On the way out, one of the employees gives Dan a key to come back into LAMBDA to try to destroy Jones. Jones wakes and attacks one employee, draining their life force till they're nearly a mummified corpse. Dan stabs Jones repeatedly with a scalpel but it does nothing to stop him from running through the institute, killing employees, and escaping. Daphne tells Dan she knows someone gave him a key and he tells he knows that she's dying, which is the real reason why she's so hungry to harness these beings for medical purposes.

Jones heads to the local bar and meets his wife Karla, who has been looking for him since he disappeared. The two have sex and Jones feeds from her during the act but she doesn't seem to notice.

Dan goes after Sophia but instead finds Isabel locked in one of the body shelves, frightened but seemingly unharmed. Isabel tells Dan he should be scared of what's going on. Both Abigail's true conscious and Isabel speak to Dan. Isabel says that someone else is in Abigail's body and that Sophia is gone. Dan wants to help them but Isabel says no one can help them, and that they're coming for him.

Sophia attempts to feed on Winston but Dan stops her just in time. He tells Winston to get Isabel from downstairs and to run away. Dan beats Sophia with a shovel to knock her out. The attack has alerted Abigail and Jones, who runs off to come help leaving his wife confused at the bar. Sophia wakes in the cellar of the church with Dan flicking a lighter on and off. Sophia, or whomever is inside her, taunts Dan for his faith and attraction to (the original) her. Sophia also pauses to impermanently self-mutilate herself to draw the others to her location. Dan realises that there is nothing left of Sophia in her body and reveals that he knows the others are coming because of their shared ability to feel each other's pain. When Abigail and Jones arrive, Sophia tries to warn them not to come in but Dan knocks them down and beats them into unconsciousness to tie them all up together. Dan prepares to set them on fire and leave but a ghostly presence locks him in with them. Dan prepares to set them on fire, regardless of the end it will pose to his own life but is distraught when he finds that his lighter will no longer light. Dan says a prayer and then a candle mysteriously lights and the entire room is set ablaze.

Roman arrives at the church, seeing the smoke coming from below. Abigail recovers and emerges from the ashes, escaping just in time before Roman arrives at the scene. He finds Dan's cross necklace in the remains and leaves to sit down and reflect on what's happened.

Karla wakes the following morning and discovers she is pregnant with it having advanced to the third trimester overnight.

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"Sunday at The Savoy" to Present World-Renowned Ballet Stars

Winter Ballet Gala 

January 28, 2018

Kristallin Productions Company presents to your attention a winter gala concert "Sunday at The Savoy" with the participation of world ballet stars who will perform their favorite around the world solo, pas de deux, excerpts of classical ballet repertoire and modern rooms.

The program will be attended by the dancers of the Bolshoi Ballet, Royal Opera House, Theater of Contemporary Ballet of New York (Complexions Contemporary Ballet), the National Ballet of Cuba.

The program will be provided only for one night in the cult theater The Savoy Theatre. 
"The mission of this project is to expand the range of audiences and its assessment of the ballet, both in classical and in modern format. We hope to embrace and creatively engage the audience the theater, which usually are not interested in the ballet "
producer of the project, Catherine Barham 

In addition to the ticket, there is a small amount of champagne & canape package, which can be purchased on the official website of the ATG ( . Viewers who purchase this package will be offered champagne and canapés before a gala concert and during the intermission.

Information about tickets for the gala dinner will be announced later. At the dinner will be dancers and dignitaries. 

  1. Yana Salenko, Berlin State Opera and Ballet Theater (Stattsballet Berlin) 
  2. Ivan Putrov, Men in Motion 
  3. Igor Tsvirko. Bolshoi Theater, Moscow 
  4. Eugene Savarskaya. Bolshoi Theater, Moscow 
  5. Clifford Williams. Complexions Contemporary Ballet (New York) 
  6. Sarah Lamb, The Royal Ballet Covent Garden 
  7. Steven McRae, The Royal Ballet Covent Garden 
  8. Matthew Golding, The Royal Ballet Covent Garden 
  9. Adiaris Almeida, the National Ballet of Cuba 
  10. Taras Domitro, the National Ballet of Cuba 
(The performance is subject to cast change although every endeavour will be made to retain the original advertised line-up). 
Yana Salenko, prima ballerina of the Berlin State Opera and Ballet Theater (Stattsballet Berlin). 

Winner of the most prestigious German award in the area of Tanzpreis Zukunft Dance (Dance Prize "Future", 2010). In 2013 she made her debut at the Royal Ballet of Great Britain as Kitri in the ballet "Don Quixote" (directed by Carlos Acosta). In 2014 she performed the role of Kitri in the play "Don Quixote" of the Mariinsky Theater. 
Repertoire includes:
"Sleeping Beauty" (Princess Aurora, Princess Florine, fairy Canaries), "La Bayadere" (Gamzatti) directed by Vladimir Malakhov;
"Esmeralda" (Esmeralda) - choreography by Yuri Boatmen and Vasily Medvedev;
"Cinderella" (Cinderella), "Peri" (Perry) - choreography by Vladimir Malakhov;
"Giselle» (Pas de deux), «The Nutcracker" (Marie) - choreography by Patrice Bart; 
Ivan Putra Prime London's Royal Ballet (2002-2010), a guest soloist of the National Opera of Ukraine (since 2001), Honored Artist of Ukraine (2009). In 1996 I won a prize and gold medal of the International Competition Ballet Serge Lifar (Kiev) and won the Ballet Competition "Prix de Lausanne" (Switzerland) - which allowed him to get a scholarship to study in the UK, in the Royal Ballet School. 
Repertoire includes:
The Royal ballet
Pierrot "Pierrot Lunaire" with choreography by Glen Tetley (preparing party under the leadership of choreographer
Lenski, "Onegin" with choreography by John Cranko
Florimund Prince, "Sleeping Beauty"
Nutcracker Prince, "The Nutcracker"
Solor and Golden god, "La Bayadere" staged by Natalia Makarova
Basil, "Don Quixote"
James, "La Sylphide"
Prince Siegfried, "Swan Lake"
Count Albert, "Giselle" 
Igor Tsvirko, the leading soloist of the Bolshoi Theater. A graduate of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography and winner of the second prize at the International Ballet Competition and choreographers.

Repertoire includes:
The Nutcracker Prince ( "Nutcracker")
Petruchio ( "The Taming of the Shrew") 
José ( "Carmen Suite" by Bizet - R. Shchedrin, staged by A. Alonso)
Couple in red ( "Forgotten Land" to the music of Britten, choreography I. Kilian)
the title role ( "Spartacus")
Mercutio ( "Romeo and Juliet" directed by Alexei Ratmansky) - the first performer at the Bolshoi Theater 
Clifford Williams, a well-known Ukrainian audience thanks to the leading parts in the ballet The Great Gatsby. . He began his dance education at the secondary school Educational Arts La Guardia. He went to school and the Ailey School of American Ballet, both of which he attended on a scholarship. He received the award of the first degree of the National Arts Development Fund in 1998. In 2004, Williams joined the troupe Complexions Contemporary Ballet (New York, USA). 
He danced in the works of Rodin Dwight (artistic director of the world-renowned troupe Complexions Contemporary Ballet). Since 2004, Clifford assisted by the director and choreographer Dwight Rhoden to work on a variety of projects, including the ballets for the Dance Theater of North Carolina, Ballet Pittsburgh Aspen Ballet Santa Fe Ballet for Vishneva Project, as well as in the TV program "So you think you can dance ". 
Sarah Lamb, prima ballerina of the Royal Ballet, Covent Garden (Royal Ballet London). Winner of the US presidential scholarship in the arts. In 1998 he admitted to the Boston Ballet, where she became a prima ballerina and danced the leading roles in ballets by contemporary choreographers. Especially Sarah, the famous British choreographer Wayne McGregor created his first full-length ballet Raven Girl ( «The Crow"). 
In perertuare:
Party Aurora, Giselle, Nikia, Kitri, the Sugar Plum Fairy, Juliet, Manon, as well as roles in ballets by Balanchine. 
Steven McRae, began studying dance at the age of seven years. In addition to ballet, tap dancing involved, all this you can enjoy in our presentation Sunday at The Savoy. Skills in both types of dance shown in 2003 in the competition "Prix de Lausanne", which brought him a scholarship to the Royal Ballet School in London, where he began working in 2004 
For five years, he managed to climb to the top step in career: in 2009 he was elevated to the rank of prime minister.

Repertoire includes:
Romeo ( "Romeo and Juliet" by Prokofiev and choreography by K. MacMillan)
Des Grieux ( "Manon" to music by Jules Massenet, choreography K. MacMillan)
Prince Siegfried ( "Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky and choreography by Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov, F. Ashton, D. Bintley)
Florimun Prince ( "The Sleeping Beauty" by Tchaikovsky and choreography by Marius Petipa, E. Dowell, F. Ashton, C. Wheeldon)
Prince ( "Nutcracker" by Tchaikovsky and choreography by P. Wright)
Prince ( "Cinderella" S.Prokofiev choreography F. Ashton
The Chosen One ( "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky and choreography by K. MacMillan)
Coghlan ( "Vain Precaution" by L. J. F. Herold, choreographer Frederick Ashton). 
Matthew Golding, who was born in Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada). He studied at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School staff, the Universal Ballet Academy (Washington) and the Royal Ballet School in London. 
After graduation, he entered the company of the American Ballet Theater (2003 - 2008). Since 2009 - in the company of the Dutch National Ballet, since 2010 - the Prime Minister. Matthew Golding - winner of the Grand Prix competition of the Youth American Ballet Theater (New York), winner of the Alexandra Radius Prize (2010). He was nominated in 2011 for the prize Zwaan Dutch theater and concert association in the category of "Outstanding Achievement in the field of ballet."

For the role of the Prince in the film version of the ballet "The Nutcracker" with choreography by Wayne Eagling he was nominated for the Benois de la danse.

Repertoire includes:
Solor in "La Bayadere" Natalia Makarova
Basilio in "Don Quixote" by Alexei Ratmansky
Prince in "The Sleeping Beauty" by Sir Peter Wright 
Adiaris Almeida, choreographic education in the National School of Ballet in Havana. After graduation she was invited to the National Ballet of Cuba under the direction of Alicia Alonso, where he became a leading ballerina.

Almeida was later invited to join the American Ballet Cincinnati (USA).
He won gold and silver medals of the International Ballet Competition in Havana. 
He became the first Cuban dancer reached the final of the International Ballet Competition in the United States. Winner of the International Dance Competition in Japan and participant Gala Ballet in Tokyo.

Later, she was invited to the Boston Ballet, where she danced the main leading roles in theater productions. Currently Adiaris Almeida is a guest dancer of many theaters of the world, including the National Ballet of Cuba and the Rome Opera, and participates in international ballet festivals, and is a welcome party-dancer at the prestigious world ballet gala. 
Taras Domitro, was born in Havana, Cuba. He studied at the Provincial School of Ballet, at the Alejo Carpentier and the School of the National Ballet of Cuba. In 2008 he entered the troupe Ballet San Francisco Prime. He holds the Gold Medal of the International Competition in Orlando, Florida, USA (2008), Grand Prix of the International Festival in Peru (2003) and Havana (2002), First Prize and Prize "Discovery" in the Competition-Festival in Havana (2000). 
Repertoire includes:
Basil ( "Don Quixote", and Thomason Posokhova)
The Snow King and the Nutcracker-Prince ( "Nutcracker")
Mercutio ( "Romeo and Juliet")
pas de trois and Siegfried ( "Swan Lake") 
Executive producer:
Linda Rogers

Produced by:
Catherine Barham
James Skrimdzhor

Event facebook:


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