Ghost Wars S01E08 "Two Graves" Recap

Billy exists in a ghostly state while Landis takes lead in treating him after he was electrocuted. The townsfolk also struggle to try to reconcile their running Roman's mother out of town as they need him to stay and his abilities to help.

Father Dan goes into the secret passageway in the church and observes the mysterious glowing orb before crouching down to cradle it. The church-goer Carol calls out to him and it's the necessary distraction to allow him to break free from the orb's grasp and come back upstairs to his office.

Billy becomes distraught as he observes his body being treated and learns that they're thinking of giving up on him.

Doug advises Roman not to succumb to his anger over what happened with his mother, saying that killing Maggie's killer didn't bring him any further peace. He leaves but lets Roman know he'll be waiting for him at the church. Billy visits Roman, who tells him he needs to get used to being dead. Billy tells Roman that his mother used her powers for nefarious purposes and even blackmailed Billy' father which lead to the townsfolk running her out of town. Billy is left to deal with the ghost of Roman's mother while Roman leaves to confront Father Dan at the church with a gun.

Father Dan offers to take Roman to his mother's body. Roman's mother encourages Billy to let go and move on, goading him by saying that he's always liked doing things the easy way. When he considers giving up, he is transported to a mysterious circular display that glows blue. Billy approaches the orb and appears to ponder between continuing forward or not as he reaches his hands forward.

Father Dan takes Roman to the woods and shares the story that he was driving Roman's mother to Anchorage and got distracted. As a result, he crashed the car and this was how she died. Roman is tense, still holding the gun. Father Dan admits that he'd been struggling with his faith and had been drinking when he crashed the car.

Landis is watching over Bill who is in his coma and speaks to him. Billy hears her voice while touching the orb and it allows him to return to his body and wake.

Carol goes down to snoop in Father Dan's office. When she finds it empty she opens the secret passageway she saw him messing with earlier. She discovers the orb and approaches it, becoming overcome with intense sensations. When she's close enough, tendrils reach out and begin to grab hold of her, seemingly sucking the life from her.

Landis realises there is something wrong with Billy and someone else is possessing his body. She eventually realises that Ryan is the one possessing Billy and he attacks her. The real Billy returns and stops Ryan from killing Landis, speaking to her from his ghostly state saying he's coming back to her before re-entering his own body. Billy later awakens and is greeted by Landis.

Father Dan shows Roman where he buried her mother's body and encourages Roman to kill him. Roman's mother visits him and whispers into his ear before continuing on her journey. Roman informs Father Dan that his mother is ready to forgive Dan for what he's done and ready to move on. Roman says that he will not give Dan the absolution he is looking for and drops the gun at his feet before walking away.

A mysterious woman emerges from the glowing orb covered in slime. When Father Dan returns to the church and checks on the orb he is shocked to find that it now has a gaping hole in it. The woman visits the McGrath-Dufresne home and meets Isabel in the attic who simply nods at her. The woman then coughs up a slimy orb and Isabel does the same, prompting the woman to do the same once more. Isabel places her orb on the floor against a wall and tendrils begin to spread out from it. She then takes the woman's orbs and places them elsewhere.

Ghost Wars airs on Thursday on Syfy at 10/9c.


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