Ghost Wars S01E09 "Post-Apocalypse Now" Recap

The town mortician, Sophia, offers to help a young boy that is lost but when she hugs she appears to deplete his life force.

Landis tries to help Billy recall his memories from when he was a ghost and together they realise that the large blue light he was seeing was the accelerator in the the LAMBDA institute.

Things are still tense between Roman and Rev. Dan. Dan tries to mend their relationship but Roman isn't interested after such a heavy betrayal.

Landis and Billy converge on a field where a LAMBDA helicopter has landed but are quickly surrounded by armed passengers of it. Dr. Clark is the leader of the group and Landis knows her as her boss. She shares the information she has on the strange happenings in the town and Clark is unsurprised by the revelation, saying that the town had disappeared entirely from the outside perspective. Clark tasks one of the agents with guarding Billy at the helicopter while Landis accompanies Clark with other guards to head into town.

Dan discovers the body of a woman, Melanie, that has killed herself. He visits Sophia and asks her to help him take care of the body and she agrees. Sophia runs off when she and Dan are interrupted tending to the body by another town resident. Sophia is later shown to be luring another stranger down into her basement.

Billy is able to disarm his guard and hold him at gunpoint, taking him as a hostage back into town. They arrive at the bar where various LAMBDA higher-ups are trying to offer help but are met with distrust by the townsfolk. Roman correctly deduces that the man claiming to be their leader isn't actually in charge. A woman named Daphne Holt introduces herself as the one in charge and class  she'll be able to solve the ghost problem.

Landis is at LAMBDA sharing all the information with Clark and how she had to strip the electrical components from the accelerator to act as a shield that nullifies the ghost's hallucinogenic-inducing powers. Clark orders her to get the accelerator running again. Daphne meets Landis who warns her that restarting the accelerator is a bad idea. Daphne becomes interested in Roman's powers when she observes him using them on some surveillance footage of him fending off a ghost that was attacking Landis.

Billy and his sister clash with their opinions on the new LAMBDA officers. Billy doesn't trust them but his sister is more willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Landis comes over and informs them they need to try to stop LAMBDA from re-starting the accelerator. Meredith agrees to talk to Daphne Holt. Billy is upset at Landis for keeping secret her part in what may have caused the ghostly problems of the town but when she reminds him of what he and the others did to Roman's mother he relents.

LAMBDA is working on preparing the accelerator but Landis looks Clark in a holding cell so he can encounter a ghost and understand what they have been dealing with. He begins screaming in terror almost immediately after she cuts the electrical power of the room. He is shaken from the hallucinations he experiences and is determined to leave but Landis informs him that they are all trapped and have been ever since this started. When Clark tells Daphne, she is unsurprised, having always known of this risk.

Dan visits Sophia to see how she is doing and after she invites him in, she grabs his hand and begins to weaken him with some sort of seemingly supernatural-ability and her eyes turn completely black while doing so. She proceeds to kidnap him and drive him to the strange house she was 'laying eggs' in at the end of the previous episode. She forces him against a glowing orb that unleashes tendrils that attach to him. Sophia leaves him entangled and Dan prays to god to be killed. He spots a nearby basked of sewing supplies and is able to retrieve a pair of scissors that he uses the cut the tendrils off of him and break free. He sets a curtain in the attic on fire before running outside and getting away.

Clark fills Landis in on Daphne's interest in colonising heaven. It's unclear what they caused by starting the accelerator. Landis wants to fix the damage and Clark tells her Daphne won't stop until she completes her mission.

Daphne visits Roman, wanting to communicate with the ghost of her mother or perhaps simply any ghost. She has visions of her sick mother on her deathbed.

Landis gets drunk in Billy's trailer, feeling defeated and helpless in stopping LAMBDA from causing more devastation. He offers to go with her back up to the building and smash things up to keep them from causing more damage and put people in harm's way.

The townsfolk head up to the LAMBDA institute and demand answers about the recent disappearances of people that started up after these new people arrived. The two opposing parties end up in a standoff. Roman, Billy, and Landis advise Daphne to tell her men to stand down. Their standoff is broken up when they spot the smoke from the fire and the two parties agree to head out together to try to put it out.

The fire is put out but the house is still in bad shape. Meredith expresses her distrust of Daphne, which doesn't seem to phase her much. Roman notes that they all have no choice but to work together since they're all trapped and in danger together.

Billy confides in Landis that he saw Roman's power in action from the other side and was shaken by the magnitude of his power. He believes Roman himself doesn't realise how much power he has and Landis says this is something he can work with.

The LAMBDA staff load something up from the house and head back to the lab while Dan watches in secret, hidden in the trees.

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