Ghost Wars S01E10 "The Pain Connection" Recap

The LAMBDA scientist perform an autopsy on the pod they recovered from the house Rev. Dan burned down. Inside is a man, whom they cut open next. The man wakes screaming when one of his organs are removed. Dan has been drinking to cope with the trauma of recent events and tries to confront Marilyn and Val about how there is something insidious going on with their daughter who was trapped in a pod. He also tries to confront Sophia when she is trying to lure a man back for her to feed on. No one seems to believe Dan about his claims regarding those in pods.

Roman meets Dan at the local bar, who tells him about how the pods are being used against the people. Dan also reveals to Roman that he set the house on fire to destroy more pods within but there is still one pod at the LAMBDA institute. The man that was being operated on, originally a Dr. Jones who worked at the institute, is shown to have rapid regeneration. When an organ is removed, it grows back. If he is cut, the wound heals rapidly with no scarring left behind. Daphne wants to further explore this for the scientific progress it offers.

Sophia comes to babysit Abigail and Isabel. Isabel runs off afraid from the pair of them when left alone, and Abigail and Sophia plot together to kill Rev. Dan because he knows too much about the pods and it's only a matter of time before more people start to believe him. Dan goes with Roman to LAMBDA. Roman wants answers about the latest pod and the man inside. Daphne reveals that Jones is psychically connected to his extracted livers and that if they feel pain, he feels pain, and vice versa. This suggests a psychic connection between all pod-people. Dan wants to destroy Jones and the livers but Daphne says these regenerative cell properties are an important scientific development requiring further study. Roman leaves the institute.

On the way out, one of the employees gives Dan a key to come back into LAMBDA to try to destroy Jones. Jones wakes and attacks one employee, draining their life force till they're nearly a mummified corpse. Dan stabs Jones repeatedly with a scalpel but it does nothing to stop him from running through the institute, killing employees, and escaping. Daphne tells Dan she knows someone gave him a key and he tells he knows that she's dying, which is the real reason why she's so hungry to harness these beings for medical purposes.

Jones heads to the local bar and meets his wife Karla, who has been looking for him since he disappeared. The two have sex and Jones feeds from her during the act but she doesn't seem to notice.

Dan goes after Sophia but instead finds Isabel locked in one of the body shelves, frightened but seemingly unharmed. Isabel tells Dan he should be scared of what's going on. Both Abigail's true conscious and Isabel speak to Dan. Isabel says that someone else is in Abigail's body and that Sophia is gone. Dan wants to help them but Isabel says no one can help them, and that they're coming for him.

Sophia attempts to feed on Winston but Dan stops her just in time. He tells Winston to get Isabel from downstairs and to run away. Dan beats Sophia with a shovel to knock her out. The attack has alerted Abigail and Jones, who runs off to come help leaving his wife confused at the bar. Sophia wakes in the cellar of the church with Dan flicking a lighter on and off. Sophia, or whomever is inside her, taunts Dan for his faith and attraction to (the original) her. Sophia also pauses to impermanently self-mutilate herself to draw the others to her location. Dan realises that there is nothing left of Sophia in her body and reveals that he knows the others are coming because of their shared ability to feel each other's pain. When Abigail and Jones arrive, Sophia tries to warn them not to come in but Dan knocks them down and beats them into unconsciousness to tie them all up together. Dan prepares to set them on fire and leave but a ghostly presence locks him in with them. Dan prepares to set them on fire, regardless of the end it will pose to his own life but is distraught when he finds that his lighter will no longer light. Dan says a prayer and then a candle mysteriously lights and the entire room is set ablaze.

Roman arrives at the church, seeing the smoke coming from below. Abigail recovers and emerges from the ashes, escaping just in time before Roman arrives at the scene. He finds Dan's cross necklace in the remains and leaves to sit down and reflect on what's happened.

Karla wakes the following morning and discovers she is pregnant with it having advanced to the third trimester overnight.

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