Ghost Wars S01E11 "The Feast" Recap

Roman, Norm, and Val look at the charred remains of Paolo, Sophia, and Father Dan in the church basement. Roman gives Val a letter from Father Dan warning about Abigail while Norm goes to check out Karla who is heavily pregnant and vomiting up black bile into the bathroom sink. Karla already has the sense that Paolo is dead and Norm is shocked to see how pregnant she has become practically overnight.

Val is horrified to learn that Abigail has been so negatively impacted by her time in the pod. She lashes out at Roman for having said before that she was fine.

Norm gets Marilyn to come check on Karla and says that she's fine and will do an ultrasound on her in a few days. Marilyn tells Norm that Karla is simply claiming to have become pregnant overnight as a way to deal with the shock of losing her husband. Norm is worried that the baby isn't normal but Marilyn assures him things will be fine.

Val tells Marilyn about how Dan wanted to kill Abigail because it isn't really her anymore. They are concerned for her well-being and also acknowledge how Isabel has been warning them since Abigail returned that it wasn't really her sister. Despite their worries, they decide to continue on as normally as possible until they can determine the best course of action.

Roman discovers a glowing orb that when he touches, has flashes of appearing as a larger glowing cube before Roman stumbles back from it.

Norm asks Karla what she's going to do about the baby and expresses concern for her well-being. Initially she is angry at him for what she believes is encouragement to terminate the pregnancy. He assures her that he was merely offering to help her with the pregnancy and with raising the child.

Winston asks Norm for some gas for his car but Norm has none to spare since he needs to be able to get around and help Karla with her pregnancy. Norm brings the gas to Karla's place to fill up her generator. She asks him to cook up some steak for her, as she's having pregnancy cravings.

Val and Marilyn visit LAMBDA and ask Daphne to share the information she has on what happens to people when they come out of the pods. The information is confidential so Daphne instead tells them to bring Abigail in to be checked out with the promise that they can stop things whenever they want to.

Norm checks in on Karla's bar and finds Winston there looting. Norm threatens him at gunpoint into stopping, leaving, and never coming back to attempt to steal from there again despite Winston's protests that he hasn't eaten in three days. The town is beginning to run low on food in addition to many other necessities. Norm cooks up the retrieved beef for Karla, who hungrily consumes a large portion of it. When Norm expresses concern over being able to make the limited food supply last, Karla tells him that the Heaton house further out from town have a considerable amount of meat in their freezer. As the owner is dead, it should be up for grabs. Norm isn't fond of the idea of partaking in looting himself but decides to go ahead with it for the sake of Karla and the baby. When he gets to the basement he picks out several frozen and wrapped meat samples and puts them into his bag. One seems an odd shape so he begins to unwrap it. He is shocked to find a human hand cut off just beneath the elbow. The hand flies up and begins to strangle him so Norm gets out his taser and the electric charge makes the hand disappear as just another ghostly hallucination.

Norm drives home and on the way over becomes concerned by the appearance of black smoke. He runs up, believing the generator to be on fire but when he gets to the upper level the smoke is gone. Karla comes out and ushers Norm back inside to cook her up more meat. Over dinner, Norm expresses an interest in getting Marilyn back to do an ultrasound and Karla lashes out at him saying to leave it alone. She apologises immediately, claiming it's just hormones and letting him feel the baby kick. He is momentarily frightened by a seemingly unnatural movement from her abdomen but Karla assures him things are fine and invites him to stay the night with her.

Marilyn later gives Norm some medicine for Karla and assures him that the cravings are normal and to keep on feeding her.

Val and Marilyn bring Abigail to LAMBDA to have her checked up on. They take a blood sample to examine more closely.

Norm returns to the Heaton house to retrieve more frozen meat samples. He is frightened out of the house by a large tree-like creature that emerges from a different freezer. He runs outside screaming and drives away with the bit of meat he had already grabbed.

Roman struggles with the guilt he feels over not forgiving Dan before he died. Maggie advises him to be strong and that things will be okay.

Norm prepares a large feast for Karla, who angrily snaps at him when he proposes sharing the extra meat with the other hungry townsfolk. Norm is frightened when he has a vision of the feast as a more gruesome display of meat and decides not to eat any. The following morning, Norm wakes up in bed with Karla and he tells her about a nightmare he had of being in the ocean surrounded by corpses. She says that she can cheer Norm up and informs him that the baby is a boy and a miracle baby. She wants to name him Paolo Norman Jones, after both of his fathers.

Daphne tells Val and Marilyn that their daughter isn't their daughter anymore. They don't believe her claims so she tells one of the scientists to "go ahead", after which she leaves a rat in a box in front of Abigail. Daphne, Val, and Marilyn watch from an observation level as Abigail takes the rat out of the box and supernaturally sucks the life out of it until only a dehydrated rat corpse is left behind. Val and Marilyn inject Abigail with a sedative and tell Daphne they want to take her home.

Karla asks Norm to go pick up some more meat and he expresses reluctance to go since he thinks visiting the place may be what's giving him nightmares. When she offers to go instead, he says he'll go. While there, Norm is approached by Winston. Norm apologises for lashing out before and offers to give Winston some of the meat he has taken from the house. Winston tells him he's not carrying caribou and that he isn't Winston. "Winston" is revealed to actually be Roman who is trying to tell Norm that he's hallucinating and the meat he has retrieved is actually the charred remains of a dead body. Norm pulls his gun on Roman and knocks him out when he tries to get Norm take his hand (since it would reveal the truth of what he's actually looking at) and drives away with the meat.

Norm tries to warn Karla that they need to run away since Winston attacked him at the Heaton place. She goes with him but warns that the baby is coming. Roman meets with Val to let her know what's going on and says the old Heaton place doesn't exist. Val also tells Roman that Marilyn hasn't been seeing them since she hasn't had any new patients for some time. Val sends one of the townsfolk to find Billy and tell him what's going on.

Norm brings Karla to the morgue where she begins to experience labour pains. Roman and Val enter Karla's home and are shocked to find all the dead human remains that she's been feeding on.

Daphne is informed that Abigail's decaying cycle is growing faster than what they found in Jones' body and that she only has a few weeks to live. Taking over these bodies was either a flawed system or never meant to be permanent.

Val and Roman find where Norm and Karla are. Norm tries to get them to leave but once Roman touches him, he finally sees the truth. As Karla is in the final moments of giving birth, her abdomen is glowing in a similar manner as the pods. She lunges forward and gets on all fours before vomiting up a worm-like creature with claws around its 'face'. She picks up the creature and calls it "Paolo" before saying it has his father's eyes. The creature's tail wraps around her throat and begins to choke her, and Norm grabs his gun and fires.

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