Gotham S04E11 "Queen Takes Night" Recap

Jim is accompanied by the GCPD on a raid that leads to their discovery of a badly wounded doctor that Professor Pyg operated on, while leaving behind a message on the wall written in blood.

Sofia has teamed up with Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina to go after Oswald. The gang war is well underway and the women torture some of Oswald's men to try to get answers on his whereabouts. But their search is interrupted by Falcone who calls Sofia back to his manor. He berates her for sleeping with Jim and says she is a disgrace to their family name. Oswald was the one who had called Falcone to bring him back to Gotham and he came willingly.

Jim arrives to the manor in search of Sofia and meets Falcone, who says he's glad he never killed Jim because when he finds out the truth that will be what destroys Jim. He has made a deal with Oswald to send Sofia out of Gotham for good and is confident that Oswald will keep the deal with him unlike how he was with Jim. Sofia says her goodbyes to Jim and despite the falling out with her father he says she is still his daughter. She pauses to take rose with her, saying they were planted by her mother. It's then that a black van comes driving up and men in black begin shooting. Jim returns fire but the men drive away. Falcone is killed and Sofia is shot in the stomach.

Zsasz confronts Oswald, asking if the rumours swirling in the city that Oswald was responsible for Falcone's death are true but Oswald denies the accusation. They attend his funeral along with others, including Jim and Sofia who is now in a wheelchair. She is angry at Jim for not arresting Oswald but he states he cannot do so without evidence to support this claim. Jim tells Harvey that Sofia was the one who bought him into the captain's position without his permission and that he won't make a move against Oswald unless he knows for certain he can put him away. Harvey warns Jim that leaving Penguin free has wreaked considerable havoc and it's time to put him away for once and all.

Oswald comes to the GCPD station and demands that Jim turn over Sofia but Jim takes a stand saying no one in Gotham gets to violate the law. The other officers rally behind Jim and refuse to be bought or intimidated by Oswald and escort him and his henchmen out of the building. Sofia shares the story of Oswald apparently killing Martin and Jim uses this information to finally arrest him. Oswald tells Jim Martin's death was faked and Zsasz took him out of town but Zsasz betrays Oswald and agrees to testify against Oswald in court. Jim tells Zsasz this doesn't mean he gets a free pass but Zsasz and him have an understanding that they will be on opposing sides once more after Penguin is death with first.

Zsasz was shaken by the death of Falcone, whom he was loyal to first so he swears loyalty to Sofia instead. Sofia proceeds to give the Iceberg Lounge to Barbara, Tabitha, and Selina.

Bruce's partying ways catch up with him when he is cited for a noise complaint. Once again, Alfred tries to confront him into getting back on the right path. They begin to argue and the confrontation escalates to the point of Alfred losing control of himself and punching Bruce who immediately leaves in a rage.

Ed continues to have visions of his Riddler persona, while struggling to remember who he is. Meanwhile, Tabitha kidnaps Grundy and is determined to make him remember who he once was. When speaking to him isn't enough, she begins to repeatedly hit him over the head to try to jog his memory since he had said her name right after she hit him in the head in the fighting ring. It doesn't seem to work so she gives up but then Grundy wakes up once more and is shown to remember being Butch Gilzean and has his speech capabilities restored.

Jim visits Sofia to hear more about her plans for her criminal empire but when he arrives Professor Pyg is also waiting for him. Sofia reveals that she was the one who sent Lazlo/Pyg to the city to wreak havoc on it as a serial killer. She also orchestrated the death on her father and her own injury so that she wouldn't be suspected of being responsible. Though Pyg was the one who shot her, under her orders, Sofia then kills him. She keeps her gun on Jim and tells him that he must choose one of two options. The first is to tell everyone the truth about how she was the one who killed Pyg and the chaos will continue in the city since she will reveal all of the misdeeds that tarnish his name. But if he takes the credit for killing Pyg, he will continue to be captain and be under Sofia's control. She calls in the attack and Jim decides to take credit. Sofia did much of this not only to gain control but to avenge her brother's death. Now she will be keeping an eye on Jim and have the entire GCPD under her control.

Bruce presents Alfred with some emancipation papers so Alfred is now no longer Bruce's guardian and threatens to have Alfred arrested for hitting him. Alfred is further fired as the butler of the house and Bruce warns him to be gone when he returns from partying. Alfred chooses to leave Wayne Manor.

Jim returns to the GCPD station and Harvey informs him that he is quitting, leaving behind his badge and gun in Jim's office. He gives one final push to Jim to fix the mess that he has made.

Penguin is yelling angrily in his Arkham Asylum cell. Another inmate calls out to him and offers to work with him. The inmate is revealed to be Jerome Valeska.

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