Heartless S01E05 "Episode 5" Recap

Sofie tells Sebastian that she fed on Emilie but she is still alive. Sofie is taken aback by how well Emilie can handle being fed on compared to the people she has previously fed on. Sofie shares some of what she's consumed with Sebastian but gets angry at him when he is too aggressive with her.

Headmaster Just appoints Pieter as the new head prefect, much to Fredrik's disappointment. He also asks Pieter to keep an eye on Emilie as part of his extra duties.

Nadja vents to Sofie about her difficulties with Sebastian. She knows he prefers the kitchen girl Josefine over her, is frightened by the sensations she experiences when he kisses (and feeds on) her, and insults him repeatedly. Sofie warns Sebastian that he needs to get her under control or else they'll risk exposure.

Sofie goes to meet with Emilie to try to get more information in her investigation into hers and Sebastian's origins but also to fool around, having developed an attraction to her. She asks Emilie to get a photo of her mother, secretly hoping to trace the heart pendant, and though Emilie finds the request odd she agrees. The two begin to kiss and Sofie begins to feed on Emilie before angrily pushing her away and ordering her to never grab her face like that again. In the process, Emilie sees Sofie's black eyes for a moment but is not frightened off, as Sofie is visibly vulnerable at the physical and emotional exposure.

Emilie retrieves a family album from her father's office. Despite being caught by her older sister Ida, she is still able to sneak out with it. Pieter approaches Emilie on her way out to try to strike up small talk but though Emilie is polite, she isn't particularly interested in anything more.

Sebastian tries to enquire about the whereabouts of the girl he saw a staff member dragging but they deny any knowledge of such a girl. The staff had previously buried the girl in the woods. Sebastian than tries to approach Nadja but she only angrily screams at him and refuses to hear any of his excuses for his action. She further yells out at the nearby students that no girls should go near Sebastian for his perverse tastes. Sofie later tells Sebastian he should just kill Nadja and be done with it, something Sebastian doesn't want to do. He visits Josefine, desperate to be close to her, but she rejects him when he once again refuses to kiss her or give an explanation as to why he won't.

Sebastian once again approaches Nadja and pleads with her to come with him somewhere, wanting to show her something and apologise for what he has done. With her feelings still conflicted, she agrees to go with him.

Emilie shows Sofie the photo album and Sofie once again identifies the heart pendant, this time with it being shown on Emilie's grandmother. Emilie admits she doesn't know where the necklace is. The two begin to fool around once more.

Sebastian drives Nadja into the woods and admits that he is a "freak" as she had referred to him as, and that he suffers from a family affliction. He attempts to feed from her but she gets out of the car. He follows her and she ponders her options. She restates her attraction to him and allows him to feed from her. He then brings her back to the school and continues to brood about his deep attraction to Josefine.

Emilie talks to her younger sister Clara, who has deduced that Emilie is seeing a girl. Emilie simply states that she likes both girls and boys and Clara accepts her regardless. Emilie asks if Clara knows where their grandmother's heart necklace is but Clara doesn't know. Emilie then sneaks out to hang out with Sofie and the other students heading to a local student pub.

Sebastian has an awkward encounter with Josefine's on-again/off-again boyfriend Pede who is working the for at the club but allows him in regardless.

Another student, James, is given a folder by an unknown man who speaks about a woman named Miriam.

In the pub, Emilie reveals her telekinetic powers to Sofie.

Sebastian follows Josefine and watches as she has sex with Pede out behind the pub. She makes eye contact with him and he leaves angry.

One of the staff members shows Headmaster Just some surveillance footage from a nearby gas station that shows the supernatural being they recently killed that they believed to be responsible for Detlev's death was there at the gas station when he died. Headmaster Just is alarmed and returns home where he orders Ida to close all the windows, lock the doors, and let no one in. When he discovers that Emilie is gone, he demands Clara reveal her location.

Headmaster Just picks Emilie up from the party and brings her home where he sits his three daughters down and tells them the story of Ane being burned at the stake when she was nine months pregnant. Somehow, her baby survived and that is whom they are descendants from. When Ane was still burning she set a cruse on Christian, Gertrude, and their unborn child. The baby was born cursed, as were all that descended from their bloodline. They feed on others, with their eyes turned black. This alerts Emilie, who has seen Sofie's blackened eyes. Ottman's boarding school acts as a beacon to all of this kind and those in the Just bloodline are tasked with killing these cursed creatures. Headmaster Just describes them as gruesome, merciless killers. He informs them that there is a cursed one at their school and they must find them, pressing Emilie to reveal any suspicions she may have on them and telling her she is either with 'them or us'.

Pede leaves the pub drunk and relieves himself in the woods. When he gets into his car, Sebastian pops up in the back seat and feeds on him until he bursts into flames. Sofie arrives on the scene and angrily hits Sebastian for doing something to risk their exposure.

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