Heartless S01E06 "Episode 6" Recap

Ottman's Forest, 1678. Gertrude searches for her daughter Marie and finds her feeding on an innocent man camping in the woods until he is consumed by fire.

Sebastian leads Sofie to the place in the woods that he was lead to and together they find the young girl buried there that he saw earlier. Sofie looks around and realises they are standing in a graveyard of countless others. Sofie is horrified that a young girl would be killed and Sebastian says he saw the janitors taking her away. Sebastian finds a ring on one of the bodies and takes it as a clue. Sofie ponders if the girl is like them and Sebastian agrees with the theory.

Sofie goes to meet Emilie who uses her powers against her and angrily berates her for not telling her she and her brother are cursed Ottmans. Emilie tells her they need to leave and walks out. Sofie tells Sebastian the words Emilie said to her that quote the curse they suffer from. Sebastian is alarmed by the accuracy with which it describes how their life has been. Sofie is heartbroken to have lost out on love and Sebastian comforts her, saying this is why he has fought so hard for them to be able to find answers and have the freedom to live a normal life. He wants Sofie and himself to be able to love freely without the one they love dying. Sebastian has traced the origins of the ring he found in the forest as a doctor's ring from the University of Copenhagen. He wants to follow this lead and encourages Sofie to make Emilie realise the magnitude of the danger they are in of being killed.

Sebastian visits Josefin, who is still angry with him and also shaken up by Pede's death. She feels guilty for using Pede to make him angry and thinks it's her fault that Pede died from drinking and driving. She asks to meet with him later before walking off.

Headmaster Just confronts Emilie once more, asking if she knows who is cursed at the school. She asks what will happen when he finds them. He reiterates his "them or us" philosophy and that cursed ones must be killed for being remorseless bloodthirsty killers. She leaves are conflicted than ever. She later speaks with her younger sister Clara who expresses a wish to be able to deliver the cursed ones by breaking their curse. She says it reminds her of something that happened before their mother died. Their mother was on the phone with someone and talking about their grandmother's heart necklace. She wanted to get the necklace for someone who needed it. Emilie asks if their mother found it but Clara says he doesn't think so.

Sofie convinces Emilie to come with her in the forest, hoping to convince her of their need to stay and find a way to break their curse. She wants Emilie to help and though Emilie is wiling to let them stay she doesn't want to resume a romantic relationship. When they arrive at the clearing where the bodies were, they have all been dug up and moved.

Headmaster Just has not gotten any useful information out of Pieter regarding what Emilie is up to so he tasks Frederick with also trying to find information and promises whomever gives him something useful will be rewarded.

Sofie tells Sebastian that Emilie said they need to be afraid of her father. Sebastian is skeptical that he could be in charge of these killings but Sofie is certain that the danger is real. Sebastian shows her how he has been searching for missing people that may have owned the ring. He closes in on a new town doctor Thomas Gundersen who disappeared five years ago. Sebastian heads into town to learn more about Thomas and finds out from a woman that used to work with him that he was involved with a young female patient and kissed her 'in a frightening manner', confirming the theory that Thomas was cursed. The woman retrieves some old papers and belongings that belonged to the late doctor. He finds multiple notes that all have the heart pendant drawn on them and a photo of a young woman that Sebastian takes for himself to bring back to the school.

Emilie tells Sofie that she misses her and asks her to kiss her. Sofie says she is afraid to do so but Emilie says she can handle it. Sofie relents and they kiss before Sofie begins to feed and pulls away. Sofie implores Emilie to help her become normal, not wanting them to end up killing each other.

One of the janitors corners Josefine to ask about her being one of the last to see Pede alive. He asks if she saw anyone else and she says she didn't. The janitor pushes her for answers about if she was seeing anyone else but she denies it.

Pieter and Frederick spot Emilie with Sofie. Frederick claims they'll tell Just but Pieter declares that he will tell Just himself. When Frederick claims he'll still tell Just, Pieter chokes him with his tie and warns him not to push him to the edge ever again. After releasing Frederick, Pieter heads to Just's office and tells him Emilie is dating Sofie. Just asks if they kissed and Pieter confirms this. Seeing as how he doesn't claim anything strange about it, he simply dismisses Pieter.

Josefine tells Sebastian about the janitor's questioning and his theory that Pede was murdered. She asks him if he had anything to do with it and he denies it. The two laugh it off. She implores him to kiss her and he is only willing to kiss her on her face but not on the lips. He says he can't tell her why he can't kiss her right now but promises to tell her why someday.

Just confides in Ida about his concerns over Emilie. She warns him that if he forbids her to see Sofie she will only rebel further.

Sebastian tells Sofie about how the doctor was an Ottman and shows the photo he found. Sofie identifies her as Emilie's mother.

Emilie speaks with her father about her grandmother. He says that one day she or one of her sisters will inherit her grandmother's necklace and claims it is hidden away at the school. He tells Emilie he wants to spend more time with her and says that she has permission to date, even if it's a girl. Emilie asks him what he knows and he admits to knowing about her current relationship. He claims these types of relationships don't last long and it's not clear if he's referring to one between young people or the fact that she's involved with a girl. Emilie goes to school to tells Sofie that her father knows about their relationship but not about Sofie being cursed. Sofie asks about the heart necklace and Emilie says she believes it to be hidden in her father's office.

Sofie relays her concerns to Sebastian that Emilie seemed frightened by her father knowing about their relationship. Sofie stresses that she doesn't want to end up like the other dead bodies in the forest. She also shares about her theory that the necklace is hidden in Just's office. They decide to go after the heart.

At the Just home, Ida has a nightmare and wakes up screaming, warning her father that someone is getting close to the heart. When Just arrives at his office, he finds it has been ransacked but the heart has not been taken. In the dark, someone knocks out Ida, alarming Just.

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