Heartless S01E07 "Episode 7" Recap

The morning after the confrontation in Just's office, the students gather around and take in the disarray. Emilie visits Sofie in her room and slaps her, accusing her of attacking Ida. When Sebastian comes in after Emilie leaves, he poses the theory that someone else must be after the heart as it wasn't either of them that tried to steal it in the night.

Emilie and Headmaster Just sit with Ida who is lying concussed in her bed. Emilie wants to call for medical help but Just thinks Ida will be fine without treatment and pushes Emilie to reveal who in the school is cursed. He is thankful that they didn't get a hold of what they were looking for.

Sebastian asks Nadja if she has ever known anyone 'strange' like him, hoping to discover who else is cursed and might have attacked Ida. She claims not to know of anyone else like him but does put him on the path of questioning Gustav, saying he is often roaming the halls alone at night.

Just pushes Pieter to find answers about the attack on Ida and also encourages him to ask Emilie out, hoping to push Emilie towards a more heteronormative standard. Pieter agrees to ask Emilie out.

Sebastian and Sofie follow Gustav to a random location where he meets with another cursed person who feeds on Gustav with his consent. After Gustav leaves, Sebastian and Sofie confront the man, saying they are like him. The man's name is Mikkel and his background is similar to theirs. He never knew his parents either. When it first started, he had a girlfriend that happened but things ended between them. Sebastian shares the quote Emilie shared and Mikkel shares how these were the words Ane said when she was burned at the stake and her off-spring continued on through the Justs. Mikkel claims to know where Just keeps the heart and is willing to share the location, saying he couldn't get the heart on his last attempt.

Sebastian has another encounter with Josefine in which she presents herself to him nude after showering. He struggles to keep from kissing her on the lips but affirms his feelings for her.

Sofie tells Emilie that neither she nor Sebastian were the ones who attacked Ida. Emilie still doesn't trust Sofie and their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Pieter whom Emilie has agreed to go on a date with. Sofie and Sebastian observe the pair walking off together, shocked by the sight of it before heading off to meet Mikkel. Pieter and Emilie go for a walk in the woods. He offers her a drink from his flask and she only has a little. Their time together is pleasant but when Pieter prepares to drive her back, he becomes aggressive in trying to kiss her and push her towards sexual activity. She gets out of the car and runs off. When Pieter comes driving after her, she uses her powers to knock a tree down to block the road.

Sofie and Sebastian meet with Mikkel, who instructs them on where to find the heart necklace.

Emilie doesn't tell her father about Pieter's aggressive behaviour but does chide him for pushing Pieter towards asking her out in the first place. Just becomes angry when Clara uses her own powers to play with her dinner food. Ida becomes alarmed over dinner, warning Just once again that someone is going after the heart. The two head out together while Emilie and Clara are left at home. Sebastian and Sofie search the building to find the heart while Emilie looks through photos of her with Sofie. Meanwhile Clara uses her powers on some flowers.

Sebastian, Sofie, and Mikkel continue to search for the heart when Sofie gets a text from Emilie warning her to get out. She shows Sebastian the warning message while Mikkel closes in on where the heart has been hidden. He wants to push the cabinet that has been recently moved while Sebastian and Sofie run off once they see Just drive up. Mikkel stay behind, determined to find the heart and successfully does so. Just is armed with a shotgun and fires it into the building. Upon getting inside with Ida, he discovers the open cabinet and then Mikkel on the floor, recognising him from having been at the school. Mikkel has been shot in the chest and Just knocks him out before taking the heart necklace back. Just tells Ida to keep an eye on him while he searches the rest of the house.

Just ties Mikkel up in the kill room and Mikkel wakes only to be interrogated and tortured by him. Mikkel is revealed to have been a student at the school five or six years prior but Just is intrigued by how Mikkel was able to make it through his time at the school without being caught, only to now be caught years later. Just wants the names of whomever is cursed at the school currently but Mikkel won't give up the names.

One of the janitors goes to confront Josefine again, demanding answers about Pede's death. She refuses to answer any more of his questions, standing her ground. The janitor attacks her and forces her against a cabinet, even choking her continuing to press her to answer. She relents and gives up Sebastian's name.

Sebastian ponders how they shouldn't have come to the school but Sofie shifts her tone and thanks him, saying that before they came to the school she was only existing without living. She promises that they will stay at the school no matter what.

Emilie discovers Just's kill-room and is angered by Just's violence against Mikkel. Ida has arrived with Clara in tow. Just brings them all to see Mikkel and Just presses his younger daughters to not see a tortured human but simply a predator looking for its next meal. Just claims that this kind are what killed their mother. The argument is interrupted by the janitor Henrik who wants to tell him what he has learned but Just instead uses him as a sacrifice to Mikkel's need to feed to shock his daughters into siding with his ideology against the cursed ones. He presents Ida with a blunt object, pressing her to end it. Ida takes the object and slowly approaches Mikkel. He whispers to her that he loves her and she hits him in the head till dead, shedding quiet tears for the loss of her love.

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