Heartless S01E08 "Episode 8" Recap

Emilie has a nightmare about herself kissing Sofie and then being fed on until she catches fire. Ida tends to her when she wakes and Emilie agrees it is time to go back to school. Ida later hears the voice of the curse that is reminding her that only love can break the curse. She ponders to her father whether it was too early to show Emilie the brutality of their fight against the curse and cursed ones. He thinks it was the right time and asks Ida if she has ever been in love. She denies it but her eyes imply that she loved Mikkel too. Clara eavesdrops on the conversation and hears her father say that Emilie will soon be the one to wear the heart since her powers are stronger than Ida's. Just thinks Emilie will be ready very soon. Ida appears momentarily overcome by emotion but quickly pulls herself together and resumes doing her father's bidding.

Sebastian shows Sofie the photo of Emilie's mother that the missing doctor had, wondering if they had an affair that led to Just killing them. He asks Sofie to bring the photo to Emilie and ask her about it. When Sofie and Emilie meet, Emilie shares how her father showed them how the cursed ones kill by forcing Mikkel to feed on the janitor till death and then had Ida smash his head in. Sofie then brings up the matter of Emilie's mother and the missing doctor and their possible relationship.

Headmaster Just tells Pieter that he may be put up on the wall of the school in honour but only if he does one more thing. He proceeds to tell Pieter that Ditlev's death wasn't suicide but a murder. He wants Pieter to find the cursed one in the school but to be careful since getting too close will result on him dying by way of catching fire.

Emilie and Clara snoop through their father's office for answers regarding their mother and the doctor. They find their father has documented all the cursed one they've killed, including the doctor, as well as a list of the victims of the curse. They find the initials of their mother next to the name of the doctor which implies a connection. Their father comes in and demands Emilie return the book and won't answer whether he killed their mother. But Emilie uses her powers to hold a sword to Just's throat and he relents, blaming the doctor for the death of their mother but the implication begin clear that he was actually the one responsible.

Emilie visits Sofie and tells her what she has learned, tearfully grieving for the truth regarding her mother's death. She is more determined than ever to find a way to stop the violence and death. Sofie reminds her of the importance of finding the heart and Emilie agrees to help.

Josefine visits Sebastian and he tries to claim that everything will be fixed soon but she seemingly ends their relationship, having grown tired of waiting for him. Nadja approaches Sebastian immediately after Josefine storms off and he tries to make a move on her but she also turns him down. Pieter approaches Sebastian immediately after and condescends to Sebastian that he should have better control of his emotions. Sebastian retaliates by taunting Pieter regarding his interest in Emilie but Emilie's preference of Sofie.

Nadja visits Josefine and tells her how kissing Sebastian feels like having the life sucked out of you and that you're about to catch fire. She also insinuates that Sebastian was involved in Pede's death. Nadja then opens up to Sofie about her sadness regarding Sebastian not liking her as much as she likes him and that he would rather be with Josefine.

Sebastian asks his teacher again about the Ottmans and Ane being burned at the stake. She presents him with Count Ottman's diary which reveals that love can break the curse. But it also says that the Justs will turn to dust if the Ottmans get the heart back. Sofie is concerned that Emilie will be harmed if they get the heart back. Sebastian urges Sofie to see that their young love is fleeting and a shot at a normal life is more important. She insists that Emilie must not be harmed.

The Justs have a family dinner and Emilie asks Ida if she knew their father killed their mother. She echoes her father's sentiments that their mother betrayed the family. When she brings up Ida's love for Mikkel, she maintains her father's rhetoric and says there was no other way. Emilie then taunts her father saying he should simply kill her too. He goes on to say that the heart must be guarded because their family will die if the Ottmans get a hold of it.

Sebastian has a nightmare about Josefine being harmed so he goes to her room to check on her only to find her gone. Sofie receives a text from Emilie summoning her to come get the heart. Sofie meets Emilie and tells her she can't take the heart or else something bad will happen. But her words are cut off by Just who emerges and quickly ties her up. Just gives Emilie a weapon to bash Sofie's skull in but she can't bring herself to do it. Just takes the weapon back, offering to do it himself. But when he makes a move to attack Sofie, Emilie uses her powers to send Just flying back.

Nadja confront Sebastian on the way back, admitting that she spoke to Josefine and told her what happens when Sebastian kisses people and that he killed Pede. He angrily slaps her and then forcibly feeds from her. Pieter witnesses the exchange and laments that he couldn't have seen Nadja burn. He even goes so far as to encourage Sebastian to kill her. He holds him at swordpoint and notes that it must have been Sebastian and Sofie that killed Ditlev. He prepares to stab Sebastian but Nadja rushes forward to stop him and Pieter ends up stabbing her through the abdomen. Sebastian then attacks Pieter and begins to feed on him.

Emilie frees Sofie from her restraints and puts the heart necklace on Sofie. They then begin to kiss and the curse is lifted. Sebastian becomes normal and is no longer able to continue feeding on Pieter, who quickly grabs his sword and stabs Sebastian in the upper abdomen. Pieter goes upstairs and a mortally wounded Sebastian crawls towards Nadja's body, crying for her lost life.

Sofie and Emilie are overjoyed to find that they are both still alive and the curse is gone. They prepare to walk off but Just emerges with the weapon in his hand, seemingly prepared to attack once more. His movements are stopped when he is shot by Ida, who reminds him of Ane's words that said love would break the curse for both families. She tells Sofie and Emilie that she wouldn't allow their father to ruin the love between them too.

Sebastian carries Nadja's body out into the courtyard as he begins to caught up blood. Sofie and Emilie run over and Emilie cradles Sebastian till he dies. Clara walks up and Emilie pleads with her to use her powers to save them. Clara uses her restorative powers to bring Sebastian and Nadja back from the dead. Another gunshot is heard and Emilie and Clara take off running to find out where it came from. Sebastian and Nadja are revealed to have strange, supernatural eyes as some yet-unknown consequence of being brought back from the dead.

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