Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E03 "A Life Spent" Recap

Kasius is stressed by the news of an important figurehead named Lady Basha who will be visiting the ship. He tells Simmons he has an important task for her and she is escorted to a room where a young girl, Abbie, is being held. When Simmons is left alone with her she discovers the girl is Inhuman and needs help to control her abilities in time for an important ceremony. Simmons determines that Abbie's ability is that she can manipulate her molecular density but can't control it.

The other team members are working hard to adapt to their roles of manual labour while Coluson is trying to decode Virgil's notebook. Grill is suspicious of the new arrivals and sends one of his men to go after them. When the team is all alone and about to go on a run, they determine that there is a particular location they need to reach but Grill's man insists on coming along with them on the run.

Daisy is skeptical of the theory of her being the one to tear the world apart as her abilities aren't strong enough to do something of that magnitude. She is alarmed when she learns about the Renewal but is assured that her loves ones have survived.

On the space expedition, May and Coulson discuss their predicament. Coulson is skeptical of there being a way to get back to their original time but May is determined that they will find a way home. Coulson, May, Mack, and Tess discover a radio transmitter that Virgil was using to communicate with someone. Grill's spy activates their devices that latch them to the wall but May uses their secure state to lurch the ship. Mack intervenes to fight off the spy and break the device and free them. The spy is knocked out and Tess is alarmed, saying that they are all dead for attacking a superior.

Yo-Yo sabotages her monitoring device so that while it is removed to be worked on she can use her ability to get a Kree tablet to Daisy but return back before anyone can realise she was gone. Daisy is determined to use it to rescues Simmons from captivity.

Simmons successfully coaches Abbie to better control her ability but is alarmed when Abbie is escorted away, not being able to get a more adequate amount of time to coach her. Kasius is skeptical of his second-in-command, wondering if she was trying to set Simmons up to fail but determines that she does in fact want Kasius to be happy. He asks her what makes Simmons so different and his subordinate responds, "Compassion."

Deke is angry at Daisy for what he considers to be reckless behaviour in trying to go after the blue people. She is forced to use her powers to keep him away from her and warns him not to ever call her "Quake, destroyer of worlds" again.

Tess proposes they send Grill's spy out into space, believing it to be the only way but Mack doesn't want them to resort to what he considers needless murder. When the ship nears the remains of Earth, they are shocked to pick up on a live signal coming from its surface. This would indicate survivors.

Lady Basha arrives to the ship and the ceremony takes place. Simmons is alarmed when Abbie is put into a combat fight against one of Lady Basha's large fighters. Kasius and Lady Basha watch surrounded by their servants. Simmons is emotional watching Abbie be beaten. Abbie looks up to Simmons who reminds her of her earlier advice which gives her the focus needed become dense enough that the fighter breaks his hand when trying to punch her in the chest. Abbie begs the man to leave her alone but when he charges, her hand phases into his chest and when she re-strengthens, he dies from having an object penetrate his chest. Lady Basha is impressed and Kasius sells Abbie to her. Simmons is horrified at this turn of events.

The team returns from space and frames Grill's spy to be a traitor. Grill turns on him and reports him to the higher authorities so he's exiled to die on Earth. They later revisit their radio transmitter and realise there is a party on Earth somehow even though no one is supposed to be able to survive on the surface.

Daisy gets caught on her way in and fights off her attackers but is eventually captured due to Deke betraying her by warning Kasius, who is surprised to find that the infamous Quake is somehow still alive and present on the ship but decides to make her his new champion to likely sell off to the highest bidder.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Fridays on ABC at 8/7c.


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