Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S05E04 "A Life Earned" Recap

Kasius interrogates Daisy, wanting to know if she came alone. She claims there is no one else besides Simmons but he is skeptical on whether to believe her. He threatens to hurt Simmons if she doesn't stay cooperative and takes a sample of her blood. She later meets Ben, another champion Kasius has held captive. Ben in an Inhuman with telepathic abilities. Daisy is put into the pit and instructed to show her abilities so she knocks the guard back that was instructing her to do so. Kasius' guest is impressed but Kasius doesn't intend to sell Daisy to her for the insults she gave earlier to the station.

Kasius pays Ben for bringing Daisy to him with a quarter. Ben is please, as the metal from it is considered highly valuable. They speak about a prophecy that Kasius anyone who knows anything about, Kasius has killed. Deke agrees to try to find information for him on it.

Daisy tries to get Ben to work with her but he only wants to play by the rules, as his family will be compensated if he is sold and have a better chance at surviving as a result. He assures her that if they are ordered to fight each other, he will try to win.

Coulson and May question Deke about Daisy's whereabouts. He lies about where she is. They also want to investigate the surface and also want to know about the mysterious Level 35. Deke believes it's too dangerous but Coulson presents proof that Virgil was communicating with someone on the surface. Deke is shocked by this revelation but agrees to help find these people.

Kasius orders Ben to come in while he questions Daisy and Simmons about their stories, with Ben being told to corroborate their story. Daisy claims it's just her and Simmons that came through time. She tells the truth with the exception of there being anyone else present. Their stories match up perfectly and Ben tells Kasius they are telling the truth. Daisy is shocked that their false stories matched, since Simmons is not able to hear anyone but Kasius, but keeps quiet on the matter. Kasius excuses everyone despite still being suspicious of their stories.

Ben later reveals that his power isn't just to read other people's minds but he can also let others read his mind. So he let Simmons read his mind so her story would match Daisy's. The people holding him captive don't know he has this particular ability. He shares with Daiy how he was able to read Kasius' mind and has learned that he hates the station and wants to destroy it and everyone else on it once he has gathered enough money to leave first.

Deke helps sneak Coulson and May up to the restricted level 35. Upon going through what's there they discover a baby and determine that Kasius intends to breed Inhumans.

Grill sends Mack and Yoyo to get payment from someone that owes him money. Mack is overcome with guilt when learning the man has a secret child. The population is revealed to be strictly controlled so few people can get pregnant the old-fashioned way. Kasius tries to breed and control the population and increase the likelihood of Inhumans to be sold off. May discovers that Daisy is in captivity and that Deke lied about where she is. Deke is forced to admit that he sold Daisy out but when he's trying to better explain what he is up to, they are interrupted by guards. A fight ensues and Deke is stabbed. Coulson leaves with him, intending to question him, while May has to stay and fight Sinara. Coulson is concerned about May, as she had a leg injury and doesn't believe she has recovered fully.

Deke tells Coulson he did what needed to be done but Coulson doesn't believe his motives are pure. He thinks Deke is only out for profit but Deke breaks down saying his mother was murdered by Kasius when he was nine. His father picked up the torch and as a result, was sent to the surface of the planet. Now he wants to find his father, having recognised his voice from the recording from the surface. Deke gives up the payment he received from Kasius to pay off the other man's debt and earn some trust back, but the team still locks him in a holding room to keep him from interfering with their plans.

Finally, more buyers arrive to bid on Daisy and see her powers. One of the buyers is revealed to be Fitz.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Fridays on ABC at 8/7c.


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