Marvel's Runaways S01E01 "Reunion" Recap

A girl named Destiny appears to have run away from home. She calls her family but hangs up when they answer. She is followed by two men whom she believes will mug or assault her in some way, frightened by them and unable to understand what they are saying (they're speaking Spanish). Two women pull up in van from the Church of Gibborim and tase the men, offering her a place to say. But the men are revealed to have ben trying to rescue her, believing she would've been safer with them than whatever is at the church.

Six months later, a once-close group of friends, Alex Wilder, Nico Minoru, Chase Stein, Gert Yorkes, Karolina Dean, and Molly Hernandez have grown apart following the death of Nico's sister Amy which took place two years ago. Alex is the most determined to try to get the group back together but they are more reluctant to do so. Gert is interested in Chase and offers to tutor him in Spanish, as he feels pressure to do better from his overbearing father. Nico and Karolina encounter one another in the bathroom and encourage each other as they are both saddened. Nico is still dealing with the loss of her sister and Karolina feels ostracised due to her mother being a prominent figure in the Church of Gibborim.

Karolina is giving a testimony about the church to some reporters when she meets Destiny, who now has a more wholesome appearance and claims to be grateful for how the church has improved her life. Karolina is eager to talk to Destiny and hear about what it was like to rebel. Meanwhile, Gert's adopted younger sister Molly discovers she has developed super strength that she struggles to be able to control and causes her eyes to glow when she uses her powers.

Alex returns home disappointed. All of their parents are having a meeting for the group Pride that they are all in. Alex had been given a supply of pizza and games for his friends to all have their own party but resumes playing his video game. Meanwhile, Chase arrives at a party that Karolina shows up to as an act of finally rebelling. She is given a pill by a stranger and removes her Church of Gibborim bracelet which results in her hands and arms beginning to glow before passing out. Some random boys pick her up and bring her upstairs intent on taking advantage of her but Chase spots them bringing her upstairs and follows afterward to stop them. He rescues Karolina and fights off her two would-be rapists who leave injured. He puts her belt back on as well as her bracelet which leads to her waking up. He helps her out of the party and she says she doesn't want to go home or back to the party.

Molly goes to feed Gert's pets but discovers that their parents have a strange and frightening creature in the basement. She calls Gert to ask for help and she sets out to pick her up, as Molly doesn't want to be home.

Nico is on the beach performing a Wiccan ritual hoping to be able to contact the spirit of her dead sister Amy but it doesn't work.

Alex texts out a photo of the group to everyone, prompting them all to come over and find refuge with their once-close friends. The group dynamic is awkward to start off with, despite Alex's best efforts to bring everyone close again. Chase wants to leave and lashes out at Alex for not coming to the funeral. Gert guilt-trips Chase for not showing up to their study session. They all vent their frustrations and unresolved grief at losing their friend. Karolina says she is sick of pretending to be fine and declares that they need to talk things through. Chase only agrees to do so if alcohol is involved so he sets off towards the house to find some of Alex's parent's supply. The group heads towards the house and finds their parents are no longer in the room they were in but their bags are still there. Chase serves Gert a drink and apologises to her for not showing up to their study session and she turns him down when he asks if they can reschedule one.

Alex accidentally uncovers a secret passage and the group heads down, only to discover all of their parents sacrificing Destiny in a strange ritual that sends her body through a large beam of light. There is a strange sort of barrier surrounding what they're doing that allows the teenagers to speak without the adults hearing them. Molly tries to snap a photo of what's happening and the flash alerts the adults, prompting the teenagers to run away.

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