Marvel's Runaways S01E02 "Rewind" Recap

The episode re-hashes the events of the first episode but with more of the content filled in on the actions of the main group's parents and the events that led up to their ritual sacrifice that the teenagers discovered.

Alex's parents Catherine and Geoffrey make preparations for the ritual. Chase's father Victor is revealed to have been physically abusive but no longer hits him because he is now strong enough to fight back and win. However, he remains verbally abusive and overbearing. Chase's mother Janet is implied to have secret contact with someone. It's unclear if it's someone she's having an affair with or simply a close relationship. Leslie, Karolina's mother, is informed that Destiny has run off and leaves to search for her. Her husband Frank is visited by his acting agent who tells him he is being dropped due to his affiliation with the church. Frank is a former teen heartthrob that had hoped to restart his career but his now ex-agent advises him to get more involved in the church since it's a more lucrative business than being an actor would be for him anyway. Currently, Leslie is in charge of everything to due with the church, including the finances. However, Frank's former fame was crucial in jump-starting the church.

Tina and Robert, Nico's parents, have a disagreement over her strict rules about people entering Amy's room following her death. Robert warns her that if she doesn't change her way than they will lose Nico too. Tina is shown to have control over a mystical staff that is able to produce shields and walls. Gert and Molly's parents Stacey and Dale are shown to be discussing the creature hidden in their basement, whom Stacey had stayed up all night looking after.

Geoffrey gets a call about an old criminal associate Darius interrupting an ongoing construction project of his. Catherine warns him that this is important to Pride and the other members will not stand for anyone getting in the way of it. Victor struggles with some technical issues regarding the container that will be used in the ritual, as he works on sending a rat through it beforehand. Leslie intercepts Destiny at the bus station where Destiny reveals she has a three year old daughter whose birthday is that day and she wants to reconnect with her. Leslie convinces Destiny to stay a little while longer, surprising her with the stage of "Ultra" in the Church of Gibborim and claiming the ceremony will take place that night.

Geoffrey heads to the construction site where Darius' colleague takes his phone to prevent him from recording their interaction. Geoffrey brings a suitcase that is supposed to have $50,000 to pay him off but instead contains a device surveilling Darius' grandmother's house whom he threatens if Darius should ever interfere with his dealings again. Darius is impressed that Geoffrey has not lost his edge despite having adopted a wealthy, elite life. The two groups part ways as Geoffrey gets his phone back and Darius' crew member is shown to have downloaded data from Darius' phone as part of their true plan.

Frank asks Leslie to take him to "Ultra" and implores her to let him help her with the church and take on more responsibility, swearing he'll be more committed to the church now since he is leaving acting. She stays distant from him and doesn't allow him to attend the closed Pride meeting but says they'll discuss this matter later.

The Pride meeting is under way and Geoffrey expresses reservations at this ritual need to kill a seventeen-year-old particularly since they all now have children of this age. However, the group remains determined that the cause they are doing this for is important and that as long as things go according to plan, this will be the last time they need to do this. The ritual takes place and they are distracted by a light flash but don't see the kids.

The kids flee from the ceremony and Molly has to use her strength to get the door open but the others don't seem to notice, believing they were able to open it together with their combined strength. They head back to Alex's room and speculate on what their parents may have been doing. Nico declares that no matter what the reasoning is, it appears as though their parents have killed a girl. Alex cuts the power while Molly is shown to have fallen asleep, the result of her being depleted by using her powers.

Alex's parents come in and find the teens playing Twister and they all feign ignorance about what has just happened in the secret passage. The adults are fooled into believing there was an electrical problem with the house. They all prepare to leave but Victor stays behind to work on his container but is shocked when he finds that it malfunctioned and Destiny is still alive and inside it.

Gert, Molly, Karolina, Chase, and Nico all leave with their respective parents. Alex's parents ask him about a possible interest in Nico but he doesn't answer anything about it.

Frank tries to get into Leslie's private study but is unable to get past its security measures and is caught by a staff member that tells him he doesn't have the clearance to be there. Behind the door, there is a decrepit figure lying in one of Victor's containers with a sort of respirator hooked up to their face.

Alex texts the group and tells them to meet him the following morning at ten so they can figure out what's going on. Karolina tries to text Destiny. Gert sings Molly to sleep and the sound carries down to the basement where the mysterious, seemingly reptilian creature is being kept. Geoffrey finds one of Molly's hairpins outside the entrance to the secret passage.

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