Marvel's Runaways S01E03 "Destiny" Recap

The episodes opens with a flashback to a group funeral several years prior. All the leading characters are present with the teenagers being young children. Molly's parents died in a fire that various members of the Pride blame one another for causing though it's yet to be revealed who is actually responsible. Stacey and Dale ask Molly if she would like to go home with them and be part of their family and she agrees.

In the present, Molly is alarmed that she can't find her cat hairpin. It's important to her because her mother gave it to her. Gert assures her that things will be okay. The teens all meet at the beach where they discover a social media post of Destiny seemingly from London. Nico is particularly skeptical, believing the photo could've been easily photoshopped. The group decides to split off to investigate the various pieces of this mystery. Gert and Chase will look into the mysterious creature in her basement, after which they can study. Nico will investigate the Staff of One, Alex will try to look into the secret passage again, and Karolina will continue her investigation at the Church.

Karolina questions Chase about his actions at the party after seeing the two boys he fought about some social media posting they did expressing animosity towards him. She still doesn't know they tried to take advantage of her since she was passed out when it happened.

Victor is working on the lab and Destiny asks him repeatedly to let her go. He turns around to address her but she has disappeared. It appears to be either some sort of hallucination or something supernatural. Janet comes in and the two argue once more.

The Minorus surprise the Yorkes at work with a celebration after a serum they engineered ended up on the cover of an important scientific journal. Afterwards, Tina asks Robert to go on a date so they can try to repair their relationship. Robert suggests she invite Nico, saying she really needs them now.

Gert and Chase look into his father's lab. She encounters some x-ray goggles that allow her to see Chase completely nude. They find one of the containers and find it empty but Gert proposes they look into her parents' lab next, wondering if Destiny ended up the test subject of an experiment.

Catherine relays her suspicions to Geoffrey about Molly's hairclip. She has vials of the serum and proposes using one on Molly if she knows too much. Geoffrey is unhappy with the idea of messing with a young girl's mind, saying that the serum is dangerous and how Kurt Dean (Karolina's father) was never the same afterward. Catherine remains determined to get the truth of whether or not Molly knows too much. Catherine tracks Molly down at a cafe and returns the hairclip, asking if anything was wrong since it was found so far away from where the children were hanging out. Molly claims she was having puberty problems and feigns having them again to flee into the bathroom where she locks herself in and uses her super strength to break through the concrete wall. She promptly passes out by the dumpster right outside of where she broke out.

The Minorus try to get Nico to come to dinner with them but she insists they have a date night for themselves since it's been so long since they did so. After they leave she struggles to get access to the Staff of One.

Alex goes home to try to search the passage way but has to act fast to try to close the door when he realises his father is unexpectedly home. Catherine calls Geoffrey to say that Molly ran off and must know something. He tells her to be sure before doing anything about it. Catherine then finds Molly passed out and gets her into her car. She once again presses her to open up about what happened. When Molly admits to lying, Catherine grabs hold of a hidden device to inject Molly with the serum. But Molly then claims that the older kids had told her to spy on them to make sure the coast was clear so they could raid the liquor cabinet. Catherine believes her and offers to tell Molly more about her parents if there's ever anything she wants to ask about.

Nico finally manages to get the compartment open to access the Staff of One. She pricks her finger on it and it becomes activated. While holding it she goes through an old scrapbook of her sister's, finding a paper snowflake inside and then snow begins to fall in the room.

Nico's parents are enjoying their date but when Tina discretely slips off her underwear and passes it to Robert he gets angry at her for spending so long pushing him away after Amy's death only to try to restart things by acting like characters in a bad movie instead of addressing their marriage in a real way. He leaves the dinner early.

Karolina tries to call Destiny but is unable to reach her. She asks one of the Church staff members about Destiny and he claims she is in London on a Church trip. She asks him about his bracelet and if he sees lights when he takes his bracelet off but he only has a tagline on his wrist, believing this to be what she's referring to. She observes a painting at the Church done by her grandmother that appears to be a similar design of the lights she saw when she took her bracelet off.

Nico panics when she's unable to make the snow stop so she calls Alex for help. Nico believes the snow is magic but Alex believes there's a scientific explanation. When Alex asks her to pass it to him, the staff turns off as does the snow.

The Yorkes are planning to move to a remote ranch in Yucatan with their Gert, Molly, and the genetically engineered dinosaur they are keeping in the basement of their house. They feel that they are free to get away now that the Pride work is over.

Robert runs off to meet with Janet, Chase's mother, with whom he is having an affair. Robert wants to leave Tina and start a real relationship with Janet but she is reluctant.

Nico and Alex work together to clean up the snow before Tina gets home. Nico makes Alex lay down so she can have her mother walk in on them in a mildly compromising position to pretend that they are romantically involved to avoid suspicion of snooping around the staff. Nico walks Alex out and he kisses her goodbye. She claims what they were doing inside was just an act but he is skeptical of this, smiling as he gets into his car. Nico also walks back into her house smiling.

Chase and Gert use Victor's x-ray goggles to investigate the Yorkes' lab in the basement, searching for Destiny, and accidentally release the genetically engineered dinosaur. Though the dinosaur seems a bit aggressive it appears to calm down somewhat when it hears Gert speaking. The dinosaur then runs off when it hears a car honking.

Leslie Dean tends to the patient, concerned that it's never taken this long before and asking them if they feel any different. They tell her nothing has happened. She gets a call from Tina who tells her to turn on the news. On air is a story about Destiny's body being found. Leslie realises that this is why the person upstairs isn't getting any better and the two women reflect on the fact that they are going to need another sacrifice.

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