Marvel's Runaways S01E04 "Fifteen" Recap

In a flashback, Nico discovers her sister Amy unresponsive. Her mother sends her to her room and when Nico tries to call for an ambulance, her mother knocks her out with the Staff of One. When Nico wakes she finds she has been locked in her room. She uses the home's surveillance system to check on what is going on in the other part of the house and observes her mother paying off a mysterious man.

In the present, Nico gets a call from the rest of the group on a video chat. They tell her about Destiny's body being found and ponder what to do next about determining what their parents are up to.

The Yorkes head out to search for their missing dinosaur though they don't say this is what they're up to when explaining to their daughters why they're leaving. They get a message from Pride about an emergency meeting but ignore the summons, believing the dinosaur to be more important.

Victor attempts to bring a homeless girl he abducted for the sake of the sacrifice but when he meets with Geoffrey and Robert there is nothing and no one in the back of his truck.

Alex arrives at school and Nico tells him that she's read Amy's diary which she snuck out of her mother's desk. There was nothing in there to indicate she would've committed suicide, which was the widely circulated story about how she died. Now Nico wants to go to the police, believing Pride should be exposed for killing Destiny and Amy.

Gert approaches Chase at school to thank him for not exposing her or her parents for the dinosaur. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the lacrosse team. The boy that attempted to rape Karolina refuse to apologise for their actions, demanding Chase apologise so they can carry on as a team but Chase attacks them again instead. A girl named Eiffel berates Karolina, blaming her as a 'slut' that caused the rift on the school's lacrosse team and ruined their chances at having a successful season. Karolina doesn't know whether to believe that something happened to her at the party and asks Gert why Chase wouldn't say anything. Gert speculates that he is trying to protect her.

Leslie Dean tends to the sick patient and strips her clothes off to curl up next to him and a light appears to glow from her crotch. When she emerges from the room, re-dressed, Frank asks her if she is having an affair. She convinces him that she's not and uses the religious rhetoric to convince him that he will soon be able to go Ultra. He is thankful and apologises for accusing her of infidelity.

Chase attends a lacrosse team meeting and gets a text from Karolina asking to talk. Gert is approached by some students that want to join her 'Undermining The Patriarchy' club that she had tried to start in the first episode. Karolina approaches Gert asking to talk and Gert apologetically dismisses the other students and leaves with Karolina. Alex observes Nico leaving school to go to the police station.

Karolina wants Gert's help trying to prove the innocence of their parents, believing she's the only that still has faith in them.

Victor and Robert attempt to kidnap a homeless man but struggle to get him under control before some police officers arrive and arrest them.

Karolina finds her mother has left her laptop behind. They find a file on Ultra and Gert copies it onto an external hard drive and they decide to give it to Alex so he can decrypt the security on it. They are interrupted by the arrival of Chase who wants to speak with Karolina without Gert present. Gert leaves hurt by Chase's dismissal of her feelings. Chase shares how he has quit the lacrosse team despite loving the sport, as he doesn't want to be a part of a group that behaves in such a morally reprehensible way. She brings him inside the house and shows him her glowing powers that are activated when she removes her bracelet. He is a bit frightened but also in awe of the vibrant, colourful display.

Alex meets Nico at the station and waits with her so she can give her statement but they are forced to flee when they see Victor and Robert brought in. Outside, Nico tells Alex she recognised one of the detectives as the man her parents called when Amy died. Now he is in charge of Destiny's case. They realise that their parents have law enforcement on their payroll of whatever they're up to. Alex shows her a gun he stole from his father's desk, saying they need to be prepared to protect themselves.

Tina meets with a PI that she uses whenever she needs to dig up information on people. She pays him for his services, intrigued by the findings he has presented her with.

Stacey Yorkes tells Dale they should hurry up and get away, even if it means leaving behind the dinosaur. She is tired and scared from dealing with everything they have become entangled with.

Molly is attacked at home by the dinosaur but kicks it off with her strength. Molly prepares to have to fight it but when Gert arrives home, she tells the dinosaur to get away from Molly and discovers that the dinosaur will obey the commands she gives. The Yorkes arrives home right as Gert is petting it. They put the dinosaur back in its room and explain that they made it to protect the girls and themselves. They promise to explain everything eventually before being called away by a call from Tina. When they meet with her, she reveals that she knows about their plan to run away to Yucatan. Tina leaves and the Yorkes are distraught at realising how deeply they are trapped. Gert tries to ask what has happened and Dale snaps at her in a moment of distress.

Alex breaks the decryption on the Ultra file and goes through the information with Nico. They discover that Leslie has been taking in runaways with no one to notice if they disappear for many years to sacrifice in these rituals.

Chase works on a robotic hand in his father's lab and his work is interrupted by the arrival of Victor. Victor drops the hand and sits Chase down, who appears afraid of an abusive outburst. Instead, Victor asks Chase to tell him everything about the idea he has for this device and not to worry about the execution of this current design for it, encouraging him to make it better.

Alex and Nico are going through the file at a coffee shop and Alex has to head outside when he is told his car alarm is going off. Nico calls Karolina to share the information they have found on Leslie and how she has been taking runaways in to sacrifice for at least fifteen years. Karolina is unable to say anything on the call. Nico runs outside to check on Alex and observes him being kidnapped by an unknown party in a black car.

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