Marvel's Runaways S01E07 "Refraction" Recap

25 years ago, Janet and Victor Stein meet after a university lecture. They ended over their shared interest in unlocking the science behind time travel. After Chase was born, Victor said that his son was the only thing that mattered. But when Chase got older, Victor became cold, distant, and even abusive. Victor wakes in his study and sees a video message from a future Chase on his time machine, telling him not to pick up the fistigons.

Chase still resents his mother for having an affair but she assures him that it's over and that it was only some kindness she took solace in when Victor was a more cruel husband and father. Robert is still in love with her but Nico hasn't turned against her father entirely.

Frank receives some healing gloves from Jonah and uses them to save a dying man. Leslie is suspicious of Jonah and Frank's motives behind these actions. She later confronts Jonah about this move but he remains cryptic, insinuating that he has much bigger plans and wants her to bring her group of friends back together and quickly.

Molly admits to the group of her interactions with Catherine and begins to feel ostracised by how they seemingly treat her like a child. She reaches out to the cheerleading team, wanting to be a part of it. They agree to let her be the 'manager' which entails washing the team's towels, uniforms, and other tedious tasks. Karolina witnesses their first encounter and the two reconnect, growing a closer relationship and not having any hard feelings about the stress of recent events.

The Yorkes examine a sample of Jonah's DNA and a sample of it accidentally gets onto Dale's arm. When Stacy comes back in later, she finds him operating with hyperactive behaviour and seems a bit high from coming in contact with Jonah's DNA. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the Wilders. They want to talk about Molly and other important matters but Stacy asks if they can talk at the upcoming open house since it's not a great time. Later, Dale is shown to be lethargic and almost hungover as the effects have worn off.

Frank finds a photo of Jonah with Leslie when she was just a young girl but he looked exactly the same and his suspicions towards him are reignited.

At the open house, Leslie speaks to both Janet and Tina to get the group back on track. She convinces Tina to double-down and take Robert back since his affair with Janet will not be continuing. She also tells him Jonah would like for them to mend things. Tina acknowledges that family is everything. Leslie then approaches Janet and convinces her that Pride is the most important thing. Janet acknowledges that the fair is over and that she'll tell Robert as much.

Dale and Stacey ponder what sort of hangover Victor is going through in his withdrawal from Jonah, since his dose was much larger than what Dale was contaminated with. They encounter the Wilders who warn them about Molly possibly knowing what's going on and whether or not the other kids might know. They say that they need to keep things under control since it will be far worse if Jonah or even Leslie or Tina find out. The kids spot the adults talking and gather together to figure out what to do next. They reaffirm their loyalty to one another and decide the adults need to pay for what they've done.

The open house finishes and Frank confronts Leslie about Jonah, showing her the photograph of a same-age Jonah with her as a young girl. She admits about how he is the higher being that came to visit her father long ago and confirm things he was suspicious of. Frank wishes that she would've been more honest about things sooner and says that he is committed to the church and wants to be with her in all of what's happening. She admits to being involved with him but acknowledges her own feelings of shame on the matter.

Victor secretly threatens the lacrosse coach and orders him to make a public apology to Chase and reinstate him on the team. Janet encounters Robert and ends their affair. He isn't happy but bows out gracefully, acknowledging that Victor's behaviour has changed lately. Tina overhears the conversation and approaches Robert immediately after it ends.

Nico pushes Alex to admit how he knew her mother's password.

Molly returns home and finds the Yorkes packing up her belongings. They want to send her away to an extended relative for some time. Gert defends Molly, who doesn't want to leave but the Yorkes are determined to go through with this, believing they are only protecting Molly, Gert, and the other children by extension. Gert pulls Molly aside and convinces her not to use her powers in a moment of anger as it would only worsen the situation. She promises that they will figure everything out and that she is her sister no matter what. Gert tells Molly she needs to go for now.

Victor returns home and finds Chase working on the fistigons and begins to display his old, typically abusive behaviour. Victor yells that he making Chase into a man and Chase responds that he is sick of having his feelings played with. Victor tries to hit Chase, who ducks the punch and hits him instead in a defensive move. Victor uses the fistigons to send Chase flying through a window. He prepares to injure Chase further but is instead shot by Janet with the gun Robert had given her some time ago.

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