Mr. Robot S03E08 "eps3.7_dont-delete-me.ko" Recap

Elliot flashes back to his father dying before having a confrontation with Darlene in which he says that all of the antics he has used to try to stop Mr. Robot, from drugs to therapy, have ben unsuccessful. The world is now falling apart and Elliot blames himself for this. He wants to be alone now to try to figure things out. He begins to settle his affairs by giving away his dog to his neighbour, disposing of his Mr. Robot jacket, and going to Trenton and Mobley's families to pay his respects. He also buys a lethal amount of morphine pills, with a bit of difficulty since the drug dealer is suspicious of his motives for doing so.

Elliot intends to commit suicide and goes to Coney Island beach to do so. But before he can take the pills, he is interrupted by Mohammad, Trenton's younger brother, whom Elliot needs to look after since he followed Elliot there and doesn't know how to get back on his own nor does he know how to.  Elliot tries to bring Mohammad back home but his parents aren't there, having left him alone while going out. Mohammad convinces Elliot to take him to the movies but Mohammad runs off to a mosque when it was still playing. When Elliot arrives at the mosque, the two argue and Elliot admits to wishing he was dead. The two come to an understanding and Elliot returns Mohammad to his home and promises to take him to the movies again. Mohammad gifts Elliot with a lollipop since Elliot had said earlier that he was sick.

Elliot pays a visit to Mobley's brother once again and blackmails him into giving him the funeral he deserves with threats related to illegal ongoings with his law firm. He also requires that he be invited to the funeral and decides to not commit suicide. He then visits Angela's apartment and speaks to her through the door though she remains unresponsive. He brings up a "wishing game" they would play together when they were kids and declares how it has given him the will to live.

Elliot returns home, having retrieved his hoodie, and reinstalls his computer. It's then that he notices an old email Trenton had sent before her death in which she states there may be a way to undo the hack.

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