Mr. Robot S03E09 "eps3.8_stage3.torrent" Recap

Tyrell returns home and cries over the loss of his wife and child. Elliot wakes after being taken over by Mr. Robot and sees a message left behind that says 'they' own the FBI. Elliot believes the 'they' is referring to the Dark Army. The night before, Mr. Robot is shown to have visited Tyrell in his home and get into a fight when Mr. Robot taunts Tyrell with the memory of his dead wife. The fight is broken up by the arrival of Price who has come to announce that Tyrell will be the figurehead of the new CTO. Tyrell realises that the Dark Army are still using him as a puppet but that they have a weakness in the FBI.

When Elliot has woken and learned about the Dark Army being connected into the FBI, he goes over Trenton's email once more which informs him that Romero had kept a set of encryption keys of Five-Nine. These are necessary to reverse everything but they are now being kept in the FBI. Elliot wants to take on this job himself but Darlene tells him she needs to be the one to do it, as she is better connected.

Elliot goes off to force Irving to set a meeting for him with Whiterose while Darlene meets with Dom to try to get her badge information to break into the FBI. Elliot meets with Angela who is still delusional in her belief that Whiterose's plan that will undo everything. Elliot tells Angela that Whiterose exploited her vulnerability about their lost parents but Angela doesn't trust Elliot anymore. Some mystery men arrive and pick Angela up.

Darlene goes back to Dom's place and seduces her but gets caught trying to get access to her badge. Darlene relents and confesses to the FBI, also saying she knows the Dark Army owns them. Santiago hears this and calls Irving in a panic.

Irving and Leon facilitate a meeting between Elliot and Zhang's assistant as Elliot has made the claim that there is a Stage 3. The men scan Elliot's laptop which gives him access to the Dark Army.

Whiterose is angered to learn that it will take a month to move the plant to Congo. She moves ahead with permitting Elliot to die.

Mr. Robot airs on Wednesdays on USA at 10/9c.


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