Mr. Robot S03E10 "eps3.9_shutdown-r" Recap

Santiago tries to take Darlene away. Dom catches him on the way out and questions his actions, leading to him knocking her out and taking her with Darlene. Elliot goes to an amusement park to talk to Mr. Robot and ask for his help in getting Darlene back. He admits that he missed Mr. Robot but had stopped talking to him because he was afraid of the part of himself that is Mr. Robot.

When Dom wakes, she tries to reason with Santiago but he will not be moved from his course. He brings the women to a barn that Irving arrives at, having brought Elliot along with him. Santiago says that Dom needs to be taken care of and Irving initially appears as if he'll kill Dom but kills Santiago instead, believing he has outlived his usefulness to the Dark Army. He informs Dom that she will now be the mole for the Dark Army and threatens her family to force her to comply.

Angela is visited by Price who confesses that he is her birth father. Whiterose is suffering from delusions and only got Angela involved in the destruction to spite him, leaving her devastated that there was no greater, higher purpose to all that is happened.

Whiterose's assistant Grant arrives at the farm, prepared to fill her order to kill the Aldersons, despite Elliot's Dark Army hack. Elliot is able to save Darlene and himself by coming up with a plan that will allow the plant to move to the Congo sooner. Whiterose watches everything from an online feed and has Grant kill himself, promising to reunite with him once the plan has been completed. Leon goes ahead and kills the other agents.

Dom is devastated to be the new mole and traumatised from the harrowing events she has been subjected to but gets Elliot access into the FBI server. Elliot discovers that Romero wasn't behind the encryption keys, but it was actually Mr. Robot that did so because it's what Elliot would eventually want. Elliot decides to work with Mr. Robot in order to go after the people actually responsible, that have now revealed their existence. Elliot sends out the data that will undo Five-Nine.

Darlene is walking to Elliot's apartment with a friend when she is confronted by Vera and her hired thugs.

Mr. Robot will return for season 4 on USA.


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