R/O Institute Offer Budding Storytellers a Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

As Christmas is drawing closer, R/O Institute – Belgium's premier international incubator for new storytelling talent – is busy reviewing dozens of pitches sent in by authors, artists, designers and developers hailing from all over the world. In February, 2018, the institute will reveal which 10 pitches have been chosen and invite the winning individuals or teams to come over for 5 months in order to develop their cross-media projects under the guidance of critically-acclaimed professional coaches. While still in the review process, R/O Institute is accepting pitches which can be submitted at http://www.ro.institute as well as be found on Instagram and other social media through ‘roinstitute'.

Publishing in a Digital Age
A New Age of Storytelling

It was predicted by futurists and SF writers and now we're seeing it in films, sharing the news online and hearing about it in podcasts: a new age of storytelling has dawned! More and more stories are being told through different media, with storylines interconnecting between TV series, theatrical features, shows, novels, comics, games and even newer, immersive experiences.

Still, the number of opportunities now available can be staggering and mastering every single skill needed to create a ready-to-publish project is nigh impossible. Of course, this can keep many talented visionaries from developing new ideas or even trying to pursue their dreams altogether. On top of that, the number of tasks lying ahead can seem daunting: finding great team members; learning how to pitch or sell an IP; attracting producers, investors and distributors; planning every stage of the project; and all other steps that need to be taken in order to nurse a product until its launch date.
That's where R/O Institute comes in.
From Paper to Pixels

What We Do
Every year, we invite 10 individuals or teams who've impressed us with their pitches to come over to our institute, where we help them develop 5 different skillsets, supported by 25 international experts and coaches, as well as the R/O Institute staff itself. During the entire process, participants are given continuous feedback through a high-tech evaluation app that allows talents, experts and fellow participants to communicate with each other and watch the progress on their project.

In short, R/O Institute provides lodging and full support, ensuring that participants are able to focus on developing their projects, without needing to worry about numerous factors partly or wholly beyond their control.

When done, the institute's agents and staff continue to support the project for about 18 months, submitting it to partners and marketplaces all over the planet.
Some Examples
R/O Institute Heps You Create Your:
  • Board Game
  • Card Game
  • Computer Game
  • Console Game
  • Comic
  • Documentary
  • Feature Film
  • Graphic Novel
  • Novel
  • Tabletop Roleplaying Game
  • TV Series
  • VR Experience
  • Web Series
... and More!


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