Sense8 S01E02 "I Am Also a We" Recap

Nomi is revealed to be a hacktivist. She goes out for coffee with Amanita and talks about the visions she's been having of Angelica.

Will waits for Deshawn at the hospital, checking in on him after he was shot. Will shares how Deshawn sharing about his father being shot and killed reminded him of his own father being shot and the consequent injuries ended his career. Will shares how as a young boy his father would have to come pick him up for petty crimes such as shoplifting. A flashback of one case of this shows Will as a child in the back of his father's squad car picking the lock to his handcuffs with a paperclip and running off. Deshawn tells Will he doesn't owe him for saving his life but won't ever forget it.

Nomi records a video diary speaking about how her parents are religious and didn't accept her when she came out as trans. She wanted to go to Pride so badly as a youth and now she intends to go and march at Pride for all the others that are too afraid to live freely and honestly. Nomi and Amanita head to Pride and Capheus has a brief vision of the festivities. Nomi is riding behind Amanita on a motorcycle at the Pride parade when she spots Jonas, Angelica's lover, on the street and faints as a result. When she wakes she is at the hospital with her sister and transphobic mother at her bedside. Her mother refuses to call her "Nomi," instead referring to her as "Michael," the name she was given at birth. Amanita isn't able to see her because she isn't legally considered "family". Nomi wants her mother to leave. Her sister is the one that is accepting of her as trans but can't control their mother's bigotry. Nomi's mother pushes her to wait and listen to what Dr. Metzger has to say and then she can decide if she wants her to leave.

Will and his partner Diego look over the surveillance footage outside the building Angelica died in, as Will is determined to find the truth about her suicide. They find the footage is missing of when she died.

Dr. Metzger tells Nomi she is sick and requires a brain operation to cut away the growth. Without the surgery, she will be dead in approximately six months. Nomi's mother claims that with the cost of the surgery, she will need to use their family insurance. Nomi orders everyone to leave the room, feeling devastated by the news and utterly alone.

Lito attends a film premiere with a fellow film star, Daniela, who is his date. The media and fans love him and are all curious about this apparent budding romance. After the premiere, Lito walks Daniela back to her apartment building where she makes a pass at him. He politely declines, saying he has an early call tomorrow. Lito returns home where he wakes his boyfriend Hernando. Lito is sad that he isn't the one that gets to come out and be Lito's arm candy but Lito stays closeted for professional reasons, not wanting the backlash of homophobia in the entertainment industry to interfere with his ability to book jobs. Lito and Hernando are woken up later by Daniela who is ringing his buzzer, slightly drunk and demanding to come up. There are photographers that have followed her and are photographing her outside. Lito feels there is no choice but to let her upstairs. He tries to send her away when she's at the door but is forced to let her in. She barges in and runs upstairs. She takes her top off and tries again to convince Lito to have sex with her. She takes her pants off, left only in her bra and underwear. She runs to the upper level where she discovers Hernando in bed and realises Lito is gay. She is not upset or offended, but excited instead. She is eager and more than happy to be Lito's beard. She gives them glasses to toast to this new arrangement.

Kala attends an engagement party for herself and Rajan, with all their family members in attendance. Rajan surprises her by dancing an elaborately choreographed Bollywood number with several other dancers that is from a movie she loves and they saw on an early date together. Kala and the other women join in on the routine. Back in Berlin, Wolfgang has a one-night stand. Kala begins to perspire at the party, as her body temperature has risen considerably. Wolfgang tells the woman in his bed that he's hungry and craving Indian food. Kala appears to still have reservations about the engagement due to her not loving Rajan. Wolfgang and his hook-up go out for Indian food. She asks to see him again but he tells her he's not looking for a relationship. She asks what he's looking for and he gets distracted by seeing Kala walking by him and also seeing himself watching her in India. Wolfgang's hook-up asks if there's someone else and he says no. Raman asks Kala about the hesitation he senses from her about their engagement. He assures her that regardless of the differences they have in upbringings, he wants to be with her. He kisses her goodnight and Kala appears more conflicted than ever once he walks away. She stares momentarily at the spot where Wolfgang had telepathically appeared.

Riley returns home and prepares to shower following the deal gone wrong with Nyx, Jacks, and all the other now-dead men. Will is shaving at his own apartment and the pair momentarily see other's faces reflected back at them in the mirror. Will heads into work where he and the other officers are briefed by Homeland Security about a man that is wanted for murder. That man is Jonas.

Nomi tries to check out of the hospital but is being kept there against her will. Dr. Metzger is the only one that can release her. She is told by a nurse to take her designated pills. Jonas visits Nomi telepathically in the hospital. He warns her that Metzger's operation is designed to lobotomise her and that she has sensed this from the beginning. She ponders that she needs to find a way to escape but is also torn by Metzger's claims that she would begin to hallucinate. She is frightened by the sound of knocking at the door but it's the sound of Riley's door being knocked on. Riley slips out of her apartment to get away from whomever is knocking, later shown to be an armed criminal. They are after her purse which she finds is full of Nyx's money and drugs.

Will becomes suspicious that the ongoings related to Angelica's suicide are related to something that happened in his youth with a girl named Sara Patrell. Will's father advises him to stop talking about such things and let it go.

Amanita uses the connection she has with a friend that works at the hospital to call into Nomi's room and promises her that she will help her to escape, not caring about the claims that Metzger has made. Nomi tells her about how she had a vision of a man at the parade and doesn't know if what she's seeing is real or not. Amanita tells her pictures from the parade show that she's really there and promises to get her out.

Will is out to buy sleeping pills when he is approached in person by Jonas. Will is alarmed that Jonas is there in person and already seems to know him. Jonas explains that he has been reborn as a "sensate" and the migraine he's had since Angelica birthed them will go away after a while. Jonas doesn't have much time as he needs to catch a plane. He tells Will there is a woman in San Francisco named Nomi that needs help, just like Sara Patrell did. Will tries to apprehend Jonas but is unable to stop him from leaving. Will pursues him in his car and Jonas visits him telepathically while also driving in the other car. Will manages to telepathically visit Jonas in his car but nearly crashes as a result. The episodes ends with Will crashing into Jonas' car.

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