Sense8 S01E03 "Smart Money Is on the Skinny Bitch" Recap

Will has a vision of himself as a child being warned by a young girl not to look at "him" since that's how he got her. Will wakes in the hospital after the car crash and learns that Homeland has captured Jonas. The nurse doesn't want him to leave but Will is determined to head out and get back to work on the case.

Riley is walking through the tube station and sees a piano-playing busker that reminds her of her father. She puts all the money from the drug deal in his case and throws out the drugs in a nearby rubbish bin. She goes to stay with Shugs, an old friends of her, and his girlfriend Bambie. Her cover-story is that Jacks kicked her out.

Lito is uncomfortable with Daniela presuming that she can move in as his resident beard. Daniela admits that the other reason she didn't want to go home the previous night is that she has an abusive gangster ex-boyfriend that wanted to get back at her for sleeping with his best friend.

Sun is having problems with the finances of the company. Angry clients are calling and Sun has not been able to reach her father, the CEO, despite repeated attempts to do so. In an angry outburst, she punches a desk and leaves a significant crack in it. She is revealed to fight in an underground kickboxing ring as a way to vent her rage. Her opponent in the ring is sexist and underestimates her skill.

Will begins to investigate the disappearance of Sara Patrell, who was 10 years old when she disappeared and Will had began having visions of her. The most horrific vision was of her being lobotomised by a mysterious man (the same one that Angelica and Jonas were frightened of) and she was asking for Will to help her.

Lito is working on set when he's visited by Daniela's ex-boyfriend, Joaquin, who used his connection to the film's producer to get invited on. He throws his weight around to try to intimidate Lito into leaving Daniela alone.

Nomi is about to be operated on but Amanita starts a fire in the hospital that forces an evacuation of the building and saves Nomi for the time being. When Nomi wakes groggy from the anesthesia, she recalls how Amanita had promised to burn the building down before letting anyone harm Nomi's brain and is overjoyed to have someone looking out for her.

Capheus goes with his business partner Jela to a local drug dealer to buy some expensive AIDS medicine for Capheus' mother. When driving home, bandits rob the matatu and take the drugs and rob an elderly passenger of her ring. Capheus is devastated by the loss but has a surge of bravery and decides to go after the bandits. Jela reluctantly comes with him, as does the elderly woman whose ring was stolen, as she says it was gift from her husband and is important to her. When he catches up to the bandits, he attacks them with a pipe and manages to disarm one. Will visits him and helps him understand how to shoot efficiently. Capheus appears to Sun while she's in the boxing ring and begs her to help him, as he's being beaten by the bandits. Sun helps Capheus fight the bandits while also fighting and beating her boxing opponent. The leader of the bandits drives off, determined to get revenge on Capheus another day and all the locals that witness Capheus revere him as a hero.

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