Sense8 S01E04 "What's Going On?" Recap

In Berlin, Wolfgang and Felix meet with a buyer to sell some of their newly stolen diamonds. In Mumbai, Kala and Rajan meet with some of the wedding planners. Raman wants to use wedding rings which isn't common in India for Hindu ceremonies but he wants to have a display of his commitment. Kala later goes to Ganesha's temple and finds that people are praying for the death of Rajan's father because he is a prominent atheist politician and fear he will religiously persecute them.

In Seoul, Sun puts some cover-up on her bruises from her kickboxing match. She remembers being a young girl with her sick mother who asked her to look after her younger brother Joong-Ki despite her father favouring him instead of her. This was her mother's dying wish. She later confronts her father about how Joong-Ki has been embezzling from the company and the auditors know. Someone will go to jail for it. Sun leaves and goes to a local sex club to retrieve her brother Joong-Ki, needing to beat up the guard first when he refuses to let her in.

In Nairobi, Capheus is hailed as a hero for fighting off the bandits and as a result he has many customers waiting to be driven on his Van Damn bus. Some armed men pull the bus over and demand that Capheus comes with them. He is led to a black car in the woods where a high-ranking gangster named Kabaka is waiting for him. Kabaka offers him some AIDS medication that is guaranteed to be authentic if he agrees to protect a bag and deliver it to a particular address by midnight.

Nomi is told by the doctor that her condition is worsening and that whomever set the fire that interrupted her surgery is not doing her any favours. She tells the doctor that he isn't helping her and he responds by bumping up the surgery to that night.

Will has a brief visit with Sun when she is walking through the club to help her disarm the armed guard that was sneaking up behind her. She pulls Joong-Ki out of the room he is partying in and drags him back to the company. Their father berates Joong-Ki for his criminal activity and that he was only ever supposed to bend the rules, not break them. He is ashamed when Joong-Ki breaks down crying, worrying only about himself and not anyone else. Sun volunteers to go to prison for her brother, as she believes it's the only way to save the company and honour her mother's dying wish. Since her father rarely ever publicly acknowledges that he has a daughter, the company should be able to survive the scandal. Joong-Ki breaks down crying and begs her to save him.

Will tries to call in a favour to be able to see Jonas, who is still in custody, but fails to gain access. However, Jonas visits him through their connection and explains that all sensates can visit one another once they've made eye contact but the members within a cluster can do it instinctively. While visiting is possible between any sensates, sharing is something that can only happen within one's own cluster. This entails being able to access and use one another's knowledge, language(s), skills, etc. Jonas tells Will's cluster is comprised of eight members in total, including Nomi who needs Will's help to be saved. Jonas is moved and Will is left more scared and confused than ever.

Nomi is prepped for surgery and begs the people treating her to not do anything. Naomi pleads for help and Will hears her crying out. Will is able to visit San Francisco and sees Nomi being carted towards the operating room. Naomi is shown to be sitting in his car and asks him again to help.

Sun remembers being a young girl crying at her mother's funeral. Her father came over and shares a moment of being emotionally open in their shared grief.

Riley listens to a voicemail from her father who tells her he's been invited back to play with the symphony. He invites her back home to see him play and tells her he loves her.

Wolfgang goes out partying with Felix and Kala is woken by the sound of love-making that Riley hears from Shugs and his girlfriend as she's still staying at their apartment. Riley puts on the song "What's Up?" and Wolfgang begins to sing the song at a karaoke bar. All members of the cluster hear the song and sing along. Wolfgang is taken aback when he and Kala begin to visit one another and sing to each other while smiling flirtatiously at one another.

Will visits Nomi and uses his skills to pull out the IV of their arm and pick the locks to get out of the handcuffs. Will further helps Nomi get up out of the bed and begins waling through the hospital hallway before he sits up in his own room and is amazed by his successful visit. Nomi steals a coat and begins walking through the hospital trying to get away. She is momentarily questioned by a receptionist but Amanita pops up with a wheelchair and wheels her out. They are again questioned by a security guard but are able to rush outside and catch a taxi that's just pulled up and get away. Naomi is comforted by Amanita and begins to sing "What's Up?" to herself while also visiting Riley in London where the two sit and sing together.

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