Sense8 S01E05 "Art Is Like Religion" Recap

Sun is on her period and the consequent aches and bad feelings begin to effect Lito at work on set. They begin to visit each other, confused by seeing other in their trailer/apartment.

Will is formally reprimanded for going after Jonas on his own without following proper protocol.

Wolfgang visits his uncle, from whom he stole the diamonds. His uncle implies some threats towards Wolfgang, as he is suspicious of him being the one that cracked the uncrackable safe. Wolfgang stays calm and denies any involvement.

Capheus and Riley visit each other briefly but then some bandits show up and steal the package that Capheus was guarding for Kabaka. Capheus pleads with the "spirit" of the "Korean Van Damme lady" (Sun) to consider that nothing is more important for him than this. He then takes off to find the bandits and get the package back.

Lito becomes emotional during filming due to Sun's hormonal issues. He is just a upset when driving home and being stuck in traffic. He briefly visits with Sun again while he is still stuck in traffic and she is outside training. Lito ends up in a fender bender but no one is injured.

Kala asks her mother about she felt about Kala's father before they were married. They had an arranged marriage and her mother says that Kala will be the first in the family to marry for love. Kala looks sad and pensive over her circumstances.

Capheus catches up to the hideout of the bandits and steals the package back before taking off running with it. He returns the package to the address given to him and finds that Kabaka is waiting for him. The package was merely a test to his abilities and commitment to how far he would go to protect it. Kabaka gifts him with more medicine for Capheus' mother and the promise that he'll be in touch.

Will and Nomi visit one another while Will is calling Nomi's mother to try to update her on the search and find more information on her. Will defends Nomi when her mother misgenders her. Nomi opens up to Amanita about the visions she's been having of other people and Amanita believes her entirely. They discuss how if Dr. Metzger lied to her, there has to be a reason for it and they need to find out what it is.

Wolfgang goes out with Felix and while in the bathroom, he and Kala hear each other and exchange words without seeing one another. Kala recognises his voice as the man that was singing to her in her dreams.

Will and his partner Diego pursue a lead from the CCTV footage of what happened in the church the night of the suicide Will saw. There was a local kid named Clete that may have been a witness. He is being protected by a local gang. While on the way and upon arriving at the gang home, Will and Lito visit each other. Lito is in the middle of shooting a big action scene while Will is in an actual police pursuit with Diego to try to catch Clete.

Sun and Capheus are walking through their respective cities when they begin to visit one another. They inform one another of where they are and ponder how it is they're able to understand one another even though they don't know each other's languages. Capheus realises that Sun is the 'spirit of Van Damme' that helped him when he was in need. Sun wants to be alone but Capheus doesn't know how to leave their visit. Sun opens up about having to decide between letting her brother go to prison and let the company be ruined, as revenge for how cruel they've been to her throughout her entire life, or to be the bigger person and go to prison to save them. Capheus is also in a dilemma about putting himself in danger but wanting to help his mother. They both have a lot of love for their mothers and ponder whether it is up to themselves to make difficult choices, or if it's these choices that make them. Sun later visits her martial arts teacher and gives him her dog to take care of while she is away, having finalised her decision to go to prison.

Nomi and Amanita's apartment is raided. They seek help from some friends in the LGBT+ community who meet with them discretely to give them resources to stay hidden and safe.

Kala prepares for her wedding and is surprised by how heavy the formal wedding attire is. She arrives at the wedding where an enormous party is underway. Back in Berlin, Wolfgang swims naked at a pool. Kala and Rajan continue through their wedding ceremony. Kala still appears hesitant about what she is doing. Will and Riley briefly visit one another, seemingly drawn together by the words of love. Lito is spending a night in with Hernando and Daniela, while Capheus has dinner with his mother. Sun tearfully says goodbye to her dog. Wolfgang emerges from the pool, still naked, and appears to Kala just as she is about to complete the wedding ceremony. She is shocked to see a naked man in from on her. Wolfgang asks her what she's doing and why she's marrying a man she's not in love with. It all proves too much form Kala, who faints.

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