Sense8 S01E06 "Demons" Recap

Will and Riley think about one another and another visit between them begins. They're both out at pubs, him in Chicago and her still in London. They get to know a bit about one another, including what they do for a living. Will decides that they can make the experience of visiting less weird and prove that what's happening between them is real by having them speak to each other on the phone. She asks if he's had any other visitors and he tells her about Jonah and how there are apparently eight of them in their cluster. He asks her about her visit to the church and how she seemed scared, wanting to know if she's okay. She merely says she has complicated friends.

Sun addresses the press and says she has acted alone in embezzling money from the company and is detained by the police. At her first court appearance before a judge she is denied bail due to her status, wealth, and consequent risks of being able to flee from the charges.

Nomi and Amanita pick up what's left from their raided apartment. Her laptop, journals, and many other precious belongings have been taken. They consider that they'll never be left alone unless they do something about it. They go to stay with Amanita's highly supportive mother whom they tell about everything Nomi has been through.

Riley returns to Shugs' place and finds Nyx waiting for her with hired muscle. Shugs apologises to her for selling her out before leaving her to be questioned. Nyx demands to know where the money and drugs are and she truthfully tells him that she gave it away. Nyx continues to threaten her, not believing her story. Nyx has one of his hired men hold her while he suffocates her as a means of torture. Will is alerted to Riley's danger when he also begins to struggle to breath. He helps her by using his self-defense skills to break free from her captors and fight them off so she can run away.

Kala wakes after passing out the night before at her wedding and finds her entire family sitting and watching over her. She thanks them for their concern but says she is fine. After they leave her room, she and Wolfgang have another visit. He is still in his bedroom in Berlin, having just woken up still naked in his sheets. Kala scolds him for interrupting and ruining her wedding and he says he only said what she was thinking. She wonders if she's going crazy or if one of the gods has sent a naked pervert demon to torment her. He teases her for having looked at him and then more seriously informs her that he's wanted her since he first saw her and somehow feels that she wants him too. Later, Kala goes to see Rajan who tells her he still wants to marry her and isn't discouraged by her fainting spell at their wedding ceremony.

Daniela accompanies Lito and Hernando to a professional wrestling match.

Capheus visits Kabaka, who informs him that he wants to hire him to be the personal driver and bodyguard for his young daughter Amondi. She is around ten years old and is sick with leukemia but keeps in good spirits. She doesn't know about the power or dangerous things Kabaka gets involved in. He thinks it will be safer for Capheus to be the one to drive her to and from treatment because no one would suspect her of being in his van and won't try to come after her to get back at Kabaka. Capheus then has to inform Jela that he is getting out of the matatu business and will now be working for Kabaka to afford access to the medicine his mother needs. He later drives Amondi to one of her treatments and watches a Van Damme film while he sits and waits for her.

Sun and Lito visit one another when she is being questioned by a prison doctor performing an invasive pelvic exam and Lito is in the middle of an interview. He answers a question about how to be a great lover, all the while thinking about the passion he feels towards Hernando.

Nomi begins to hook up with Amanita while Will is working out at the gym with his partner Diego. Hernando and Lito are also training with each other out on their balcony. Wolfgang is sitting naked in a hot-tub and observes an attractive woman passing by. Lito and Hernando begin to make out and grind while Daniela snaps photos of them before touching herself. Nomi, Lito, Wolfgang, and Will all begin to visit one another and experience a shared sexual gratification with one another. Afterward, Lito notes that it was one of the best orgasms of his life.

Sun is escorted to a cell and told that she'll be transferred to prison the next day.

Nomi sits with Amanita and her mother, and discusses what these new experiences mean for her brain and general sense of identity, hoping that these things will not be an actual detriment to either.

Sun and Riley visit one another. Sun says she'd kill for a cigarette but Riley only has hash, offering her the opportunity to experience some through their connection. Sun notes how she can taste it but the experience also feels a bit more like a memory. Sun then wonders if she has made the biggest mistake of her life by going to prison. They are both in trouble because of someone else's crime. Riley knew Jacks was no good just as Sun did about Joong-Ki. Riley opens up about how as a child, she heard a voice that began to sing a song her mother used to sing. She heard the voice several times over the years and it warned her she was born with a hex and bad things would happen to her and the people she loved if she stayed in Iceland. Then Riley's mother died and she blamed herself for it. Sun shares how her mother also died when she was young. Despite not hearing any voices, Sun also blamed herself. Riley wants to go home to Iceland and see her father but is afraid. Sun encourages her to go and not be afraid. When Sun admits she is afraid to go to prison, Riley echoes her own advice back to her. Sun later has a vision of her mother, who tells her she will always love her and to remember to be careful of those that are afraid of her and will hurt her if she finds out what she can do. The advice and vision switches to being from Sun's mother to Angelica who tells Sun she is the future.

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