Sense8 S01E07 "W. W. N. Double D?" Recap

Nomi arranges a meet with an old hacking acquaintance called Bug. Amanita accompanies her to the meet and learns how Nomi took the fall for one of Bug's crimes because Nomi was a minor with rich parents that would get let off easier. Bug initially doesn't recognise her, having not remembered that she was trans but still accepts her. He provides her with a decent supply of hacking equipment to help her in her investigation of Dr. Metzger.

Sun is transferred to prison where she quickly makes friends with the other women in her cell. The other women there were convicted of killing abusive men in their lives.

Daniela treats Lito and Hernando to a night out at a restaurant. Hernando is posing as Lito's bodyguard but Lito is still nervous about being exposed. Lito wants to leave early but he and Daniela are happy and proud when Hernando successfully berates some photographers into leaving them alone.

Riley flies home to Iceland and is visited by Capheus while on the plane. He is excited, having never flown before. He shares how he wishes he could see his father again but is happy to still have his mother. Riley is worried that something terrible will happen because of her returning home but he tells her something wonderful could also happen. Riley's father Gunnar picks her up at the airport, greeting her with a song.

Lito, Hernando, and Daniela return home to find Joaquin has broken in to threaten them. Hernando continues to play the role of bodyguard. Joaquin demands to know what he's done wrong and Daniela points out that Lito has never hit her. Joaquin demands that Lito and Daniela have sex in front of him so he can "learn from the best." Hernando drags Joaquin out of the apartment and locks the door behind them.

Deshawn helps Will and Diego out by getting them access to some of the local criminals that can help with their investigation into Angelica's death. One of the young members of the crew shows Will some photos he took from the church the night of Angelica's death. Men in hazmat suits carried a body bag out of the building, and all took orders from a mysterious older man wearing glasses. This was the same man that appeared to Angelica in the moments leading up to her death that Jonas warned her about. Will zooms in and gets a good look at the face of the man that seems to be behind this threat to their well-being. They also trace the van that was rented to transport the body and when Will opens the back he has a brief vision of Angelica's body lying in it.

Nomi begins her hacking into Dr. Metzger and discovers that he has performed the same operation on other individuals in the Bay Area that he tried to perform on Nomi and two of them died. Another patient named Nyles Bolger survived the procedure and now lives in a nursing home. Despite Nyles still being alive, he has been lobotomised and is in a near-vegetative state. Nomi is overcome with emotion, knowing that she could've ended up like Nyles. She pleads with Amanita to make sure she doesn't end up like that too.

Kala visits a temple and prays to a statue of Ganesha, seeking answers to her dilemma about marrying Rajan without loving him and the visions of this new man. Wolfgang appears behind her and they begin to have another visit. Wolfgang is sitting out in the rain in front of a Berlin coffee shop. She goes to sit with him and Wolfgang notes that the weather is much nicer in Mumbai. Kala says that praying to her gods worked since her wedding was stopped. Wolfgang asks if their connection is some sort of a miracle and she considers the description to be particularly appropriate. Kala opens up to him about how her life in Mumbai, how she grew up hating moments of being alone, and recalls playing as a child at a festival for Ganesha. He is skeptical of her religious beliefs, not being religious himself, and the two have a discussion about science and faith before almost kissing. The moment is interrupted by Felix who has news that Abraham wants to buy the rest of the diamonds. Wolfgang shares how he wants to takes a trip to India.

Riley enjoys reconnecting with her father. He makes her pancakes and tells her he is proud of her DJ work, having seen videos of it online. He has to head out to a rehearsal but the next-door neighbour Sven can drive her anywhere she may need to go. After he leaves, she hears a woman's voice telling her she should not have come back.

In prison, Sun is taught to sew to be part of the labour training the prisoners take part in. Another prisoner steals some finished garments from the woman training Sun and gets to leave early as a result. Sun asks if this happens often and the woman responds, "Only when the sun is out."

Lito wakes Hernando with breakfast in bed but the moment is interrupted by a text from Daniela's phone showing photos of Lito and Hernando having sex. Daniela is distraught to learn that Joaquin stole her phone and promises that she will fix it, running off to meet Joaquin herself.

Nomi and Amanita wait for Metzger at his favourite coffee shop and use the hacking tools to hack his phone and clone it. While Metzger is waiting for his order, he gets a call from someone that frightens him into leaving without picking up his order. Nomi wants to call the contact, a Dr. Matheson, who seems to know that she is the one that called him and says he's looking forward to meeting her. She hangs up and decides that they will break into Metzger's home, as he is leaving that night on a flight to Chicago.

Kabaka brings Amondi and Capheus to a surprise birthday party for her. Kabaka brings Capheus away from the party and shows him a captive man that he was grooming to be his number one runner but watered down the drugs to make double the money. Kabaka wants Capheus to know what happens to those that betray him and cuts the man's hands off with a machete.

Nomi and Amanita successfully break into Metzger's apartment and Nomi begins to hack into his personal computer. She only needs a few more minutes and she'll have copied his entire hard drive. Wolfgang meets with Felix at the lock store and Felix is concerned that Abraham didn't come to the meet. Felix is lured to the locked front door by a woman saying she needs help but when Felix approaches, the woman backs away and a black car drives up. The side door opens and Steiner shoots Felix through the glass of the front door and he's knocked unconscious. Wolfgang rushes to help his injured friend.

Metzger returns home and Nomi has nowhere to escape to so she chooses to confront him. He offers to call an ambulance to finally help her but Amanita threatens him into putting his phone down. Nomi demands answers, asking if Matheson was the one who cancelled his trip. Metzger panics when he learns Nomi has spoken to him. Jonas appears and warns Nomi that she needs to get out of there and that Whispers is coming. Metzger says that she has killed them all. Nyles pops out and he and Metzger begin fighting. Nomi and Amanita retrieve the jump drive of Metzger's hard drive and run off. Metzger is cornered by Nyles who prepares to shoot himself. Before pulling the trigger Nomi sees the reflection of Whispers in the mirror instead of Nyles.

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