Sense8 S01E08 "We Will All Be Judged by the Courage of Our Hearts" Recap

Kala visits Wolfgang while he sits by Felix's bedside in the hospital. He blames himself for Felix's injury, thinking his own need to prove himself led to this. Kala asks how they met and Wolfgang shares the story of them meeting in detention when they were kids at school. They would cut school to watch movies together. Wolfgang was frequently in trouble for fighting with other kids, as they hated him. One day when a group of kids attacked Wolfgang, Felix came back with a pipe and beat them off. Wolfgang says that this sort of schoolyard violence was nothing compared to the abuse of his own father.

Daniela calls Lito late at night to say that she got the phone back and that everything is fixed now. Lito and Hernando are concerned that Daniela is whispering during the call and hasn't returned to them.

Capheus visits Jela and brings him some beer to apologise for ending their working relationship. Jela has been fighting more with his girlfriend because of how much he's been home. Capheus admits he wants to end his working relationship with Kabaka and return to the matatu business.

Sun continues to be helped in learning to sew by Soo-Jin, who is always having her items stolen by a fellow prisoner that likes to bully her. Sun trips the bully on her way to steal Soo-Jin's clothing so the guard in charge orders the woman back to her table. Sun later meets Soo-Jin out in the yard. Soo-Jin has been painting on a mural, and Sun admits she doesn't miss her family but she does miss her dog. The bully comes over and splashes paint on a new work of art Sun had created of herself as a young girl with her mother. The bully tries to attack Sun but given Sun's extensive training, she easily gets the upper hand. The bully's crew also tries to attack Sun but she beats all of them. The bully comes at her with a shiv and injures her on the abdomen but Sun still beats and overpowers her before guards come over and break up the fight. Sun is sent to solitary confinement as punishment.

Riley visits Will, who was worried about her. She shows him her childhood home in Iceland. She shares stories about how her father is a famous pianist. She is still sad about her dead mother. Riley's father comes in and gives her some coffee and says he'll see her tonight. Will is amazed that he takes his coffee the same way as Riley does. Will and Riley talk about visiting one another in person at their respective locations. They grow closer and share a kiss.

Min-Jung, one of the older inmates, visits Sun in solitary confinement and brings her some food as a thank you gift from herself and the rest of their group for helping Soo-Jin.

Kala, Rajan, and his father meet with the wedding planners to begin preparations for a new ceremony.

The bandits Capheus beat before come into his and his mother's home. The leader threatens to kill Capheus' mother unless he brings him Kabaka's daughter Amondi. The man used to work for Capheus but when they fell out, Kabaka killed the man's sister. Now he wants revenge on Kabaka.

Lito and Hernando go to meet with Daniela and Joaquin at an agreed upon location in public. They get the phone back but Daniela has returned to her relationship with Joaquin and all the abuse that comes with it. She even has a new black eye to show for it. Hernando is horrified that Daniela agreed to marry Joaquin if he will leave them alone. Daniela leaves again with Joaquin.

Will shows some surveillance footage of Nyle Bolger to Diego. He had left the nursing home he lived in with a gun. There is also information Will has been looking at on Dr. Metzger and Nomi, who has a BOLO out for her arrest. Bolger shouldn't have been able to leave since he was a vegetable but did so after he received a package. Will shares how Bolger killed Metzger, the same doctor that operated on him, before killing himself. This is connected to Nomi since Metzger was supposed to perform the same operation on her. Will accessed all of this information by using his father's old Captain clearance codes. The company that paid for these surgeries and the cost of living care for Bolger also paid to rent the white van that took Jonas. The company is known as the "Biologic Preservation Organisation" (BPO).

Nomi researches BPO and Will visits to ask her how she's finding information on their financial records. Nomi realises that this is the man who helped her get out of the hospital. Amanita is fascinated by the interaction as it's happening while she's still in the room. Will learns how Nomi was at the shooting the previous night and together they realise that BPO is even more dangerous if they're willing to kill their own people. Nomi finds that BPO has been paying a ton of money for a very particular man to fly around the world and lobotomise people. This has been going on since he was a medical student at the University of Chicago. Nomi recognises him when Bolger killed himself and a different reflection appeared in the mirror just before.

Their conversation is interrupted by Dr. Friedmann ("Whispers") himself arriving at the front door with police officers. Will recognises the voice and warns Nomi not to look directly at him since Jonas warned him that this is how Whispers hunts. Nomi and Amanita escape upstairs where Amanita instructs Nomi on how to sneak out of the house and promises to find her later. Amanita helps to stall the guards pursuing her by pretending she is on her period and throwing a faked bloody tampon at a guard when he bursts through the bathroom door.

Nomi gets cornered in an alley and she pleads for Will to help but he's busy getting reprimanded by his captain so Sun arrives first. Will shows up moments later and helps Sun fight the men off and encourages Nomi to steal a bike which she uses to flee faster. She continues to turns down different streets while cop cars chase her. She manages to steal a car at a gas station and Capheus visits to help next, since Nomi doesn't know how to drive.

Will is suspended from work for disobeying orders. Lito is on set filming but is visited by Hernando between takes. Hernando breaks up with him for not standing up for Daniela. Raja's father visits Kala at the temple she prays at. He is a pragmatic man and not at all religious, now believing that she should call off the wedding and that perhaps she is not the right match for his son. A group of religious fundamentalists emerge and stab Rajan's father repeatedly, leaving Kala horrified and crying out for help.

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