Sense8 S01E09 "Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye" Recap

Riley visits a cave she used to go in as a child. She encounters the woman who has been the voice she always heard as a child. The woman's name is Yrsa and she is also a sensate but not from the same cluster. The reason why Yrsa warned her is because BPO have a facility in Iceland and wanted to warn her away before she would get caught. Riley is angry that she made her believe she was responsible for her mother's death as a child. Yrsa apologises but assures her she was only trying to protect her just like she tries to protect any and all sensates she finds. Yrsa never had children herself as she always feared they would end up like her and have to live their lives being hunted. They recall a time Riley almost froze to death in the mountains, a particularly traumatic memory of hers, and Yrsa was able to sense her and called the authorities to rescue her. Riley says that she wanted to die up there with "him." Yrsa says that now she must go on the run too. Since Riley returned, if they find her then it's only a matter of time before Yrsa is taken too. The technology to find sensates has advanced over the years through science research and developments in technology.

Lito is still heartbroken after Hernando broke up with him. A male bartender hits on him and Lito lashes out at him when some people walk by, still fearful of being exposed.

Will has a nightmare of being pursued by Whispers. When he wakes, a weakened Jonas visits him. Jonas is currently imprisoned at a BPO facility. Jonas explains that if he wants to communicate to Will without being heard by the cameras recording his body he needs to visit Will so he is only taking on the form of a voice in Will's head. If Will is visiting him, then Jonas will be speaking out loud to communicate with him. Jonas doesn't know where he's currently located and says he won't be killed currently since he still has value to BPO. Will has a visit with Riley while she's still with Yrsa. Will says he's talking to Jonas. Jonas can tell Will likes Riley, though he can't see her, just as Yrsa can tell she likes Will back. Yrsa says love inside a cluster is pathological while Jonas says Angelica, whom he loved, believed sensates experience love in its purest form. Yrsa tells Riley to ask when Will's birthday is and learns that they share a birthday. Jonas explains that all members of a cluster are born at the same time, as they take their first breath as one. Yrsa is shocked to learn that Jonas is the one speaking to Will and warns Riley to leave the conversation. Jonas advises Will to not let Riley stay in Iceland since BPO has a large facility there and many sensates have disappeared there. Yrsa tells Riley that Angelica Turring was the one to birth her cluster and says to never be in touch with Jonas again. Yrsa doesn't like them, saying that Angelica and Jonas worked together with BPO to birth clusters to find more clusters. Riley says that Jonas tried to help them but Yrsa says that if Will is connected to Jonas then it's only a matter of time before Whispers finds them.

Wolfgang's uncle comes to visit him and Felix in the hospital. He warns Wolfgang not to try to get revenge on Steiner on Felix's behalf, saying if he is forced to between the two then he won't be siding with Wolfgang.

Kala and Rajan sit together while she answers questions from police about the attack on Rajan's father. Rajan defends Kala from what he feels is an overly aggressive approach and says if they have any further questions that they will have to contact their family lawyer. Kala asks Rajan if he blames her for what happened to his father and he responds that with how many death threats he had received for speaking out against religion to the press, he should've known better than to go into a temple.

Lito sits in a museum and reflects on the first date he had with Hernando and the instant connection he felt to him. Nomi visits Lito and through their first moments speaking, they find that they were both experiencing moments of sadness and longing for the life they once had with their loved ones. Lito wants to be back with Hernando and Nomi wants her happy life with Amanita again in which they aren't being hunted by BPO. This museum was where Hernando took him for their first date. Lito listened to him talk about art for hours until he couldn't take it anymore and pulled him into the bathroom where they had their first kiss and Lito gave him a blowjob in the bathroom. Lito acknowledges that he is the reason things have gone wrong because he was afraid of losing everything. Nomi can relate to the feeling. She opens up about the struggles she felt being trans as a young child. Her father hated that she would play with dolls and forced her to join the local swim club. Nomi wasn't comfortable with her body but was required to shower before getting in the pool. She would always shower with a shirt and swim trunks on and one day some bullies cornered her, removed her shirt, and forcibly held her under some scalding hot water that gave her second-degree burns. Lito is horrified by the cruelty. Nomi says that it was a seminal moment for her because she quit the swim club and also stopped trying to pretend to be who she wasn't. She realised that the true violence was what people do to themselves when they're too afraid to be who they really are.

Sun is summoned by a guard that tells her she has a visitor. When she goes to the holding room, she is shocked to find it is her father. He says he hasn't slept since she came to prison and she says she's never slept better. He continues by saying that he isn't a good person but was a better one when Sun's mother was still alive. He tells Sun that his company, wealth, and reputation is meaningless without his daughter. He wants to tells the truth and free her from prison.

Rajan brings Kala to the hospital to visit his father. Rajan's mother asks Kala to pray with her, saying she was religious before she got married but her husband wouldn't allow her to visit the temple after they got married. Still she believes her husband is a good man and Kala agrees to pray for him with her.

Nomi returns to her old apartment to hide out and Amanita arrives a bit later on and the two have an emotional reunion. Nomi admits she used Will's badge number to put a false sighting of her into the system, claiming she was last seen on a plane to Australia. They ponder where they'll hide out at next.

Riley visits the graves of her husband infant daughter that died up in the mountains. She reminisces sadly about being courted by her husband. Riley and Capheus have a visit. He climbs back in his bus to sit near her. She admits that she couldn't go to the funeral because she was too overcome to be able to say goodbye. Capheus shares a personal story about how his mother had given birth to a younger sister of his but they were unable to continue to properly care for due to their limited resources, namely food or breast milk, so they eventually gave her up for adoption to save her life. Capheus loved her and saying goodbye was the hardest thing he had ever had to do. He never saw her again and cried as if she had died.

Lito cries in agony at his apartment, while eating Ben and Jerry's and missing one of his socks. He repeatedly calls Hernando and leaves sad voicemails pleading for him to come back. Lito eventually acknowledges that he has let both him and Daniela down and tells him again that he misses him.

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