Sense8 S01E10 "What Is Human?" Recap

Wolfgang visits the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe to ponder what to do next. The other sensates in his cluster also appear briefly as he walks through the corridors. Wolfgang speaks with Will for a moment before walking off. Will then visits with Jonas who is still in captivity. Jonas tells him about the origins of sensates and how they have existed since the beginning of humankind and that the genetic differences are very subtle compared to other humans that aren't sensates. Jonas also warns Will that Whispers will try to use him as a tool to hunt down Will's cluster, saying he needs to never look Whispers in the eye.

Sun is visited by a lawyer sent by her father with some forms for her to sign that are part of the process for her to be freed. She does so, though not without pondering what it will mean for her brother. The lawyer tells her that if all goes well, he will have her out in about a week.

Steiner confronts Wolfgang at the hospital next to Felix's still sleeping body. Steiner tells Wolfgang he will have Felix killed if Wolfgang does not return the stolen diamonds.

Kala admits to her father that Rajan's father wanted her to end the engagement and now she feels even more guilty considering he was nearly killed. She doesn't admit to her father that she has felt so conflicted about marrying Rajan. Now she doesn't know whether to tell Rajan about why her father visited her. Her father talks her through the pros and cons of both decisions and assures her that he'll support her no matter what she decides. She later visits Capheus and he tells her about the importance of television as a means of escapism for those living in poor conditions.

Wolfgang retrieves the diamonds and drives out to the agreed upon location where Stein and his men arrive at. They pat Wolfgang down twice to check for weapons and find nothing. Stein gets the diamonds back and becomes angry when questioning Wolfgang on how he got into the safe, to which Wolfgang replies that he cracked it.  Stein begins to beat on Wolfgang and holds a gun to his head, threatening to kill him. He has hidden a gun underneath his car but now he needs to come up with a story that will allow him to move forward enough to retrieve it. Lito visits Wolfgang and helps him come up with a cover story that will give Wolfgang the space he needs to get the gun back. Wolfgang isn't able to lie to him in the moment because Stein reminds him of his father. Once Stein backs up and gives his gun back to one of his men, Wolfgang retrieves the gun and begins to shoot at Stein's men. He takes a few out and hides behind the car to continue shooting at the men. Stein and the remaining men begin to drive away in but Wolfgang retrieves a bazooka from the boot of his car and takes them out. Lito rejoices in Wolfgang's success and Wolfgang thanks Lito for his help. Wolfgang advises Lito that after making a large mistake, he has the choice to either live with it or fix it. Lito then calls Hernando one more time and assures him that he will fix the terrible mistake he has made.

Will is preparing for the fourth of July and Riley is going to see her father play in concert. They visit one another and will tells her about the the visit from Jonas. Jonas said it was dangerous for Riley to be in Iceland. Riley says that Yrsa said the same thing, and also warned that Jonas had worked with BPO. Riley thanks Will for his help in getting her back to Iceland to reunite with her father and the two kiss.

Lito stops at a bar and apologises to a gay bartender he had once been homophobic towards in an outburst meant to cover his own closeted status. He then heads to Joaquin's house in order to get Daniela back. Joaquin attacks Lito when his blackmail is no longer effective. Lito is roughed up, as he's not a skilled fighter. Daniela hits Joaquin with a shovel but he hits her too, knocking her to the ground. When Lito sees Joaquin dragging Daniela by her hair, Wolfgang arrives to help Lito fight Joaquin. Wolfgang knocks Joaquin unconscious and Lito is able to leave safely with Daniela.

Will spends the fourth of July watching the fireworks with his father. Capheus and Sun visit to watch the fireworks too. Nomi and Amanita make love at home.

Lito arrives at Hernando's home with his beaten face. When he reveals how he fought to get Daniela back, and reveals that Daniela is with him Hernando is overjoyed and gets back together with Lito.

Riley attends the concert and watches her father play Beethoven's "Emperor Concerto" while accompanied with a symphony. The other sensates also appear and enjoy the music. As the music plays, each of the sensates begins to relive the memories of their births. As the song ends, Riley passes out with blood pouring from her nose down her face.

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