Sense8 S01E11 "Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes" Recap

Riley wakes in a hospital feeling cold. She briefly has a vision of her husband Magnus who asks her to come with him. He disappears and Yrsa appears in his place, calling her stupid for not heeding the warning. Yrsa warns her again that now that she's been hospitalised, BPO will find her and kill her.

Nomi shoots up awake, having had a dream of Riley's predicament. She knows that something needs to be done to save her and talks with Will about what to do. Nomi can hack into the hospital but doesn't have any of her equipment. She can visit Will to use his police codes to access their equipment but he's been suspended. Their conversation is interrupted by Bug, who has arrived just in time to offer up the equipment Nomi will need to perform the hack. He was alerted to her need for equipment because he had hacked the database where the FBI logs all their confiscated equipment and recognised several of the items that he had sold her before. Nomi doesn't have any money to pay him but Bug is more than happy to give her the equipment for free because he would be in prison if it weren't for her help.

Capheus has Amondi and asks his friend Jela to look after her while he will go to confront the bandits himself. He will not put Amondi in danger, despite their threats and demands. Jela is concerned for his friend's well-being but agrees to help.

Kala tells Rajan the truth about how he had asked her to end the engagement right before he was attacked. Rajan tells her he already knew his father disapproved of the match but still wants to marry her as he loves and trusts her.

Joong-Ki vists Sun in prison and says that their father was drinking heavily and despondent about his life. After he left, his father killed himself by poisoning himself using the exhaust of his car. But Sun immediately deduces that Joong-Ki is lying and actually killed their father because he was going to tell the truth about Sun's innocence and Joong-Ki's guilt. When Joong-Ki tries to leave, Sun jumps over the table and badly beats him until guards come in. As she's being dragged away she promises that he will pay for what he's done.

When Capheus arrives, the bandits are seemingly angry at first that he didn't bring Amondi but then seem to be fine with it and usher him deeper into their lair. They have kidnapped Kabaka and order Capheus to kill him with a machete. He's being held at gunpoint and told that their debt will be settled once he kills Kabaka, who begs Capheus to do it quickly. Sun is being kept in solitary confinement and angrily punching the walls. She channels her rage to help Capheus fight off the bandits, killing several, after which he leaves in his van with Kabaka. The leader is still alive and orders another batch of men to find him.

Wolfgang heads to the hospital and smuggles Felix out so he can't be harmed while Wolfgang seeks revenge. He leaves him at a secure facility where he will be cared for while he continues to heal.

Kala visits her local temple and is horrified when other people lead by the religious Guru Yash are thankful to her for seemingly bringing Rajan's father there so he could be attacked. When Yash gets too close, Will visits and strong-arms him into leaving her alone and never coming back. This is the first time Will and Kala have met and he tells her how he is in Chicago but his thoughts are in Iceland with Riley. They visit her together and Kala joins him in being concerned for her well-being.

As Capheus is driving away, Kabaka thanks him for saving him and not bringing Amondi to them. Capheus admits that saving Kabaka hadn't been part of his plan when going to confront the bandits but the conversation is interrupted by their being stopped in traffic, which allows the bandits to get out of their vehicle and approach the van. Capheus is concerned about the lack of weapons but Will arrives and helps him to disarm one of the bandits and use that weapons to fight back. Capheus then uses his van to drive over to the opposite side of the road and uses his strong driving skills to deal with the chaos of driving on a road with a stream of cars driving towards him until he can turn onto another road to be headed in the correct direction of traffic. He is pursued by the bandit leader who shoots at him while riding a motorbike. The two eventually face off against one another and Capheus is able to knock the bandit off his motorbike leaving him likely badly injured but not necessarily dead. He then brings Kabaka back to reunite with his daughter.

Riley is being treated by hospital workers and has flashbacks of the car accident that resulted in the death of her husband and newborn baby. She nearly froze to death too if Yrsa hadn't sensed she was in danger and called for help. Jonas visits Will and Nomi to warn them that Whispers knows about Riley and is on his way to go after her next. Whispers is using Jonas a tool to provoke Will into going to Iceland.

Wolfgang arrives at his uncle's house, intent on killing him. While sitting outside, Kala visits him and admits her feelings for him while expressing concern that he is risking his life by going after him. Wolfgang says as long as his uncle is alive, no one he cares about will be safe. The two kiss for the first time and Wolfgang heads inside. Sun and Kala visit, with Sun advising her that crying won't help Wolfgang and that these painful emotions are part of life and to stop feeling them is death. Kala asks what she should do and Sun says that she channels her emotions into her fists and fights for it.

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